July 31

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JK Rowling 1965

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It took years of writing compulsively—through her childhood and into her early 20s—before Jo found the right story to tell. At age 25, Jo was riding on a delayed train from Manchester to London when one single idea flashed into her mind: Boy doesn’t know he’s a wizard, goes to wizard school. After that, Jo says her mind was flooded with ideas for Harry Potter.


*Keep writing. Keep creating. One day a single idea will flash into your mind and it will be flooded with ideas. This happened to me with 365DOLF, but at the age of 45 instead of 25 – doesn’t matter to me.

If you’re caught up with your reading, today would be a good day to start reading the Harry Potter series of books.


Wesley Snipes 1962

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Take home point: Lackluster effort won’t get you there, and too much effort will ensure that you burn out before you do. Don’t make the pursuit of your goals more difficult than it needs to be.


*Put the right amount of effort into this Wesley Snipes workout. Find a white man to play basketball with at a local park.


Herbert Armstrong 1892

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Now, God set His law in motion to make man happy. God set His law there to give us peace, to give us abundance, and prosperity, to make us happy, to make our lives full, and interesting. Until there is not a dull moment, but we live fully, abundantly, happily, joyfully. God wants us to be merry and happy.


*Be merry and happy today. God wants you to.


Mark Cuban 1958

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“The small changes will lead you to be able to make the big changes.”

You could start by saving on toothpaste, for instance.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, billionaire Mark Cuban shared exactly how to do that: Buy in bulk and on sale.

“It’s so hard to make a return on regular investments that … you’re better off buying two years’ worth of toothpaste when it’s on 50 percent discount,” he says. “There’s an immediate return on your money.”

Don’t stop with toothpaste, either. This strategy applies to “any reusables or consumables that you have to have,” the billionaire tells Vanity Fair. “When they’re on a huge sale on Amazon, buy them, because chances are, their prices are going to go up. That’s a real savings that you get to put in your pocket.”

As for where to stash your cash once you start saving big: Invest it in “the cheapest SPX mutual fund you can find,” says Cuban.



*Use this last day of July as the day to go to a Sam’s Club or buy in bulk off of Amazon. As a teacher, I’ll buy in bulk everything I’ll need for school for the next 10 months. I’m also going to invest $100 in…

Schwab S&P 500 Index Fund

Symbol:  SWPPX

Net Expense Ratio: 0.09%

Minimum Initial Investment:  $100


Zac Brown 1978 – Zac Brown Band

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Don’t take the little things for granted

Sometimes it may be hard to see the big picture and realize that it really is the little things that end up meaning the most. A lot of times especially in today’s society we tend to get wrapped up in materialistic items. When at the end of the day it’s really about the people you surround yourselves with and the relationships you make that end up meaning the most.

“It’s funny how it’s the little things in life that mean the most.” –Chicken Fried


*Listen to the Zac Brown Band while realizing how much that the little things throughout today have meant to you.


Rico Rodriguez 1998 – grilled chicken and rice

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He has big plans beyond acting. “I like the Food Network, because I want to be a chef,” says Rico Rodriguez, 12. “I cook grilled chicken and microwaveable rice. That’s my meal.” Any secret ingredients? “Mrs. Dash [seasoning],” he reveals.


*Listen to the Zac Brown Band while making this and then watch Manny in Modern Family while enjoying his grilled chicken and rice recipe. Wash it down with some more butter beer.

SNUB – A.J. Green

Review –

  • Keep writing. Keep creating
  • Wesley Snipes workout
  • Be merry and happy
  • Invest in the cheapest SPX mutual fund you can find
  • Listen to the Zac Brown Band
  • Make grilled chicken and rice

July 30

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Henry Ford 1863

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“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.”

Thinking is how you prepare, it’s the hard work, it’s where you figure out the little nuances and “make ready” your plans.  Ford said, “Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.”  Are you ready?  Are you thinking?


*Think today. Spend an hour deep in thought. No phone. No TV. No distractions. Make ready your plans because getting ready is the secret to success.


Terry Crews 1968

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The results of Crews’ workout weren’t lost on his Expendables 3 co-stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger (yes, they share a birthday) and Sylvester Stallone, who complimented his arm development. “I told everybody I knew,” says Crews. “I’m still working out today on that motivation alone.”



