March 3

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Alexander Graham Bell 1847

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I begin my work at about nine or ten o’clock in the evening, and continue until four or five in the morning. Night is a more quiet time to work. It aids thought.

*Try it out tonight. Start working on a project at 9:00 tonight and work on it until 4:00 tomorrow morning. See if this quiet time aids thought. Call someone and let them know how it works.


Herschel Walker 1962

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If you think Herschel Walker is some kind of weight room warrior you would be wrong, Herschel has never been into weightlifting, all of his exercises are body weight exercises. He started doing sit-ups and push-ups as a kid, as many as 5000 a day and still to this day he does 750-1500 pushups every day as well as 3000 sit ups. He also mixes in 1,500 pull-ups, 1000 dips, and 1000 squats every day. For cardio he will run up to 8 miles and do sprints as well. He also does a regimen of martial arts and MMA after he has completed this workout every morning.

*Pick one of the above. 750 pushups, 3000 sit ups, 1500 pull ups, 1000 dips, 1000 squats, run 8 miles, or complete an MMA workout. You’ve got all day, and because of Bell, you’ve got all night to complete this.


Chief Joseph 1840

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It was that heartfelt outpouring of words that touched the hearts of people everywhere. It provided a stone to stand upon, a common ground that all could understand, no matter white or red. Joseph’s words created a tiny crack in the wall of fear and hatred, by showing the hunger and pain of his people. His words made everyone understand that we are all humans, all frail creatures who need the comfort of home and family. Not savages, not ruthless marauders, but flesh and blood with hearts that can break from pain.

*Important words to remember, “We are all humans and all frail creatures.”


Buddy Valastro 1977

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EARLY LESSON: Don’t spend more than you have. That’s the lesson his parents instilled in him early. “They owned credit cards, but they rarely used them. I use mine, but I make sure I only charge what I know I can pay in full at the end of the month.”

*Have I mentioned how much I hate credit cards? Cut them up! Don’t use them. I get the advice of paying them off every month and there are perks and rewards to doing that. But it is so hard. If you have the willpower to do it, good for you.


Jessica Biel 1982 – watch The Sinner

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Reversing the murder mystery formula, “The Sinner” asks why an ordinary woman would want to brutally kill some random dude — you know, besides centuries of patriarchal oppression.

*Watch Jessica Biel in the USA Network’s The Sinner. She stars in the first season and is a producer in the second.


Tyler Florence 1971 – shrimp and grits

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Tyler Florence, the celebrity TV chef, says it’s all over for cookbooks and recipes.

His statement today, at a Seattle event called the Smart Kitchen Summit, also served as an announcement that he would join a new “eating technology” company called as chief content and innovation officer.

For starters, says Tyler Florence, no more recipes. They don’t work for our modern lifestyle anymore.

“Everyone who’s working on recipes now—you’re wasting your time,” he says. “Inflexible recipes don’t work with the modern lifestyle anymore. They need to be re-translated to fit how real people actually cook and use technology.”

Brands work with Shopwell and Innit to help you rise to any eating occasion. Your entire experience—from shopping to cooking—is tailored to make sure you get the most out of your food. From personalized food and meal recommendations to perfect results every time, we are working together so you can enjoy the sweet smell of victory.

*Each day 365DOLF gives you a recipe from a website. Going forward, see if can be a better asset for buying the groceries you need and a new way of cooking. Try it today with Tyler Florence’s shrimp and grits recipe.

Dessert – Cake Boss cake – hopefully you ordered one last week, to eat today for dessert.

SNUB – Julie Bowen 1970

Review –

  • Work from 9pm to 4am
  • Herschel Walker Workout
  • We are all humans and all frail creatures
  • Cut up your credit cards
  • Watch The Sinner
  • Make Shrimp and Grits

March 2

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Sam Houston 1793

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After running away from his family as a teenager, Houston lived for nearly three years with the Cherokee tribe in eastern Tennessee. Houston learned fluent Cherokee, embraced the tribe’s customs and was given the name “Black Raven.” After resigning in disgrace as Tennessee governor, the despondent Houston took refuge with the Cherokee in the Arkansas Territory. There, the tribe formally adopted him, and he married a Cherokee woman, Tiana Rogers, in a tribal ceremony.

