April 3

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Washington Irving 1783

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“I have seen what is brightest and best in foreign lands,” he told readers of A Tour on the Prairies, “and I have found, in every nation, enough to love and honour; yet, with all these recollections living in my imagination and kindling in my heart, I look around with delightful exultation upon my native land, and feel that, after all my rambling about the world, I can be happiest at home.”


*Make plans to get and see your native land. If you can’t do it today, use today to make plans to see a special part of your home country. For me, this will be Hungary – where my grandfather was born.


Jared Allen 1982

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A three-time Pro Bowler, Allen says his high power production is the result of long hours in the gym ­doing compound lifts with heavy weights. His all-time best squat is 605.


*Go old school today with this Jared Allen #69 workout. Find out what your squat record is.


Jane Goodall 1934

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Do apes have souls, I ask. ‘I think that if we have souls, then they must have souls too,’ she says with a shrug. She acknowledges that she is herself a cultural Christian, but she prefers to talk in terms of ‘believing in some great spiritual path. I’ve felt it in the forests.’


Cultural Christianity is frequently an object of scorn in American evangelical Christianity. Though elsewhere even atheists claim to be culturally Christian (e.g., Richard Dawkins), in the United States the term usually refers to those who identify with the Christian religion yet base their Christian identity solely on their civil and familial heritage. They are Christians only because their family, community, and nation are Christian, and their religious practices are merely social practices.


*I think that I am a cultural Christian. I truly believe that by being a good person, I am on the right path to the afterlife. If not, at least I made the world around me the best that I could. Take today to think about your beliefs.


Alec Baldwin 1958

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Mr. Baldwin’s marital problems have convinced him that all engaged couples need prenuptial agreements, especially when they have significant amounts of money that can become the focus of conflict. He has added that rule to others he tries to follow when he considers his finances



*This is a touchy one. I would read the legal zoom article about prenuptials to have a good defense before even thinking about bringing this up.


Marlon Brando 1924 –watch On the Waterfront

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Those in working-class studies should reclaim On the Waterfront as one of the important texts for understanding what happened to American labor in the postwar period.


*All 3 Godfathers are suggested this year, so take today to watch Brando in On the Waterfront


Eddie Murphy 1961 – I’m making waffles!

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Alongside his acting chops, Murphy has an equal prowess in the bedroom. He has ten children, aged between 29 years and 2 months.


*Make these Shrek and Donkey manly waffles for you and all of your kids today.

SNUB – Leona Lewis

Review –

  • Make plans to visit your native land
  • #69 workout
  • What are your beliefs?
  • Tread lightly around the subject of a prenuptial
  • Watch On the Waterfront
  • Make Shrek and Donkey Waffles


April 2

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Hans Christian Anderson 1805

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Andersen compared his own life to the story of “The Ugly Duckling”, seeing his prosperity and fame later in life in stark contrast to how he was treated before the public found value in his work. Unlucky in status, in love and in looks, Andersen refused to let others intimidate him out of using his talent and became determined to only live up to the standards that he set for himself.


*No matter what you are “unlucky” in, work hard to live up to the standards that you set for yourself.



Christopher Meloni 1961

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In previous years, Meloni would put his body through 90-minute workouts, attempting to lift the heaviest weights possible. Today, his weight-room regimen consists of a jam-packed hour that extends to 90 minutes only on the days he tacks on an extra treadmill session. “The workouts are fast and intense,” he says—he prefers to “hit it and quit it” while “targeting exactly the muscle group I want to fire.”


*“Hit it and quit it” with a jam-packed hour work out and throw in another 30 minute treadmill session if you feel like solving a big SVU murder later.


Charlemagne 742

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“Charlemagne is reputed to have said that to speak another language is to possess another soul,”



*Start today and you could learn another language by the end of this year. Living in Florida and teaching several Spanish-speaking students every year, it makes sense for me to learn Española.


Walter Chrysler 1875

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His first job as a janitor brought him 10 cents an hour.   In 1893 he took a cut in pay to 5 cents an hour in order to enter a four year machinist apprentice program.


*Think about how you could change jobs to help your future business plans. I know that teaching is getting in the way of me promoting 365DOLF. If I had the courage, I’d retire from teaching right now to pursue my dreams full time.


Marvin Gaye 1939

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There is as much war, uncertainty and hurt in the world now as there was when these songs were laid down and Gaye always sounds as though he is singing with one eye on the future and one on the present. These songs, then, sound every bit as relevant to the world we live in now as they were to the one in which they were composed. A welcome introduction and also a stunning reminder of one of our great lost artists.





*Be reminded of Marvin Gaye’s greatness by listening to his music today.


