May 31

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Walt Whitman 1819

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Be your most authentic self.

Find someone who listens.

Then, sound a barbaric yawp across the roofs of the world.

*You are well on your way to being your most authentic self. Whether you have someone who will listen or not, let the world know.


Colin Farrell 1976 – run 3 miles, push ups, squats, curls

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Farrell was required to run 3-5 miles every other day. In between those running days, he spends time doing push ups, arm curls and squats.

*Run 3 miles, do 3 sets of push ups, squats, and arm curls.


Nate Robinson 1984

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That he lasted 11 seasons as a 5-foot-9 point guard in the modern NBA — winning two slam-dunk contests, to boot —  is something of an achievement.

But it wouldn’t be as big as Robinson making an NFL roster, which is what he says he wants to do.

*Think that you’ve done the impossible… Do it again. Prove everybody wrong… Again. Prove it’s not a fluke.


Brooke Shields 1965

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And tomorrow afternoon I have my first sort of really proactive, I called it, fully cognizant, fully aware, have read all the documents, even know the numbers—tomorrow. And I’m fifty.

AS: A financial planning meeting.

BS: A financial planning meeting where I pay attention. I’ve had financial planning meetings before and I tell ya I can’t wait to get out of there. I’m actually going to walk in there like—like an executive producer! That I am.

AS: That you are!

BS: That I am now. I’m going to bring a clipboard!

Hire a real financial advisor. 

Richards says it’s difficult to be unemotional about your own money. That’s the real purpose of having an advisor.

*Meet with a financial planner, have a clipboard, and take notes. If you haven’t done so yet, look into hiring a financial advisor.


Clint Eastwood 1930 – watch Million Dollar Baby

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Don’t let your DREAMS haunt you for the rest of your life:

Yes that’s true, the worst thing that can happen to a man is letting go of a Dream he has in mind – as the dream that is not fought for can haunt you the rest of your life.

In the movie Million Dollar Baby , a bid ridden Maggie pleads Clint Eastwood ( her trainer ) to mercy kill her – and she is happy to die as she has reached the goal of her life and seen what is like to achieve what she wanted all her life. So she dies a happy soul.

*Watch Million Dollar Baby as you are striving to reach the goal of your life.


Joe Namath 1943 – vegetarian super bowl party

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New York Jets hero Broadway Joe, also famous for being a playboy during the ’60s and ’70s, guaranteed a victory before the 1969 Super Bowl — and delivered. You wouldn’t think that this cocky former athlete would have experimented with vegetarianism as well.

*We are still over 3 months away from football season, or should we say that the Super Bowl was about 4 months ago. Either way, enjoy “Broadway” Joe’s vegetarian party.

In a sport that has produced a plethora of epic booze hounds, Joe Namath belongs right at the top of the list. Morning, noon or night, you’d find him with a glass of vodka, Crown on the rocks, or a bottle of beer in his hand. The hand not encumbered with booze was usually filled with an attractive young lady. In Joe’s life, the party ran 24/7.

*Wash down all of that healthy food with a vodka, Crown on the rocks, or a bottle of Rolling Rock

SNUB – Lea Thompson

Review –

  • Be your most authentic self
  • Run 3 miles, push ups, squats, arm curls
  • Do the impossible – again
  • Meet with a financial planner
  • Watch Million Dollar Baby
  • Make Broadway Joe’s Vegetarian Super Bowl Party

May 30

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Randolph Bourne 1886

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Donald Trump’s call to “Make America Great Again” would outrage Bourne: How is it, he would want to know, that, in the second decade of the twenty-first century, we are still indulging in the kind of “tight and jealous nationalism” that had sent the European powers into a suicidal war and wreaked so much havoc on America itself? How have we learned nothing from the disasters of Bourne’s own generation? Less than a year after he wrote his essay, the United States joined the war on the Allied side, unleashing a wave of “100 percent Americanism” more virulent than he had dreamed possible. Nativist attacks, vigilantism, race riots, and censorship were inflicted on a terrorized citizenry, native-born and immigrant alike.

Randolph Bourne was an idealist. He hoped for a world free of war, a world in which what he called “the productive and life-enhancing processes” were the dominant processes in our national life. It is appropriate, then, that in the Internet age, he is perhaps best known to the general public, not only for his immortal phrase “War is the health of the State,” but also as the namesake of a nonprofit foundation that runs a popular website.

*Be proud of your country. Be patriotic. But don’t hate other people because they are not from your country. If that’s your attitude, maybe you should still only like people from your high school and no one else.