*Knockout this Terry Crews workout and be ready to receive compliments on your arms. Watch The Expendables for motivation. Crews and Arnold share a birthday today.


Laurence Fishburne 1961

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“In every doctrine and every dogma and every spiritualism, in every religion there are some basic spiritual truths,” he elaborates. “All these things are road maps for human being to use to try to live better lives, to try to make themselves better people. I am familiar with those concepts because I spend a lot of time reading shit, that’s all. I’m making it up as I go, I’m trying to do the best I can to be the best human being I can.”



*Do the best you can today to be the best human being you can be. Watch Boyz N The Hood to get more advice from Laurence Fishburne.


Arnold Schwarzenegger 1947

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Don’t Listen to Nay-Sayers

It’s easy to think of all of the possible negative scenarios. Arnold gives an example in his book about buying his first rental property. A friend of his couldn’t understand how he had the guts to buy the rental property. His friend didn’t want to take any risk in his life.




*Take advice from the Terminator and take a risk by investing in a rental property.


Hilary Swank 1974 – watch Boys Don’t Cry

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Expectations of what it is to be a ‘real man,’ within today’s society, causes the stigmatization of others who do not conform to these socially constructed standards. Terms such as ‘wimp,’ ‘fag,’ ‘sissy,’ and ‘pussy’ is assigned to those who do not ‘measure up’ to expectations of the masculine identity


*Watch Hilary Swank win an Oscar as a boy that doesn’t cry… sort of.


Alton Brown 1962 – sour cream cheesecake

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National Cheesecake Day is observed annually on July 30th.  Cheesecake is a delicious dessert that is loved by millions around the country.  It is a sweet dessert that is a mixture of soft fresh cheese, cream cheese or cottage cheese, eggs and sugar on a crust made from crushed graham crackers, crushed cookies, pastry or sponge cake.


*On National Cheesecake day, enjoy Alton Brown’s sour cream cheesecake.



July 29

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Benito Mussolini 1883

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Be humble. People don’t like arrogance. Truth be told, Mussolini was never very humble, but he pretended. That was better than nothing. In his autobiography, he wrote, “I was certainly not moved by a desire for egotistical political domination. I obeyed the positive command of my conscience, not any opportunism. I have always had a vision of life which was altruistic.”



*Be humble today – even if you have to fake it like a brutal dictator.


Scott Steiner 1962

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Scott Steiner claimed he could Bench Press over 600 pounds in the dying days of WCW around 2001.  BUT Steiner was, and still is, heavily into kayfabe and had previously stated in interviews that he avoided the bench press where possible, owing to injuries.



*Max out on your bench press today.


Dak Prescott 1993

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Prescott talked about his faith in an interview with USA Today affiliate The Times. He opened up about missing his mother, Peggy, who succumbed to colon cancer in 2013, and how he coped with her loss.

Prescott said his mother had always encouraged him. She was the one he talked to whenever he lost a game. And with her gone, the hard times could be rough, and he missed her terribly.

He continues to miss her. To help him pull through every time he plays, Prescott puts a strip of tape with the word “faith” on his wrists.

“I simply write ‘Faith’ on there for the faith that my mom showed me; the relationship we built from the faith we had and my faith in God,”


*Put a strip of tape with the word “faith” on your wrist. Look at it throughout today to remind you of your faith in God and the faith you’ve built up with someone you love.


Tim Gunn 1953

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Tim Gunn did something when he started out on “Project Runway” that he’d probably never advise his design protégés to do. He worked for nothing. In testimony in N.Y. State Supreme Court this month, movie/TV mogul Harvey Weinstein told the judge that the fashion mentor wasn’t paid anything in the show’s first season.


*Don’t be afraid to work for free – as long as it leads to bigger and better opportunities.


Josh Radnor 1974 – watch How I Met Your Mother

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Plans change over time.

Whether you never thought you’d get married or start a family or pursue a certain career, give it time. You never know what will happen five, ten years down the road.


*Start watching How I Met Your Mother and you may not stop until you figure out who the mother is.


