May 3

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Niccolo Machiavelli 1469

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They found Machiavellians’ brains went into overdrive when they encountered a partner who exhibited signs of being fair and cooperative.

*A good day to harness your inner Machiavellian brain, learn to sell, and watch Mad Men.


Cheryl Burke 1984

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“Dancing is the best exercise,” Cheryl says. “Not only is it great cardio, but it works everything, strengthening your whole body.”,,20307347,00.html

*Take your better half dancing tonight.


James Brown 1933 – The Godfather of Soul

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He was variously tagged “Soul Brother Number One,” “the Godfather of Soul,” “the Hardest Working Man in Show Business,” “Mr. Dynamite” and even “the Original Disco Man.” This much is certain: what became known as soul music in the Sixties, funk music in the Seventies and rap music in the Eighties is directly attributable to James Brown.

*Listen to the Godfather of Soul James Brown, until you can scream – “I feel good!”


Damon Dash 1971

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Dame Dash: The new business model is managing your audience directly. Learn how to sell products, experiences and merchandise direct-to-consumer.

Perhaps the most important subject you can study is sales. Yet many of the smartest students avoid learning it, and some of the best colleges shun teaching it. Successful people learn how to sell one way or the other. If they do not learn a formal process as outlined in this post, they may make costly mistakes and develop bad habits. If you want to increase your chances of success in business and in life, it will greatly help you to learn the sales process and practice it so it becomes part of your marketing DNA.

*Increase your chances of success in business and in life, learn to sell, sell, sell.


Christina Hendricks 1975 – watch Mad Men

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Actress Christina Hendricks, named the sexiest woman alive by Esquire magazine, is known for playing Joan Holloway on the TV series Mad Men.

*Watch as many episodes of Mad Men as you can today.


Ann B. Davis 1926 – pork chops and apple sauce

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Emmy-winning actress Ann B. Davis is best known for playing the wise-cracking, live-in housekeeper Alice on the 1970s television sitcom The Brady Bunch.

*Just like the Brady Bunch – eat your pork chops with apple sauce – while watching Mad Men. Wash it down with a…

Gin Gimlet: Joan Holloway

If there is ever a hair out of line, Joan would be the first to know. Sweet with a kick, a gin Gimlet consists of gin, simple syrup, and lime juice. It may be sweeter than most cocktails but don’t let it deceive you. Just like Joan, this drink looks innocent, but is all business. If you like to take control, and run the show, all while maintaining perfect etiquette, you’re just like Joan and this is your drink.

SNUB – Bing Crosby

Review  –

  • Harness your Machiavellian brain
  • Dance
  • Listen to The Godfather of Soul
  • Learn to sell
  • Watch Mad Men
  • Make pork chops and applesauce

May 2

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Catherine the Great 1729

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Catherine the Great is one of those fascinating figures whose political power was often overshadowed by scandal. She did not, as popularly rumored, die attempting to have sex with a horse, but her real life was way more interesting. She had twelve well-known affairs, illegitimate children (no one’s totally sure which ones)

*This DYK may not be suitable for work, but it definitely is a conversation starter.


Shaun T 1978

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You don’t need a gym membership to get your best body back! Tone your belly, butt, arms and legs in only 15 minutes with this miracle workout from fitness guru Shaun T.

*Try this 15 minute workout while watching the video. This almost killed me.


Saint Catherine Laboure 1806

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Believe it or not, after 141 years, her body is still in perfect condition. You can find her encased in a glass coffin at the altar in the Chapel of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal at 140 Rue du Bac in Paris, France.

Labouré said Mary told her those three images she presented to her needed to become medallions so people could receive “great graces.

The Miraculous Medal is the most popular religious medal in the world, and for good reason: it comes from Heaven! offers thousands of Miraculous Medals, including 14K Gold, Sterling Silver and more.

The Medal’s Divine Origins

The Miraculous Medal originated in Paris, France, in the year 1830, after St. Catherine Labouré experienced an apparition of the Virgin Mary. “God wishes to charge you with a mission,” Our Lady said to Catherine.

*God wishes to charge you with a mission today – buy a Miraculous Medal to wear and maybe your body will stay intact after 141 years.


James Dyson 1947

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I became obsessed. It took five years of doing nothing but making and testing prototypes. My wife supported us by teaching art. She was wonderful. But most other people thought I was mad.