Idina Menzel 1971 – blueberries, boxing, and Bikram

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Check out the Wicked favorite’s list of ultimate must-haves

Tasty Snack: Blueberries and Pure bars

Healthy Dinner Ideas: Sushi, chicken, tilapia, spinach and Brussels sprouts

Workout Routine: Bikram yoga and boxing

*You’ve got a snack, workout, and dinner ideas. And you can watch Menzel in Wicked


Gale Sayers 1943

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In 1969, Gale Sayers began writing his autobiography, “I Am Third.” It included a chapter on his friend and roommate, Brian Piccolo. Sayers’ account of his relationship with Piccolo was turned into one of the most popular TV flicks of all time, and, of course, a sports movie classic.

“Brian’s Song” won an Emmy Award, was frequently rerun on TV, and became a staple of school assemblies — its message of racial harmony, friendship, gutsiness and compassion struck a chord then, and still does three decades later.

*Watch Brian’s Song for a refresher’s course on racial harmony, friendship, gutsiness, and compassion.


CeeLo Green 1974

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Focus on selling the things you can’t pirate, the real scarcities. And we’re not talking (as our critics always insist) about tangible goods like t-shirts, but selling the person. Primary Wave may be positioned as publishing and management, but its real business is marketing.

Collaborate with influencers.

Another way to gain a new audience and extend brand awareness is by collaborating with the top influencers in your industry.

*365DOLF continues to tell you about the importance of marketing. In the end, it’s the money maker. Listen to CeeLo Green for motivation.


Duncan Jones 1971 – watch Moon

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It would be unfair to say Duncan Jones was flying under the radar ahead of his feature film debut, Moon. In fact, for a mere $7 million sci-fi movie made by a newcomer with one recognizable actor, the anticipation was at a veritable fever pitch for one simple reason: It was an intriguing space mystery movie made by David Bowie’s son.

*Watch this intriguing space mystery made by David Bowie’s son – Duncan Jones.


Bob Evans 1918 – weekend brunch casserole

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Bob Evans believed in treating strangers like friends and friends like family; and those principles are alive today at every Bob Evans Restaurant.

*Invite some friends and/or strangers over for brunch and make them this Bob Evans brunch casserole. Or just meet them at your local Bob Evans restaurant.

SNUB – Wynonna Judd

Review –

  • Don’t hate someone because they’re not from your country
  • Blueberries, boxing, and Bikram
  • Watch Brian’s Song
  • Marketing is the money maker
  • Watch Moon
  • Make a Weekend Brunch Casserole

May 29

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John F. Kennedy 1917

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Don’t fear death

Adorned with medals and worsening back pains after his heroics, Jack still reported back for duty and built a reputation for taking incredible risks with his attacks. Norman Mailer described this as “the wisdom of a man who senses death within him and gambles that he can cure it by risking his life”.

Later, JFK would shrug off assassination risks, saying, “If someone is going to kill me, they are going to kill me.”

As the years have gone by and other presidents have written their chapters in history, John Kennedy’s brief time in office stands out in people’s memories for his leadership, personality, and accomplishments. Many respect his coolness when faced with difficult decisions–like what to do about Soviet missiles in Cuba in 1962. Others admire his ability to inspire people with his eloquent speeches. Still others think his compassion and his willingness to fight for new government programs to help the poor, the elderly and the ill were most important.

*This is why you want to live life to the fullest – so that you don’t fear death. While alive, be like JFK – have coolness, inspire people, have compassion, and a willingness to help the poor and elderly. If you haven’t figured it out yet, JFK is my favorite president.


Carmelo Anthony 1984

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“But there were times I stayed away from all meats. I played with my diet a lot.” Anthony went on to say that he went meat-free for around three weeks during the offseason. “That was bad,” he said. “I was struggling.” First no carbs, then no meat? So what did he eat?  “It was all fish and vegetables, juices, things like that.”

*Today you live off of fish, vegetables, and juices. Play basketball today and shoot every time you touch the basketball and play no defense.


Patrick Henry 1736

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“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! — I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”,28804,1841228_1841749_1841737,00.html

*Choose liberty over death.


Bob Hope 1903

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In 1983 Forbes placed Hope on the Forbes 400, with an estimated net worth of $200 million. But Hope thought the estimate a gross exaggeration. Shortly after publication, he issued Forbes a challenge: “If my estate is worth over $50 million, I’ll kiss your ass. I mean that.”