Martina McBride 1966 – Hunters Chicken

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Team Music Is Love is Martina McBride’s global charity initiative of song inspired projects that help people.

We are a music artist and volunteer fueled community making the world better.


*Listen to some Martina McBride while making her Hunters Chicken.

SNUB – Ken Burns

Review –

  • Be humble
  • Max out on your bench press
  • Remind yourself  of your faith in God
  • Work for free – if it leads to bigger things
  • Watch How I Met Your Mother
  • Make Hunters Chicken

July 28

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Hugo Chavez 1954

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Chavez is using his country’s massive oil revenues to fund social programs such as the new health facilities inaugurated this day. Generous in his praise, easy with affection, there is a charisma here that puts people at ease and willing to bare their deepest emotions.


*Be generous in your praise and easy with your affection today. Put people at ease with your charisma.


Terry Fox 1958

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Terry Fox Runs take place in over 9,000 communities across Canada every year and are accessible to anyone with no entry fee, no minimum pledge and a non-competitive atmosphere. Participants can run, walk, blade or bike and most of all have fun while raising funds for cancer research.


*Sign up for a Terry Fox Run today. Run 3.1 miles to prepare for it.


Ballington Booth 1857

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Ballington and Maud Booth founded Volunteers of America in 1896 with the mission to reach and uplift all people. The Booths envisioned a movement that would care for the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Their vision lives on in a national organization that provides services to help children, the elderly, people with disabilities, the homeless and others in need.



*Think of donating to VOA today to care for the whole person – mind, body, and soul.


Dana White 1969

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The company was sold to WME for $4 billion, in which White reportedly made $360 million. Yet despite his monetary success among others, the brash UFC executive says it is the last thing on his mind.

“Rob Dyrdek called me after the sale, and he said, ‘I’ve got to ask you a question – how do you get up every day and run the race when you’ve already won the race?” White recalled during his recent appearance on The Exchange with Megan Olivi. “I want to know how you strap your f—-ng shoes on and go to work every day.’ I said, ‘Because I was never in it for the money.’ I don’t even think about the money.


*When your business of passion makes you rich, will you still want to run it every day? Sure you want to make money, but that money will be much sweeter if it comes from your passion.


Jackie Kennedy 1929 – watch Jackie

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“One must not let oneself be overwhelmed by sadness.”

After ten years of marriage, Jackie was left a widow with two children. She lost her husband and one son in a three-month time span. Although our losses might not be the same, we all experience devastation. It is perfectly justified to be overcome by feelings of grief and pain as a result, but we shouldn’t let our circumstances rob us of all future happiness. We need to remember happiness is often something we have to choose. If we can’t be in charge of our situations, we can at least be in charge of ourselves. We can try to focus on what we can control going forward. Jackie said seeing the world through her children’s eyes helped restore her faith in her family.


*Watch Jackie to learn how to deal with loss like Jackie Kennedy.


Jim Davis 1945 – Garfield Lasagna

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Davis named Garfield after his grandfather, James Garfield Davis (who was named after President James Garfield). He also based Garfield’s personality on his grandfather, a large, cantankerous, curmudgeonly man with a gruff exterior but soft heart.


*Hopefully this day doesn’t fall on a Monday, but even if it does, enjoy Garfield’s lasagna.

SNUB – Lori Loughlin

Review –

  • Be generous in your praise
  • Terry Fox run
  • Donate to VOA
  • Have a business of passion
  • Watch Jackie
  • Make Garfield Lasagna

July 27

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Leo Durocher 1905

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Leo was never what you would call nice. He didn’t grow old gracefully, and it cost him. A lovable guy with Leo’s credentials, with Leo’s contributions to baseball lore over a five-decade period, would long ago have been enshrined in Cooperstown. But life is choices, and Leo made his. He told off The Babe, rolled the dice in Havana and Vegas, clinked the glasses with Sinatra, danced the rhumbas with Laraine Day, won a pennant in Ebbets Field, presided over the greatest comeback in sports history, burped Mays and knew that, Cooperstown plaque or no Cooperstown plaque, he had lived a Life.


