January 31

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Jackie Robinson 1919

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Most of us will never have the opportunity to do something as momentous as Robinson. But we can speak up when we see injustice happening around us, especially when the general population seems indifferent to it.


“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives,” Jackie Robinson was once quoted as saying. It’s a statement that captures the spirit with which he lived his life — from baseball player to civil rights pioneer — and one that rings true today.

Jackie’s message suggests that fostering an inclusive culture is everyone’s responsibility, whether you are a bank, a baseball player, a filmmaker, or simply a citizen of the world. With much emphasis on what drives us apart today, we celebrate the moments that can unite communities around the belief that everyone should have a fair shot at achieving their greatest potential.



*As a citizen of the world, work each day on fostering an inclusive culture where everyone should have a fair shot at achieving their greatest potential. And this includes you! Watch the movie 42 for inspiration.


Kerry Washington 1977

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How the Scandal star stays cool, calm and totally in control.

Though she and the other Scandal actresses have made regular hikes around Los Angeles a group ritual, Pilates is Washington’s anchor. “There are a lot of forms of exercise where you have to leave yourself out of the room while you force yourself to do this thing,” she explains. “With Pilates, I get to bring my true self. I cry, I laugh. I get to go: Where is my body today? What do I need today? How can I take care of myself and push myself past my comfort zone? How can I be both loving and challenging?”



*Take care of yourself and push past your comfort zone with a Pilates class. As always, start with an introductory class where applicable.


Ernie Banks 1931

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Before there was Walter Payton and Michael Jordan in Chicago as icons, there was Ernie Banks, and you couldn’t get enough of him. His smile and enthusiasm and love of life and of people was something I had never experienced. Period.


Banks was active in the Chicago community during and after his tenure with the Cubs. He founded a charitable organization, became the first black Ford Motor Company dealer in the United States, and made an unsuccessful bid for a local political office. In 2013, Banks was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his contribution to sports.

But Banks was best known as “Mr. Cub,” a legendary icon of the beleaguered Chicago team that never even reached the playoffs during Banks’ illustrious career. Despite this, Banks is remembered for his infectious smile, charming personality, and “let’s play two” eagerness.


*Have Ernie Bank’s “let’s play two” eagerness today. Embrace today’s challenges with a smile and an enthusiasm and love of life.


Nolan Ryan 1947

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“I didn’t retire,” he said. “I just don’t play baseball. One thing I’m short of is time.” Aside from his ranches and the Round Rock Express, he owns a bank in Alvin; he set up the Nolan Ryan Foundation, which will open an exhibit at Alvin Community College this spring; and he serves on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, to which he was appointed by his old friend Governor George W. Bush.



*Don’t retire – just don’t do your current job any more. Now is the time to be financially prepared for retirement. You might not be able to own a ranch, baseball team, or bank – but take today to think about what your income will be upon retirement.


Justin Timberlake 1981

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“I’m here to tell you that you and your choices matter,” Timberlake said.

He said that the values that his parents instilled in him have extended throughout his life.

“My parents did their best to fill my young mind not with prejudice and hate, but with compassion and love,” he said.

He added that those lessons made him surround himself with people with a myriad of backgrounds in both his life and work.

He also urged young viewers not to “waste” their youth.

“Be part of the solution, not part of the problem,” the singer said. “Don’t waste your 20s … be nice to your parents – I hope my son watches this one day. Go out, do the impossible and go on and become the greatest generation yet.”


*You may have had your fill of listening to boy bands a few days ago, so focus on JT’s solo work today and if you get real ambitious watch the movie Trolls, where he was nominated for an Oscar for his song “Can’t Stop the Feeling”


Portia de Rossi 1973 – vegan red beans and rice

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I’ve always seen myself as an animal lover, but honestly, my affection didn’t extend to all animals. I categorized them: Dogs were smart, loyal, and loving, so they were more valuable than, say, goats or pigs. I think that’s why I never thought twice about eating meat. Steak and burgers weren’t an everyday meal, but I definitely accepted meat as a necessary part of life. That all changed five years ago, when Ellen [DeGeneres] and I moved to a farm in California.


*You had Ellen’s vegan tacos just 6 days ago, now enjoy her wife’s vegan red beans and rice.

SNUB – Minnie Driver

Review –

  • Foster an inclusive culture
  • Pilates
  • Embrace today’s challenges with a smile
  • What will be your income upon retirement?
  • Listen to Justin Timberlake
  • Make vegan red beans and rice

January 30

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FDR 1882

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You are usually stronger when you work through others. Paralyzed from the waist down by polio, Roosevelt was forced to rely, for political success and his very survival, on family, friends and aides.

In the lead-up to Pearl Harbor, he tapped five extraordinary men – well-bred diplomat Sumner Welles, Republican adventurer and future spymaster “Wild Bill” Donovan, social worker and fixer Harry Hopkins, GOP presidential nominee Wendell Willkie, and railroad heir Averell Harriman –and sent them on special missions to Europe that were crucial to the war and the American century that followed. These five envoys were the inspirations and instruments of FDR’s foreign policy.



*Which 5 extraordinary men or women would you tap for a special mission? Reach out to those 5 today and let them know how important they are to you and that if ever needed help, you would call upon them, just like FDR. And yes, Bill Murray plays FDR in the movie Hyde Park on Hudson


Christian Bale 1974

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I tie a plastic ice pack around my face and commence with the morning’s stretching exercises. Afterwards I stand in front of a chrome and acrylic Wash mobile bathroom sink – with soap dish, cup holder, and railings that serve as towel bars, which I bought at Hastings Tile to use while the marble sinks I ordered from Finland are being sanded – and stare at my reflection with the ice pack still on. I pour some Plax antiplaque formula into a stainless-steel tumbler and swish it around my mouth for thirty seconds.