By the mid-1980s Mr. Hope, then in his 80s, was already tidying up his estate and liquidating much of his property in an orderly manner. Forbes ultimately estimated his remaining land holdings to be worth just $85 million. Throw in another $30 million he had in miscellaneous investments and you arrive at a net worth of $115 million–not quite the $200 million we had estimated a year earlier, but more than enough to collect on Mr. Hope’s bet.

He never paid up.

*Don’t ever underestimate your worth. You may end up having to kiss someone’s ass.


Annette Bening 1958 – watch The Kids are All Right

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I guarantee that if you’ve been married or in a long-term committed relationship for more than five years, you will watch this movie and find yourself nodding in recognition.

*Watch The Kids are All Right with your spouse or someone you are committed to.


Melanie Brown 1975 – Mel B’s killer army slop

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If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I’d like to say only Indian food but sometimes it gives me heartburn because of the spices, so I’m going to be realistic and say what I call Mel B’s killer army slop: ground turkey, a lot of chopped garlic and red onion, two tins of tomatoes, red and green peppers, sometimes a chilli pepper and a little bit of sweet corn – boom!

*Eat Mel B’s killer army slop and wash it all down with JFK’s favorite daiquiri.

JFK’s Favorite Daiquiri

  • 3 ounces light rum (or flavored rum if you truly have no shame)
  • 2 ounces fresh lime juice
  • 1/2 ounce fine sugar of simple syrup
  1. Combine all together in shaker, shake vigorously with ice.
  2. Serve without ice, garnish with lime wheel.

This is great. It’s great for summer. It’s great for the pool. It’s great for sitting around the Oval Office planning your next extramarital conquest and wondering if you’ll ever earn your dad’s approval.

SNUB – Daniel Tosh

Review –

  • Don’t fear death
  • Fish, vegetables, and juices
  • Choose liberty over death
  • Don’t underestimate your wealth
  • Watch The Kids are Alright
  • Eat like Mel B

May 28

Look to the * for today’s advice.

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL 2019 – (just 1080 school days to go)


Ian Fleming 1908

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Ian Fleming (1909-1964) was a mid-century English Man of Mystery. With a silk cravat around his neck, cigarette holder in one hand and gin-and-bitters in the other, Fleming was the image of a 1960s sophisticate. But as he strolled barefoot on his private beach at GoldenEye, in Oracabessa Bay, he dreamed up one of the most lasting characters in global literature and cinema. Today, Fleming Villa remains the inspiring setting for pleasure and imagination.

Your space should inspire you—and reflect your unique personality. 

Breathe some life into your space, so you’ll want to stay longer.

Decorate with images that speak to you. 

Ground your space with a colorful area rug—for visual interest and soothing sound-absorption.

*Today is the day to start rearranging your house, (or at least your work area) to make it the setting for pleasure and imagination. You may not have a private beach but you can find ways to make the place where you live be more inspiring and entertaining. Maybe you’ll come up with the next James Bond.


Jim Thorpe 1887 – get your heart checked

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Describing Jim Thorpe as a great athlete would be doing him a severe injustice. A better description would be calling him the greatest athlete of the 20th Century. This label will probably be debated by many, but Thorpe’s accomplishments speak louder than words. King Gustav V of Sweden told Thorpe: “Sir, you are the greatest athlete in the world.”

Thorpe died on March 28, 1953 of a heart attack.

For prevention & peace of mind

Don’t let heart disease and stroke get in the way of the life you love. Schedule an affordable, accurate health screening today.

*Even if you are the greatest athlete in the world, get a heart check-up today.


Gladys Knight 1944

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Today, Knight and husband William, along with various other members of the family, oversee her busy career from the Las Vegas headquarters. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, performer, restaurateur, and businesswoman with a spiritual outlook on her life. Her faith in God has been the driving force behind all of Knight’s endeavors, guiding her through her many successes.

*Have your faith in God be the driving force behind all of your endeavors, guiding you through your successes. Listen to Gladys Knight for inspiration today.


Jerry West 1938

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But does the NBA pay Jerry West royalties for using his image and printing it on the mountains of merchandise they sell?

The short answer is “No.” That’s also the long answer, because the NBA won’t admit that it’s Jerry West on the logo.

*Get paid for what you deserve – don’t settle for anything less.


Colbie Caillat 1985

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And because you are perfect, you shouldn’t think less of yourself. Throw away self-pity, don’t give time to self-hate, and most importantly, stay away from people who make you feel bad about yourself.

*Stay away from people who make you feel bad about yourself and listen to Colbie Caillat today.