*Life is choices. What choices are you making when it comes to how you treat people? How will you be remembered? Does it even matter to you? Live your life.


Jordan Spieth 1993 – driving range

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A lot of people wonder how a 21-year-old with average power (I finished 89th in driving distance) can be so successful. The answer is simple: I know how to score.


*Play a round of golf today or at least hit a bucket of balls at the local driving range, maybe you can outdrive Spieth.


St. Agostino Roscelli 1818

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Many of the girls resorted to prostitution. Fr Roscelli, appreciating that their lives were being ruined by hunger as much as by immorality, gathered together a group of charitable women and founded a “sewing shop” where waifs were given not merely Christian instruction but also practical and professional training.




*Looking to help women but not sure where to give? Consider WFN, a coalition of private and community foundations around the world.


Alex Rodriguez 1975

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As Rodriguez also tells young professional athletes, “you have an incredible opportunity if you’re frugal and you’re smart and you put your money away early. The ability to have compound interest over 20, 30, 40 years — you can be a very wealthy young person in a very short period of time.”


You may be surprised at how quickly this can add up. At 8% simple interest, your $10,000 investment would be worth $34,000 after 30 years. However, using compound interest, the value would balloon to more than $100,000.


*Be frugal. Be smart. And start getting compound interest on your investments and savings today.


Taylor Schilling 1984 – watch Orange is the New Black

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They say life is about learning from your mistakes and moving on.

But, why wait to make a mistake when TV is full of loads of other people doing stupid things that you can learn from?

There’s no better place to cheat-learn from other people’s errors than Netflix’s award-winning Orange is the New Black.


*Watch the first season of Orange is the New Black to cheat-learn from the mistakes of Taylor Schilling.


Maya Rudolph 1972 – Bridesmaids Brazilian Skirt Steak

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“I think I will always be the lady who took a s— on the street,” Rudolph, 46, joked, later adding, “This happens to me all the time, people are always like, ‘You’re the lady who took a s— on the street!’”



*Hopefully your experience with this Brazilian skirt steak works out better for you than Maya Rudolph and her bridesmaids. It’s happening.

SNUB – Triple H

Review –

  • You will be remembered by how you treat people
  • Hit a bucket of balls at the driving range
  • Donate to WFN
  • Get compound interest on your investments
  • Watch Orange is the New Black
  • Make Bridesmaids Brazilian Skirt Steak


July 26

Look to the * for today’s advice.



Stanley Kubrick 1928

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Learn from others’ work.



*Yes, learn from others’ work. Start with Stanley Kubrick as your role model today.


Kate Beckinsale 1973 – 3-2-1 Workout

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The 3-2-1 workout is so named because it involves three cardio sessions, two circuit and one core workout.



*Complete Kate Beckinsale’s 3-2-1 workout. Watch her in Underworld for motivation.


Carl Jung 1875

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To strive to be good, and disregard one’s darkness, is to fall victim to the evil in ourselves whose existence we have denied. The ‘shadow’ is Jung’s term for the dark, unwanted, feared side of our personality. The rejected qualities do not cease to exist simply because they have been denied direct expression. They live within us in the form of a secondary personality – the ‘shadow‘. The shadow personality can also be thought of as the unlived life.


He did not believe that authentic religiosity was expressed in these peak experiences. Rather he advised people to turn towards their fears, much as the mystics welcomed the dark night of the soul. This shadow is experienced as a foe, but it is really a friend because it contains clues as to what the individual lacks, rejects and distrusts.


*Turn toward your fears today – they contain clues as to what you lack, reject, and distrust. What is your “shadow” or unlived life?


Sandra Bullock 1964

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Go find your joy. Whatever that is, go find your joy. Are you going to have a good day or are you going to have a great day? Because it’s completely up to you. It’s what you’re going to remember in the end. You’re not going to remember how you worried, the what-ifs, the whys, or who wronged you. It’s the joy that stays with you.


*Don’t have a good day today – have a great day, because if you haven’t found your joy yet, you are well on your way to getting up each morning to a life of joy, not dreaded work.