*A nice DYK to start up conversation today.


Bryce Dallas Howard 1981

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“I’d put my foot on it and do calf raises and then stay on my tippy toe and do squats,” she recalls. “Then I’d turn perpendicular and exercise each side of my foot. Just to practice the stabilizing muscles.”,%20Trailers,%20Games%20&%20More

*Your focus today is your legs. Calf raises, squats, etc. Then run in high heels as though you are being chased by dinosaurs. Watch Jurassic World for motivation.


Dr. Seuss 1904

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The wit and wisdom of Dr. Seuss. He taught a lot of us that reading could be fun, and shared some pretty good life lessons while he was at it…

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter,

and those who matter, don’t mind.

*Great advice for the soul…”Be who you are and say what you feel”


Jon Bon Jovi 1962

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The best advice his dad has passed along, he says, is to slow down and take the time to produce the highest quality product.

Bongiovi (Bon Jovi’s son) admits that his instinct was to launch the wine company “as fast as possible. I get kind of worked up on things and my dad has always been there to say: ‘Don’t just do it fast. Do it right. Make sure that this is going to be the absolute best that it can be because, once it’s out, there’s no taking it back.'”

Wherever possible Bon Jovi plays consecutive nights at the same venue to cut back on setup and strike costs. By playing 12 shows in 19 days at London’s O2 arena the band saved $300,000.

*I’ve been talking about being your own boss and starting your own business – don’t just do it fast, do it right. Make sure that it is the best it can be. Great advice from Bon Jovi (formerly Bongiovi)


James Arthur 1988

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The attorney who represented Marvin Gaye‘s estate in its successful lawsuit against Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams over the song “Blurred Lines” has filed a similar suit against British singer James Arthur, arguing his hit “Say You Won’t Let Go” infringes on the copyright of The Script‘s “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.”

*Whether he infringed on copyrights or not, James Arthur is great to listen to.

“Say You Won’t Let Go” was our first dance at our wedding on 7/1/17.


Ben Roethlisberger 1982 – Roethlisburger

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The Roethlisburger: Look, up in the sky. It’s a hamburger… it’s a cheeseburger… it’s the Roethlisburger! This burger/sausage behemoth, named after Pittsburgh Steelers’ QB, was created by Peppi’s Old Tyme Sandwich Shop during Big Ben’s rookie season, when he led the Steelers to a 15-1 record and the AFC Championship game. This burger contains nearly 12 ounces of ground beef, 12 ounces of sausage, and since Ben’s an All-American scrambling QB, it’s topped with American cheese and two eggs. Of course, when in the Steel City, squirt some Heinz ketchup on it.

*Maybe “Big Ben” can eat his own burger without the bun, as he has focused on his diet and has lost 15 lbs. You can eat it up as a cheat meal today. Go Steelers!

SNUB – Daniel Craig 1968

Review –

  • Sam Houston DYK
  • Leg workout
  • Be who you are and say what you feel
  • Do it right, not just fast
  • Listen to James Arthur
  • Make a Roethlisburger


Review of February 2019

Here are some of the things that I did in February as part of 365DOLF

  • started reading Ulysses
  • made a Lisa Marie sandwich
  • took an Ayn Rand course on Objectivism
  • Pilates
  • started a Station Head radio station for 365DOLF
  • made butter chicken
  • made Swedish butter cookies
  • turned lemons into lemonade
  • watched Family Enforcer
  • watched Love and Mercy
  • watched Cake
  • made chicken in vinegar sauce
  • downloaded the Fudget app
  • smelled the roses
  • decided that Josh Brolin would be my fitness role model
  • made chipotle pulled pork tacos
  • made Jerry’s mashed potatoes
  • ate at Bites and Bubbles
  • golfed
  • Hot Yoga
  • made Paris Hilton lasagna
  • watched Primary Colors
  • made Wheel of Fortune chicken
  • shared my appreciation
  • thought of God to relieve my mind
  • supported a local artist
  • watched Lorena
  • made a creed to live by
  • watched American Pastoral
  • ate like Kristin Davis for a day
  • Joakim Noah workout
  • chanted “Hare Krishna”


March 1

Look for the * for today’s advice.