*The success of your business will be determined by your obsession with it and the support received towards it. Don’t worry about what people think. I am obsessed with 365DOLF. I’m not worried about who supports me or what others may think. I’m in it to win it.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson 1972 watch Moana

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“There are mornings in life where there are no words.. this is not one of those mornings,” he captioned the photo. “Jazzy, let daddy tell you his goals.”

He went on to list out his hopes for his daughter as she grows. What’s great about his list is that they’re all goals very specifically geared towards feminist parenting and raising a strong, independent young woman. Those goals include firm hand shakes and eye contact by 5 and being a literal ladyboss by 10.

*The Rock could represent every category – especially the BODY. Maybe get an extra weight room workout in in his honor. Check out his website and realize that at one point he was down to 7 bucks – good for MONEY and SOUL. At some point, watch him (hear him) in Moana.


David Beckham 1975 – risotto

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The F Word segment is supposed to be about the pair competing to make a risotto but mostly consists of the two of them exchanging verbal barbs. Beckham even remarks that his wife thought a fish Ramsay once made her was “undercooked,” to the shock (and laughter) of the pro-chef.

*He’s maybe the most popular soccer player of his generation and he even went toe to toe with Chef Gordon Ramsay. Enjoy Beckham’s risotto while watching Moana.


The Rock, is an American actor and former professional wrestler who has a net worth of $280 million dollars. Between June 2017 and June 2018, Dwayne Johnson earned $125 million, making him by far the highest paid actor on the planet.

David and Victoria Beckham: $900 million. Together, the Beckhams are just shy of $1 billion, with both having a hefty estimated net worth of $450 million each.

James Dyson



*I think I made the right choice for the MONEY section. Don’t forget to vacuum today.

SNUB – Donatella Versace

Review –

  • Catherine the Great DYK
  • Shaun T workout
  • God will give you a mission today
  • Your success is determined by your obsession
  • Watch Moana
  • Make David Beckham risotto

May 1

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Judith Sargent Murray 1751

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A staunch believer in improved educational opportunities for women, Murray’s essays were vital to the post-Revolutionary notion of “Republican Motherhood.” Advocates, notably Abigail Adams and Murray, argued that the success of the new nation required intelligent and virtuous citizens—and since the education of patriotic sons (future voters) rested with mothers, women should be educated.

Only when women and girls have full access to their rights – from equal pay and land ownership rights to sexual rights, freedom from violence, access to education, and maternal health rights – will true equality exist.

*Be an intelligent and virtuous citizen today. Realize that women and girls deserve true equality and think about donating to today.


Wes Welker 1981

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“You can’t throw away a day at the gym with a greasy burger,” Welker said of his commitment to more healthy eating.

*After your day at the gym, do not eat a greasy burger. Simple enough.


George Inness 1825

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His own late paintings were not literal transcriptions of nature but evocations of spiritual truth. One painter friend provided a key to Inness’s Eventide, Tarpon Springs, Florida: “He who would know its profundities must sit with it, dream with it, and so he shall come to know that true art bears a message to the Soul of man.”

*Look at George Inness’s art today and see if it bears a message to your soul.


Anna Jarvis 1864

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Jarvis insisted Mother’s Day “to be a day of sentiment, not profit.” Jarvis soon soured on the commercial interests associated with the day.

*Mother’s Day is on May 12 this year. Shop for her today and make your plans to spend the big day with her, not spending a fortune on her. She won’t mind.


Tim McGraw 1967

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He has routinely been cited as one of the biggest touring artists in the history of country music.

*Listen to Tim McGraw, or better yet watch one of his concerts on-line.


Kate Smith 1907 – coffee cake

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Kate’s career came to an end on a high note when she sang her version of “God Bless America” for the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team. This inspired the team to go on to win two successive Stanley Cups (1974 and 1975). Kate was named Grand Marshal of the Tournament of Roses Parade in 1976. And on July 4th of that same year, Kate sang “God Bless America” one last time. After a long battle with diabetes, she passed away on June 17, 1986 in Raleigh, NC.

*Listen to a mix of Tim McGraw and Kate Smith while making her coffee cake. Go easy with the sugar.

SNUB – Calamity Jane

Review –

  • Be an intelligent and virtuous citizen
  • Work out and don’t eat a cheeseburger
  • Look at the artwork of George Inness
  • Make plans for Mother’s Day (May 12)
  • Listen to Tim McGraw
  • Make Kate Smith Coffee Cake