Alec Guinness 1914 – Guinness Stew

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*This is the stew you’re looking for

SNUB – Roselyn Sanchez


  • Live up to your standards
  • Hit it and Quit it workout
  • Start learning a new language
  • Change jobs to help your future business
  • Listen to Marvin Gaye
  • Make Guinness stew

March Inventory

Ways that I Lived Famously throughout the month of March

  • Tabata workout
  • Listened to Glenn Miller Orchestra
  • Leg workout
  • Listened to Antonio Vivaldi
  • Watched Girl in Progress
  • Made Louisiana Mardi Gras Ramen Pasta
  • Researched Kundalini
  • Said the prayer – “O God, If I forget thee, do not forget me.”
  • Made Shaq-a-Roni and Cheese
  • Saw Hamilton
  • Found out that I am Agnostic, possibly Pagan
  • Listened to Carrie Underwood
  • Made Brown Sugar Bourbon Ham
  • Watched Pirates at Braves spring training game
  • Started reading On the Road
  • Did breathing exercises
  • Practiced ELAMM (Eat less, move more)
  • Watched Edmond
  • Made teriyaki chicken with pineapple
  • Determined my value to family, friends, and career
  • Made Steph Curry Chicken
  • Had a “good day” in the weight room
  • Made Kathy Ireland chicken salad
  • Watched Dirty Weekend
  • Watched Star Trek – TV show
  • Made beef with red wine sauce
  • Made Reese Witherspoon crock pot coq au vin
  • Watched The Americans
  • Made Curry Chicken Parm
  • Watched Jolene
  • Made Peyton Manning’s pre-game meal
  • Donated to the Peyback Foundation
  • Listened to Aretha Franklin
  • Listened to Elton John
  • Examined what makes me unique as an individual
  • Listened to Diana Ross
  • Watched This is 40
  • Listened to Mariah Carey
  • Spent time with those who matter
  • Listened to Tears in Heaven
  • Listened to Tracy Chapman
  • Made Norah Jones fried chicken and onions
  • Reflected on how my father’s death shaped my soul
  • Watched Zoe
  • Went to the gym 23 of 31 days

April 1

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Abraham Maslow 1908

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Self-Actualization Needs
Maslow describes self-actualization as a person’s need to be and do that for which the person has a vocation. It is his ‘calling’, a full expression of his or her creative potential. It is to be autonomous and fully-functioning. If these needs are not met, the person feels restless and frustrated, even if successful in other respects.



*Take the above free online career test to see if maybe you need to change what you do for a job to fill your creative potential.


Sean Taylor 1983

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“You started hearing stories of him getting dropped off at the facility in the morning and then he’d jog back home. Then he started jogging to work and jogging home. In everyone’s eyes he was already one of the best, but his thought was he’s going to go even further and higher,” former Redskins running back Clinton Portis said. It was about a 3-mile jog from Taylor’s apartment to the facility, meaning he’d jog an extra 6 miles a day when he ran to the facility and back.





*Jog to work and back home today. Or at least park 3 miles from work and jog to and from in honor of the late Sean Taylor


Alberta Hunter 1895

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Hunter dropped out of show business for two decades starting in 1956 in favor of working as a licensed practical nurse at a hospital in the New York City area. She broke from this routine only once, in 1961, in order to make a justly celebrated album for Bluesville which reunited her with her old friends Lovie Austin and Lil Hardin Armstrong. None of her patients or co-workers at the hospital had any idea who she was or what a famous name she had been, and Hunter preferred it that way.


*If money weren’t an issue, what dream job would you want? Which job would be good for your soul?


James Fisk 1835

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He was ruthless in getting what he wanted and thought little of taking people’s money (through Wall Street and business dealings) if he thought it would make him just a little richer. He was killed at the age of 37 by a former business associate.


*Is your quest for getting richer, going to get you murdered by the age of 37? If so, today is the day to make the necessary changes. It may just save your life one day.


Mackenzie Davis 1987 – watch Izzy Gets the F**k Across Town

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Davis is truly magnetic and one particular scene between she and Coon—with years of pent-up resentment expressed through a duet, show entirely in shot-reverse-shot like a conversation as though they weren’t in a room full of people watching—is easily the movie’s standout.


*Watch the very talented Mackenzie Davis help get Izzy across town.


Debbie Reynolds 1932 – tootless beans

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Debbie Reynolds, the Oscar-nominated singer-actress who was the mother of late actress Carrie Fisher, has died at Cedars-Sinai hospital. She was 84.

“She wanted to be with Carrie,” her son Todd Fisher told Variety.

She was taken to the hospital from Carrie Fisher’s Beverly Hills house Wednesday after suffering a stroke, the day after her daughter Carrie Fisher died.


*Make these tootless beans while listening to Debbie Reynolds songs.

SNUB – Susan Boyle

Review –

  • Take a career test
  • Jog to work
  • Which job would be good for your soul?
  • Is trying to get rich going to get you killed?
  • Watch Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town
  • Make tootless beans