Ron Howard 1954

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Instead of trying to force or “push” his ideas into the minds of other people, Ron Howard uses “pull.” He gets decision-makers excited, asks good questions to draw out their creativity, and incorporates their feedback.

He turns listeners into collaborators, partners, and allies.

*Try to get someone to think like you today by leading them to what you want and making them think it was there idea all along. Ron Howard did just direct the Han Solo movie, so consider this his form of a Jedi mind trick.


Kesha 1987

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Kesha loves a challenge! I switch it up all the time. Today, we did a 24-minute Tabata-inspired routine that only focused on arms using 10-pound weights, an eight-pound ball and a resistance band. So she did a total of six exercises for four minutes each (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off). Then for the second half, we did Pilates that mainly focused on her core.

*Start your day by brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack, then Tabata and Pilates becomes your challenge today. Do all of this while listening to Kesha. It’s going down for real.


Harry Belafonte 1927

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What counts is your legacy

“The curse of this time, and the biggest evil that has contaminated the arts, is commercialization. The banks run culture and the artist often capitulates. I preferred a time when you were surrounded by independence and what counted was the vastness of the opportunity. Many artists and writers and musicians died broke but they left a rich artistic legacy.”

In 1964, Belafonte convinced a hesitant Poitier to help him deliver $70,000 stuffed into a doctor’s bag to Freedom Summer volunteers in the South. They were met by Klansmen who chased them and fired guns at them.

*What legacy are you leaving?


Justin Bieber 1994

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Learn To Invest

You may be surprised to learn that Justin Bieber invests heavily in tech startups. Forbes estimates that Justin has invested around $3 million into a variety of different tech startups. Although many of the startups that Justin Bieber invests in don’t link directly back to him (much like an endorsement), he still continues to invest in startups.

Investing is a great way to earn a bit of money on the side. Whether you invest in startups, stocks, property or other things, it’s important that you learn to take advantage of the options available to you.

Most Americans, and young people in particular, waste their money on food. But with seven albums and a Grammy win under his belt, pop star Justin Bieber is worth approximately $225 million, so he can afford to waste his money in more exciting ways.

Invest in Startups You Love

Keep the American Dream alive. Back founders solving the problems you care about and help their startups grow.

*Learn how to invest your money so you can afford to waste it in more exciting ways. Check out – a really cool way to invest in startups, but be warned that it is risky investing.


Glenn Miller 1904

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The world-famous Glenn Miller Orchestra, a fully self-contained 19 member group, is the most popular and sought after big band in the world today. Since 1956, the band has been consistently performing an average of 300 live dates each year worldwide


*Listen to the Glenn Miller Orchestra for a taste of the big band era.


Eddie Huang 1982 – salty sweet pork belly

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It’s a moment that comes right near the end of a Huang’s World trip to China, when Eddie is sitting down to eat with local Hunan cool girl Wei Liu. On the menu is what he calls “probably the most seminal dish in my life”, red braised pork.

*Listen to a mix of Kesha, Harry Belafonte, Justin Bieber and The Glen Miller Orchestra while making the most important dish in Eddie Huang’s life.

SNUB – Frederic Chopin

Review –

  • Get someone to think like you
  • Tabata and Pilates
  • What legacy are you leaving?
  • Learn how to invest
  • Listen to the Glenn Miller Orchestra
  • Make salty sweet pork belly