Kylie Minogue 1968 – shrimp on the barbie

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Kylie Minogue isn’t so busy touring that she can’t keep up with the Kardashians to some extent, though it hardly sounds like the Aussie pop star is a fan. After learning that Kylie Jenner—who’s only Kardashian-adjacent anyway—has been trying to trademark their shared first name for the last two years, Minogue petitioned the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office not to forever link (or however long trademarks last) the name “Kylie” with lip injectors and a failed PacSun clothing line. Now, that lame joke is ours; Minogue filed her own scorching burn with her letter, in which she refers to herself as an “internationally-renowned performing artist, humanitarian and breast cancer activist known worldwide simply as ‘Kylie,’” while Jenner is merely a “secondary reality television personality.” We think Minogue can now add “reputation arsonist” to her list of skills.

*Listen to a mix of Gladys Knight, Colbie Caillat, and the one and only Kylie Minogue while making her Australian shrimp on the Barbie – even if they do call them prawns in the land down under.   

Wash it down with a vodka martini – shaken, not stirred.

SNUB – Patch Adams

Review –

  • Make your work space more inspiring and entertaining
  • Get your heart checked
  • Have your faith in God lead you to success
  • Get paid for what you deserve
  • Listen to Colbie Caillat
  • Make shrimp on the barbie

May 27

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Henry Kissinger 1923

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But unlike his fellow Republicans of the Cold War era—dull and practical men of business, blissfully unaware of what the prestigious intellectual journals of opinion had to say about them—Kissinger has always been painfully conscious of the de­gree to which he is loathed.

*Be aware of what people think of you. Don’t care but be aware.


Andre 3000 1975

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Andre 3000’s diet includes a lot of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains. An example of his diet plan for a day includes the following:

  • Breakfast: ¾ cup whole grain cereal and soy or rice milk with ¾ cup of fruit of your choice or 1 cup of Toasted Apple cinnamon cereal and almond milk (recipes in Thrive) with ½ cup fruit of your choice.
  • Lunch: Vega fruit dip (slices of apple, banana, orange) 1/3 serving Natural Vega, 1/3 serving Chocolate Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer, ½ tbsp hemp seeds. Mix Vega and hemp seeds together, dip fruit in and eat.
  • Snack:3 fresh dates with hemp butter or 1 65 gram Rejuvenator Brownie (recipe in Thrive).
  • Dinner: 3 cup mixed greens, with ½ cup broccoli, ¼ chick peas, ¼ avocado and ½ tbsp hemp oil mixed with 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar (or ginger papaya salad dressing, recipe in Thrive).and dulse strips.
  • Snack: 1 apple, 1/3 serving of Vega with ½ cup cold water.

*Follow this eating plan today. Watch Outkast videos for motivation. This would be a good daily plan to follow throughout the year. The trick is to find all of these foods.


Rachel Carson 1907

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Then there’s a cartoon from the 1960s, portraying a praying mantis with its front legs folded up, praying, saying “God bless momma and poppa…and Rachel Carson!”

*Rachel Carson may have saved more souls than anyone. You don’t need to be a religious leader to save souls. You can save some today, if you’d like.


Cornelius Vanderbilt 1794

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With $100 borrowed from his parents, Cornelius Vanderbilt purchased a periauger (a flat-bottomed sailing barge) and began a ferry service between Staten Island and Manhattan.

At the time of his death in 1877, the Commodore was worth $105 million, a larger sum than in the United States Treasury at the time.

*If you haven’t started your business yet, take $100 (borrowed from your parents, if need be) and use it to start your business. Even if it is securing a domain name – anything to get the ship moving.


Christopher Lee 1922 – watch Count Dracula

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Christopher Frank Carandini Mothafuckin’ Lee WAS Dracula. He played the bloodsucking impaling-happy non-sparkling Wallachian Count in the most perfect Dracula movie ever made, Horror of Dracula, then reprised the role in seven sequels over the next 15 years – giving an entire generation of humanity nightmares for life, coating himself in a swimming pools worth of fake movie blood, and somehow managing to constantly surround himself with ridiculous concentrations of hot babes with twin puncture wounds on the sides of their necks and borderline-pornographic amounts of blood-stained cleavage.

He’s also a 6’5″ tall world champion fencer, speaks six languages, does all of his own stunts, has participated in more on-screen sword fights than any actor in history, served for five years defending democracy from global fascism as a British Commando blowing the shit out of Nazi asses in World War II, and became the oldest person to ever record lead vocals on a heavy metal track when, at the age of 88, he wrote, performed on, and released a progressive symphonic power metal EP about the life of Charlemagne (because why the fuck not?).