Mick Jagger 1943 – The Rolling Stones

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Don’t underestimate the power of common interests
More than half a century into their staggeringly prolific partnership, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are one of the most powerful duos the music industry has ever known, but they might never have convened at all had it not been for a chance meeting between childhood friends in their late teens. “So there I am standing, minding my own business on the train station in Dartford, and up comes Keith who I hadn’t seen in a while,” Jagger explains of the meeting. “We were both carrying albums and, when we got on the train, we realised that our albums were blues albums. In those days you thought you were the only person that collected blues because nobody really did.”


*Listen to The Rolling Stones today. Let someone know why and strike up a conversation. Who knows? – You may both be living through 365DOLF


Helen Mirren 1945 – grilled cheese

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The Emmy, Tony, Golden Globe, and Academy Award winner revealed in a red carpet interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she’s rather fond of melted cheese on toast, and thus would like her last meal to be a grilled cheese.




*I know how you can get some satisfaction – eat this grilled cheese. Enjoy it while watching Helen Mirren win an Oscar in The Queen.

SNUB – Jason Statham

Review –

  • Learn from other’s work
  • 3-2-1 workout
  • Turn toward your fears
  • You are on your way to a life of joy
  • Listen to The Rolling Stones
  • Make a grilled cheese

July 25

Look to the * for today’s advice.



Henry Knox 1750

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DYK – Knox witnessed and/or participated in all of the following

  • Boston Massacre
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Lexington and Concord
  • Battle of Bunker Hill
  • Crossing of the Delaware
  • Battle of Yorktown


*This is a great DYK for anyone in the elevator with you or at the breakfast table.


Walter Payton 1954 – run in hot sand

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He ran countless sprints through the course and back, because he believed that the sand made his legs stronger and allowed him to cut better at full speed. To make things even tougher, Payton purposely ran during the hottest hours of the day. The air was warm and thick, and the sand was so hot that he couldn’t stand still between sprints without blistering his feet.


*Find some hot sand to run in and remember this quote by Sweetness – “Tomorrow is promised to no one.”


Emmett Till 1941

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Emmett Till’s death claimed the nation’s attention, thanks in part to his mother, who demanded an open casket, so the world could witness what white racists had done to her black son. The incident ignited the fledgling, modern civil rights movement into a raging fire.


*What are you passionate enough to ignite into a raging fire?


Louis Bacon 1956

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Secretive, risk-conscious, a bit paranoid–Louis Bacon has many of the traits of a hedge fund boss. A nice chunk of the $7 billion he plays with is his own.




*Check out turtletrader.com for advice from Louis Bacon and many others on investing.


Matt LeBlanc 1967 – watch Friends

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In 2009, during a lengthy timeout following the flameout of Friends spinoff Joey, the Modern Family pilot script “came across my desk with an offer to play Ty Burrell’s role,” LeBlanc told USA TODAY.  (Producer 20th Century Fox Television confirms this).  “I remember reading it thinking, this is a really good script, (but) I’m not the guy for this. I’d be doing the project an injustice to take this. I know what I can do, I know what I can’t do. Plus, I’m having too much fun laying on the couch.”


*Have fun laying on the couch and watch as many episodes of Friends as you can today. They’ll be there for you.


Geoffrey Zakarian 1959 – ultimate BLT

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In addition to his status as a longtime favorite judge on Food Network’s Chopped, and as an Iron Chef, Zakarian is a co-host on Food Network’s Emmy-nominated daytime series, The Kitchen, which premiered in January 2014. Zakarian also hosts Sirius XM Radio’s Food Talk, which premiered at the 2013 South Beach Wine and Food Festival and is broadcasted annually from the various food festivals in America.


*In honor of Louis Bacon’s birthday try Geoffrey Zakarian’s ultimate BLT. Afterwards go to a coffee shop like Central Perk with your friends.

SNUB – Hulk

Review –

  • Henry Knox DYK
  • Run in hot sand
  • Have enough passion to ignite a raging fire
  • Get investing advice from turtletrader.com
  • Watch Friends
  • Make an Ultimate BLT

July 24

Look for the * for today’s advice.



Amelia Earhart 1897

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Follow your passion and don’t give up


*Good advice by Amelia Earhart – follow your passion and don’t give up. Even if it kills you (or leads to your disappearance) at least you went down following your passion.


