July 4



Calvin Coolidge 1872

“You can’t know too much, but you can say too much.”

*For a guy nicknamed “Silent” Cal, this speaks volumes. Speak as little as possible today.


The Situation 1982 – your playbook for today

1) Eat every few hours. Aim for 6 small meals/ day—3 meals and 3 protein shakes []

2) Drink tons of water [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

3) Choose lean proteins, fruits, and veggies []

4) Get six to eight hours of sleep []

5) Avoid simple carbs and junk calories []

*Sound advice from the Situation. Much better than GTL (gym, tan, laundry). Use this as your eating playbook today. Splurge with a canteen dog to celebrate the 4th.

BONUS: Carrie Keegan 1980 – boxing as your workout

Boxing burns over 400 calories per hour, tightens your core and sculpts lean muscle. VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live host Carrie Keagan takes us through her latest lesson.



Bill Withers 1938

Unconvinced that music would pay off, he held on to his day job until he was laid off in the months before the album’s release.

*Listen to Bill Withers today – it’s good for your soul.


George Steinbrenner 1930

Steinbrenner believed he would always get what he paid for, and so he was willing to pay the very most.

*I know the goal is to save money but think long term when buying things like a car or a washing machine. Get the best and save money in the long run.


Ron Kovic 1946 – watch Born on the Fourth of July

There is a nerve agent that would paralyze Cruise for a few days, and he was open to the idea of using it.

*Yesterday was Tom Cruise’s birthday (born on the 3rd of July), watch him almost win an Oscar as Ron Kovic today in Born on the Fourth of July.


Andrew Zimmern 1961 – Canteen Dog and caramel apple pie.

The way to improve on a classic apple pie is to layer the filling with decadent homemade caramel sauce.

*It’s the 4th of July, you’ve got to have a hot dog and apple pie.



SNUB – Post Malone 1995 – “You probably think that you are better now.”