*Watch the very impressive Christopher Lee as Count Dracula – Halloween is only 5 months away.


Jamie Oliver 1975 – Christmas Carbonara

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An evidence-based, hands-on cooking programme that teaches people of all ages to cook from scratch. We work with partners across the UK who inspire thousands of people to improve their health, through making better food choices every year.

*Listen to Outkast while making Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Carbonara. This flies in the face of Andre 3000’s meal plan for today, but Christmas is less than 7 months away.

SNUB – Vincent Price

Review –

  • Don’t care, but be aware of what people think of you
  • Eat like Andre 3000
  • Save souls
  • Invest $100 in your business
  • Watch Count Dracula
  • Make Christmas Carbonara

May 26

Seek the * and you shall find today’s advice.



Sally Ride 1951

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When Sally Ride died in 2012, her obituary noted a new fact that was widely picked up: that she was survived by her partner, Tam O’Shaughnessy. The first American woman in space suddenly became a more complicated figure.

*Don’t worry if you are a more complicated figure. Don’t let anything hold you back or keep you from being yourself – your best self.


Lenny Kravitz 1964

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Take a picture of yourself, do this routine at least 3 times a week for a month and take another picture – including the big grin on your face!

*Take a picture of yourself right now. Then do Lenny’s 8 minute miracle workout. When you take a picture of yourself next year on Lenny Kravitz’s birthday, you will see a new you.


Stevie Nicks 1948

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‘We were probably the perfect, complete, crazy pair. He was the one that I would have married, and that I would probably have changed my life around for…’ She pauses. ‘A little bit. Not a lot. But he wouldn’t have changed his life either.’

The reason they broke up, she says, is that they were both ‘really seriously drug addicts. We were a couple on the way to hell.’

*Be with someone that isn’t dragging you to Hell with them. Seek help for them and you if needed. Listen to Stevie Nicks for inspiration.


Hank Williams, Jr. 1949

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Well now money can’t buy you happiness but neither can poor ole me
Money won’t help you very much if you wanna find true love
But that don’t mean just being poor will make you better off

*Don’t be a martyr. All things equal, go for the money. Don’t strive to be poor – you won’t be able to help anyone, most importantly yourself. Strive to be rich and then give it all away, if you truly want to be poor. Listen to Hank Williams, Jr. for motivation.


John Wayne 1907 – watch True Grit (1969)

Image result for john wayne

In fine Hollywood tradition, John Wayne had to play a “one-eyed fat man” before the Motion Picture Academy considered him worthy of an Oscar. In True Grit, Wayne plays grumpy, pot-bellied U.S. marshal “Rooster” Cogburn, hired by 14-year-old Mattie Ross (Kim Darby) to find Tom Chaney (Jeff Corey), who killed her father.

*Have true grit and watch John Wayne win an Oscar in… True Grit. Pilgrim


Troy Smith 1922 – eat Sonic

Image result for troy smith sonic


Restaurant founder Troy Smith tried his hand at running a number of restaurants, from diners and steakhouses to a root beer stand in Shawnee, Oklahoma. He outfitted the root beer stand with a car-to-kitchen intercom system after discovering a similar setup at a restaurant along the Texas-Louisiana border. It didn’t take him long to realize that the stand was consistently outperforming all of his other restaurants, turning a 20 percent profit on a regular basis. (There’s always money in the root beer stand.) So, in 1953, Smith ditched the other places and focused all of his attention on the root beer business.


In 2014, the company announced plans to add 1000 restaurants in the next 10 years, including an additional 300 in California alone.

*Get to a local Sonic and enjoy somewhat fast food. Stay in your car and get served by roller skating servers – 1950s style.

SNUB – Helena Bonham Carter

Review –

  • Be your best self
  • 8 minute miracle workout
  • Be with someone who is good for your soul
  • Strive to be rich – give it all away, if you want
  • Watch True Grit
  • Eat at Sonic

May 25

Seek out the * for today’s advice.



Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803

Image result for ralph waldo emerson

Work on Yourself

“The sum of wisdom is that time is never lost that is devoted to work.”

If there’s a secret to success, it’s work, but not just any work. I’m talking about working on yourself. Time spent working on yourself will yield you many dividends. Commit to work on yourself every day, to become a little better, a little smarter, and in time the best version of you will be realized.

*Work on yourself today. Become a little better, a little smarter – the goal of 365DOLF.