Karl Malone 1963

Image result for karl malone



“I was going to be good at whatever I did because I was going to put the time in, and the effort in, and I was going to make the sacrifices to be good.” Malone says, “I think by lifting weights, you get power. I also think that you get focus, direction, discipline, and patience.”



*Lift weights today, using this Mailman workout. Play some pickup basketball and dominate inside. Say “hi” to your mailman today too.


Chief Dan George 1899

Image result for chief dan george



His poetry and prayers are gripping and unforgettable.  As Chief Dan George said; “…I am small and weak. I need your wisdom.  May I walk in beauty? Make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset. Make my hands respect the things that you have made, and my ears sharp to hear your voice.  Make me wise so that I may know the things that you have taught your children, the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock.  Make me strong not to be superior to my brothers but to fight my greatest enemy –myself.  Make me ever ready to come with you with straight eyes so that when life fades as with the fading sunset, my spirit will come to you without shame.”


*The above is your prayer for today. Say it word for word from your soul. This could be your “go to” prayer each and every day.


Barry Bonds 1964

Image result for barry bonds


“Do I allow public opinion to dictate my opinion and how I feel and what I want to give back to society? Hell no.”


The Barry Bonds Foundation’s mission is to encourage, promote and fund programs designed to improve the educational achievements, standard of living and quality of life conditions for African-American youth within the Bay Area community.


*Hopefully you can make over $170 million like Bonds, and when you do, you decide what to give back to society. Start today by donating to the Barry Bonds Foundation or donate to a charity that will help youth in your area.


Jennifer Lopez 1969

Image result for jlo


Mark the date: July 24, 2019.

That’s when Jennifer Lopez turns 50, and you feel duly inadequate.

To celebrate her milestone birthday, the multihyphenate entertainer is headed out on the road this summer.




*As I write this, JLO is closing in on being 50 and looks incredible. Listen to her music as you work out today.


Michael Richards 1949 – Kramer’s Lobster Scrambled Eggs

Image result for kramer gif


Episode: “The Hamptons” (Season 5, Episode 21)

When the gang travels out to The Hamptons, Kramer inadvertently steals a commercial lobster trap. Everyone feasts on the find, except Jerry’s kosher girlfriend, Rachel, who resists temptation. But to seek revenge on her laughing at his tiny penis (he was in the pool), George serves Rachel scrambled eggs that have lobster in them.



*Don’t steal any lobsters to make Kramer’s lobster scrambled eggs. Other choices for Kramer would be to make your own pizza, and your own sauce without a shirt on.

SNUB – Lynda Carter

Review –

  • Follow your passion and don’t give up
  • Mailman workout
  • Chief Dan George Prayer
  • Decide on what you want to give back to society
  • Listen to JLO music while working out
  • Make Kramer’s lobster scrambled eggs

July 23

Search for the * for today’s advice.



Philip Seymour Hoffman 1967

Image result for philip seymour hoffman



Knowing that he ended up dying from a vice that he indulged too much in after going so long without it. But at the same time, it gives hope that we can all find our own happiness, and be self-aware enough to know when something truly makes us happy.


The Relentless Award, established in honor of Philip Seymour Hoffman and his pursuit of truth in the theater, is the largest annual cash prize in American theater awarded to a playwright in recognition of a new play.



*Be self-aware to know what truly makes you happy today. If it’s a vice, seek out help.


Stephanie Seymour 1968

Image result for stephanie seymour


I was raised in a really strict household in terms of health. We were never allowed to have candy, chips, or soda. I should be more regulated about my exercise, but thankfully I’ve had really good dietary habits. I’ll have a cheeseburger, but I don’t indulge in junk food ever. My favorite forms of exercise are Pilates, swimming, and walking.


*You have a choice today between Pilates, yoga, or swimming. No chips, candy, or soda!


Max Heindel 1865

Image result for max heindel


Max Heindel suffered constantly on account of injuries received while a young boy. A number of unsuccessful operations, which had removed some of the veins and arteries of his left leg, greatly interfered with the circulation in the body. He later developed valvular heart trouble. However, he was blessed with an indomitable will and great energy, and would never permit physical disability to interfere with his work for humanity. He had a message to give to the soul sick world and nothing must interfere.