Read Naturehis essay in which he put forward the foundation of Transcendentalism, a belief system that espouses a non-traditional appreciation of nature. He believed that one can learn to understand reality by studying nature. Go outside and learn from nature today.


Brian Urlacher 1978 – push-pull regiment

Image result for brian urlacher

To keep it simple, I broke Urlacher’s workouts into a push-pull regiment and constantly changed the reps, sets and exercises. I kept Urlacher’s rest time at 25 seconds (huddle time) between each set and one minute between each exercise. This type of high-volume training helped achieve muscle endurance and fat burning,

*Do this push-pull workout today to achieve muscle endurance and fat burning. Organize a game of touch football with friends and family – you play linebacker.


John A. Ryan 1869

Image result for john a ryan

John Ryan’s exacting and pivotal work, A Living Wage (1906), sought to quantify how much an average family needed to survive. Ryan advocated a legal minimum wage when there was none; indeed, he drafted the legislation for Minnesota which, though slightly modified from his original version, became law in 1914. He pushed for federal legislation on a range of basic employee rights, from the right to unionize to unemployment insurance. In 1919, he authored the Bishops’ Program for Social Reconstruction, which advocated for these measures as well as for public housing, a national employment service, and regulation of public utility rates and monopolies.

This Is Your Revolution

Our Revolution is fighting to transform America and advance the progressive agenda that we believe in.

Make a contribution to Our Revolution today.

If you prefer to donate by check, contributions should be made payable to Our Revolution and mailed to the address below:

Our Revolution

PO Box 66208

Washington, DC 20035

*I’m in my worthless teachers’ union just to show support for the working man. Think of joining yours today. When you are hiring people for the business that you’ve created, remember to treat them well.

Think of donating to

If you’re not into this – cool – ignore this part and move on to MONEY.


Ian McKellen 1939

Image result for ian mckellen

Money can’t buy happiness, or Ian McKellen’s dignity!

In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, the British knight who has more acting awards than I have square feet in my apartment has revealed that he was once invited to officiate Sean Parker’s wedding in exchange for $1.5 million. McKellen says he would “perhaps” have “considered” the invite if the Napster co-founder and early Facebook investor hadn’t required that he come dressed as Gandalf, the fictional wizard hero from J.R.R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings.

*Money can’t buy happiness or your dignity. Watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy may bring you happiness today but do not illegally download it.


Mike Myers 1963 – watch Wayne’s World

Image result for mike myers waynes world gif

Best friends always come above anyone else.

Wayne and Garth’s relationship is one for the ages. Wayne’s outgoing, optimistic attitude mixes well with Garth’s anxiousness and shy personality. It’s a perfect example of the time-tested relationship saying, “opposites attract.” These guys show us the loyalty, honesty and care that you should have as best friends. Together, they are inseparable and nothing – not even corporate big shots and big time contracts—can come between them. They also bring along their closest friends, who also act as their camera crew, and intend on living life as one big party. Excellent.

*Get with your best friend, party on, and watch Wayne’s World together. If your best friend is a donkey, then Shrek should be your choice.


Octavia Spencer 1972 – Minny’s Pie

Image result for octavia spencer minny jackson pie

Further proof that revenge is a dish best served in a pie tin comes in The Help, where housemaid Minny Jackson (Oscar-winning Octavia Spencer) comes up with a recipe for poetic justice after Hilly (Bryce Dallas Howard) fires her for daring to use the white folks’ toilet. In an apparent good will gesture, Minny bakes Hilly a chocolate pie and serves her a couple of helpings – then reveals to her that not all the brown filling in the pie is chocolate.

The incident comes back to haunt Hilly at a charity raffle where she wins one of Minny’s chocolate pies (a real one) and assumes she’s being insulted. Fortunately for Minny, Hilly can’t retaliate against her without making public her own humiliation. Minny refers to her poo-filled pastry as “the Terrible Awful,” but she could also have called it Humble Pie.|c_245271305892_m_czSLXEMG-dc_s__

*You already have your best friend over. Serve them some Minny’s pie and then watch The Help.

SNUB – Aly Raisman

Review –

  • Work on yourself
  • Push-pull workout
  • Donate to
  • Your dignity is not for sale
  • Watch Wayne’s World
  • Make Minny’s Pie

May 24

Check out the * for today’s advice.