*Don’t let anything interfere with your work for humanity. Make sure that this soul sick world hears your message today.


Monica Lewinsky 1973

Image result for monica lewinsky


Control your reputation online, or someone else will.


*Search yourself online and see what is on there that could keep you from your dream job or that would keep customers away. Control your reputation online. Have a nice cigar to reward yourself.


Daniel Radcliffe 1989 – watch Harry Potter

Image result for daniel radcliffe harry potter gif

The power of love is stronger than the power of hatred

The phrase “kill them with kindness” applies here. We can’t possibly win over everyone, but Harry Potter showed us that we can triumph in our relationships with loved ones. Even with Voldemort’s constant death threats, Harry Potter always had a support system of family and friends to help him along the way. And in the end, that made all the difference.




*Watch as many Harry Potter movies as you can.


Woody Harrelson 1961 – adult vegan brownies

Image result for woody harrelson



A long-time vegan and raw food advocate, the star of Zombieland, Natural Born Killers, True Detective and, of course, Cheers, is an outspoken environmentalist, passionate hemp activist and has teamed up with PETA on projects such as securing the release of research chimpanzees.




*Enjoy Woody Harrelson’s adult vegan brownies and wash them down with a butter beer.

SNUB – Slash – yes, Slash and Axl’s wife share a birthday

Review –

  • Know what truly makes you happy
  • Pilates, yoga, or swimming
  • Make sure that this soul sick world hears your message
  • Control your reputation online
  • Watch Harry Potter
  • Make adult vegan brownies

July 22

Keep looking for the * for today’s advice.



Alex Trebek 1940

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Fight for what is right.

Trebek doesn’t let people walk all over him — he fights for what is right. But though this is the most physical example of his philosophy at work, it is also evident on his game show. Oftentimes when a contestant provides an answer that is not immediately considered correct, or is considered correct when it shouldn’t be, Trebek will later consult with the judges and award or deduct points from the contestant’s score if necessary.


*Fight for what is right today. Just make sure it’s in the form of a question.


Willem Dafoe 1955

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What’s the best way to grow old?
Have work that you love and also some sort of physical or spiritual practice. Get some kind of healthy routine. For me that’s yoga practice.



*Yes, yoga again today – it helps you grow old the right way. Watch Willem Dafoe almost win an Oscar in The Florida Project for motivation.


St. Lawrence of Brindisi 1559

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His constant devotion to Scripture, coupled with great sensitivity to the needs of people, present a lifestyle which appeals to Christians today. Lawrence had a balance in his life that blended self-discipline with a keen appreciation for the needs of those whom he was called to serve.


*Work on the balance in your life, of self-discipline, and an appreciation for people with needs that you can help.


Oscar de la Renta 1932

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Remember, when you or the people you leave behind want to sell your business, it’s going to be worth a lot more if it can go on running without your active participation. A buyer really wants to pay a premium for your operations manual


*You run your business but be prepared to sell how you do it one day.


Don Henley 1947

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On Handling Age And Getting Old:

“What’s that line in the poem “Desiderata”? “Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.” But that doesn’t mean that we should just sit on our asses and let atrophy set in. We have to stay curious, stay engaged, and, above all, stay fit. Family, friends, travel, music, books, gardening, a little good wine now and then — all these things, coupled with the right attitude, can make aging enjoyable.”



*Listen to both Don Henley and the Eagles today, with a little good wine.


Albert Brooks 1947 – Defending Your Life – steak, pasta, sushi, and ice cream

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Even after you die, you can still live to eat. A benefit of being dead is no more weight gain. If only!



Daniel and Julia pass the time discussing their lives and feasting on steak, pasta, sushi, and ice cream. Not a bad way to … die!


*Eat like you’ve died and gone to heaven today. Where there are no calories or cholesterol.

SNUB – Selena Gomez

Review –

  • Fight for what is right
  • Yoga
  • Work on the balance in your life
  • Be prepared to sell how you perform your business
  • Listen to Don Henley
  • Steak, pasta, sushi, ice cream