Queen Victoria 1819

Image result for queen victoria

She was known as the “grandmother of Europe”

Over the course of their 21-year marriage, Victoria and Albert raised nine children together. As a means of extending Britain’s influence and building international allegiances, several of their sons and daughters were married into various European monarchies, and within just a couple of generations Victoria’s descendants were spread across the continent. Her 42 grandchildren could be found in the royal families of Germany, Russia, Greece, Romania, Sweden, Norway and Spain.

Warring First World War royals Kaiser Wilhelm (of Germany), Tsarina Alexandra (of Russia) and George V (of Britain) were all grandchildren of Victoria. Kaiser Wilhelm reportedly remarked that had his grandmother still been alive, the First World War may never have happened, as she simply would not have allowed her relatives to go to war with one another.

*Another DYK to get conversation started.

I once had a boss who never said “nothing” when asked what was up. He always had something to say – there was always something to talk about. I remember that and I admired that in him. So shock someone today that you “do” have something to talk about – the birthday girl, Queen Victoria.


Mark Ballas 1986 – TRX workout

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What does your training consist of when you’re at the gym? 

It’s a mix of things. If I dance in the morning, I won’t do cardio when I go to the gym because dancing for four to five hours gets you pretty warm! Usually we do a lot of TRX and core work and weightlifting, too.

*Complete a TRX workout – use the above 5 moves for a total body workout.


Bob Dylan 1941

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“So when you see your neighbor carrying something, help him with his load and don’t go mistaking paradise for that home across the road.” Again, Dylan’s one-of-a-kind songwriting skills are highlighted when he finds the most eloquent way to rephrase simple life lessons that we’ve been taught since were kids. Help someone when they need help, and don’t fall prey to the tempting thought that the grass is greener on the other side.

*Help someone today and realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side. Listen to Bob Dylan for inspiration.


Tommy Chong 1938

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Focus on your passion.

*Focus on your passion. It will guide you to your fortune. Not sure what your passion is – smoke a joint and see if that helps. The goal this year is to turn your passion in to your business.


John C. Reilly 1965- watch Step Brothers

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Reilly’s brother started a band called Shark Fighter, with John installed as the lead singer. His brother played the drums—and wouldn’t allow John to touch his drum kit. Reilly admitted on NPR that he played with the kit anyway when his brother left the house.


They cost $10,000 to produce. Ferrell kept them.


It was shot at the Trump National Golf Course in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The f*cking Rancho Palos Verdes Wine Mixer just doesn’t have the same ring.

*Get with your step-brother and watch Step Brothers. Just don’t touch his drum set. Make plans to attend next year’s Catalina Wine Mixer – it’s a real thing.


Patti Labelle 1944 – lemon herb grilled tuna

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“Sometimes you think you’re not worthy…you’re afraid of yourself; get out of your own way.

“You’re worthy of anything you know you can do well. Just ask the question, don’t punk out. [Go] get that, ‘yes.’” — Patti LaBelle

*Listen to Patti Labelle while making another citrus inspired fish dish. Enjoy it while watching Step Brothers. Afterwards, see if Shark Week is on and wash it down with some Catalina Wine.

SNUB – Priscilla Presley

Review –

  • Queen Victoria DYK (always have something to say)
  • TRX workout
  • Help someone
  • Focus on your passion
  • Watch Step Brothers
  • Make lemon herb grilled tuna

May 23

Seek out the * for today’s advice.



John Bardeen 1908

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The University of Illinois lured John Bardeen with the one thing he wanted most — the right to research whatever he wanted. Bardeen decided to work on superconductivity, which had begun to interest him in his last days at Bell Labs.

*Find or create a job where you can do the thing that you want the most. (It helps if you are really smart.)


Dummy Hoy 1862

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When outfielder Hoy made a brilliant catch, the crowd arose ‘en masse’ and wildly waved hats and arms. It was the only way in which they could testify their appreciation to the athlete—for he was both deaf and dumb!

*Appreciate your body and its faculties today. Play a game of catch with your son – no talking, just appreciate the moment.


Mitch Albom 1958

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Do you believe in anything? I had to ask myself that in Have A Little Faith. And by the end, when I sadly have to take pen to paper and write the farewell for a man I have come to love and respect, I find that I believe in more than I thought. And perhaps you will, too.

*With the passing of my father, I have to believe that he is in a better place. He worked his whole life to get into heaven and if it was all for nothing, then he still lived a noble life. As I “put pen to paper” to create 365DOLF, I have come to question my faith but stay focused on living my best life.


Joan Collins 1933

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What has been your best buy?

Buying property instead of speculating in the stock market. I don’t believe in the stock market, just as I don’t believe in trying to win money gambling.

Orlando outperforms: The land of Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter World takes the No. 1 spot this year. Orlando home prices increased 9% in 2017, hitting an average of $247,550. Nevertheless, Local Market Monitor still judges the market as fairly valued and forecasts prices will increase 35% by the start of 2021.

*Buy property – Today! I’m fortunate that I live in Orlando. I’ll be looking to sell my house at the start of 2021 for what looks like a $50,000 profit – hopefully. With that money, I’ll upgrade on a house and hopefully buy a rental property.


Jewel 1974

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Live your life in the present. “Goodbye Alice in Wonderland” is all about the need for reality in a world filled with “ideals” of fame and fortune. Jewel sings about wanting to live in a real way, and that “I hit the bottom when I reached the top”. We can all relate to the idea of wanting this “dream” life, that ultimately distracts from the here and now.

*Embrace the ‘here and now’ and listen to Jewel today.


“Marvelous” Marvin Hagler 1954 – cod with tomato and orange

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Hagler’s training camp diet is always heavy on fish and chicken, but he also has been loading up on vitamin C for this bout. In fact, when Hagler and his trainer-manager, Pat Petronelli, spotted a tree loaded with oranges on the golf course across from their hotel, the two got a sack and strolled over. After checking that the coast was clear, Petronelli boosted his boxer up into the branches to pick a few fresh oranges. Uh-oh, a golf cart came purring up unexpectedly, and when the Marvelous one saw it, he nearly fell out of the tree. “It was embarrassing as hell,” Petronelli recalls. Not only had they been caught red-handed, but their captor was Bob Hope.

*Steal some oranges to make this marvelous dish while listening to Jewel.

SNUB – Drew Carey

Review –

  • Do what you want to do most
  • Appreciate your 5 senses
  • Do you believe in anything?
  • Buy property
  • Listen to Jewel
  • Make Marvelous cod with tomato and orange

May 22

Look for the * for today’s advice.



Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1859

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“Education never ends, Watson. It is a series of lessons, with the greatest for the last.”

*Your greatest lesson is yet to come. Keep learning.


Novak Djokavic 1987

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The truth was that he has gluten and dairy intolerances and that his diet was causing the issues on the court

*Avoid gluten and dairy today. Play tennis with a friend – no joke.


Vivian Green 1979

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In 2004 she gave birth to her son Jordan who was born with an undiagnosed syndrome. Between 2005 and 2010, Jordan’s multiple surgeries and health issues demanded her to take a hiatus from releasing albums, but her strength and resilience always pushed her to continue doing what she loves. ‘Being Jordan’s mom is my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way, says Green. Green is an advocate for children with special needs and will push her #IamDifferentIamHuman PSA campaign with the release of Vivid.

*Let your strength and resilience push you to continue to do what you love. Also make time to be an advocate for children with special needs. Listen to Vivian Green’s songs for inspiration.


Dustin Moskovitz 1984

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“I never viewed money as being ‘my money.’ I always saw it as ‘The money.’ It’s a resource. If it pools up around me then it needs to be flushed back out into the system.”

*View money as “The money” that needs to be flushed back out into the system.


Harvey Milk 1930 – watch Milk

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Harvey Milk’s dream for a better tomorrow filled with the hope for equality and a world without hate guides the Foundation. Harvey Milk’s ground breaking election in 1977 as one of the world’s first openly gay elected officials-and its most visible one- symbolized the freedom to live life with authenticity to millions of LGBT women and men around the world.

Harvey served less than a year in public office before his brutal assassination but his life profoundly changed a city, state, nation and a global community.  His courage, passion and sense of justice rocked a country and stirred the very core of a put down and pushed out community, bringing forward new hope and a new vision of freedom.

*Watch Sean Penn win an Oscar for portraying Harvey Milk.


Ginnifer Goodwin 1978 – Gramma’s Bok Choy (& Chick’n) Salad

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Is Ginnifer Goodwin Memphis’ most famous vegan? It certainly wasn’t Elvis.

In any case, vegan Goodwin is and she’s serving as a celebrity coach for the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart.

*Watch Milk while enjoying this bok choy and chick’n salad. After eating it, think about eating vegan for the next 20 days.

Wash it down with a big glass of milk.

SNUB – Naomi Campbell

Review –

  • Keep learning
  • Avoid gluten and dairy
  • Let your strength and resilience push you to do what you love
  • View money as “the money”
  • Watch Milk
  • Make bok choy and chick’n salad