*Do the American Psycho morning ritual this morning. Possibly make it a daily habit – without the murdering that follows.


Fred Korematsu 1919

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His last political act was to advocate on behalf of Muslims detained in the wake of September 11, 2001. Citing similarities between the wrongful imprisonment of Japanese-Americans during World War II and Muslims during the War on Terror, Korematsu filed multiple briefs with the Supreme Court on behalf of Guantanamo Bay prisoners and Muslim-American detainees. He remained an activist on the issue until his death, in 2005. He was 86 years old.


In 2010, the Governor of California signed the legislative bill establishing Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution on January 30 in perpetuity. This is the first state-wide day in U.S. history named after an Asian American. Korematsu’s growing legacy continues to inspire people across diverse communities and demonstrates the importance of speaking up to fight injustice.


We need volunteers to help us during our annual event every January. We also need help to brainstorm, coordinate, and outreach in the months leading up to the event.


Please email us at info@korematsuinstitute.org for more information.


*In honor of Fred Korematsu, email his institute and let them know that you’d like to help out next year on this date. This is a way to help maintain civil liberties by donating time and not money.


Gene Hackman 1930

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For me, money was a passage forward. I had a really tough time as a young actor in New York. So when I earned a little money — literally just enough to eat and have a roof over my head — it gave me the confidence to get into acting classes, to make a step with my career. It was extremely important to me.


“Popeye Doyle, the New York narc created by Gene Hackman in ‘The French Connection,’ was the most compelling of characters, a man driven by violent hungers that had little to do with his job as a cop. He needed the violence, maybe, to survive the toughest beat in town. He had such presence, such a capacity to explode, that when he ran a bust on a bar, the patrons — pretty tough themselves — were actually intimidated. Popeye was something unique among film characters, and Hackman deserved the Oscar he won for the performance.”
– Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

  • 1972

Alvin C. Copeland Sr., opens “Chicken on the Run” in the New Orleans suburb of Arabi, serving traditional Southern-fried chicken.

After several months of lackluster performance, he reopens the restaurant as “Popeyes” (after Popeye Doyle of The French Connection). This time he sells spicy, New Orleans-style chicken.

  • 1976

Popeyes opens first franchise restaurant in Louisiana.



*Use some of your hard earned money to advance in your career or invest in your future business today. Sign up for a class or workshop, or maybe just buy a book that will help you get your thoughts together for your future entrepreneurship.  It worked out ok for Gene Hackman as he has won 2 Oscars – Unforgiven and The French Connection – watch The French Connection while eating some Popeyes chicken.


Phil Collins 1951

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As Phil Collins has explained numerous times over the years, “In the Air Tonight” (as well as most of the Face Value album) deals with his bitterness and frustration over the end of his marriage to his first wife, and the lyrics do not reference any specific real-life event.


*Listen to Phil Collins as a single act and\or with his group Genesis.  Either way, you will be able to sing along with a lot of these songs, and perform a serious air drum solo towards the end of In the Air Tonight.


Steve Marriott 1947

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Marriott started a classic blues rock band named Humble Pie with Peter Frampton.  They put out several albums, appreciated by a small segment of rock fans.  The band’s early 70s heyday was fleeting and nowadays few remember the band.



In the United States, to “eat humble pie” means to apologize for one’s actions. But humble pie is also an actual dish that you can eat. Its origins are, appropriately, humble. Although there are fancy recipes, humble pie began as a medieval European dish consisting of the scraps of the master’s food baked into a pie. “Humble” began as the Middle French word “nomble,” meaning “scrap.”



*Enjoy this Humble Pie recipe as you are about to finish out your first month of 365DOLF. You could probably use some humble pie at this point, because you have been killing it for almost a solid month! Bring on the next 11!

SNUB – Dick Cheney – Yes, Christian Bale shares a birthday with the man he portrays in the movie Vice. Next year, this will be the ENTERTAINMENT on this day.

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  • Work through others
  • American Psycho morning ritual
  • Help maintain civil liberties
  • Invest in yourself
  • Listen to Phil Collins
  • Eat Humble Pie

January 29

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Oprah Winfrey 1954

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There are some important questions you can ask yourself to identify what calls to you and ignites your spirit. Getting quiet, going inward and being honest about what sparks joy within you—and then taking action to actualize it—is very, very powerful. Listening to your inner wisdom and being guided by it brings with it certain magic.

Here are seven questions you can ask yourself:

1. What am I doing when I’m slacking off at work?

2. What blogs and books do I love to read? 

3. If I could be anyone for a week, who would it be? 

4. What do I feel least insecure about? 

5. What’s pure and simple fun for me? 

6. What conversation topic never gets boring to me? 
7. Who is my tribe? 
Your tribe consists of people who get you. It might not be your colleagues, your college pals, or even your siblings.
If you don’t have a “tribe” already, you can find one. Use all of the clues above to pinpoint your interest and then locate a group that shares it. Join a book club. Take a cooking class. Learn to code at a local college. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Opportunities and people are everywhere when you open your eyes and look.

*Check out Oprah’s website as it is similar to what 365DOLF is. For today, answer the above 7 questions and focus on finding out who is in your tribe.


Heather Graham 1970

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Heather is a big fan of yoga. She often practices yoga for up to 4 hours a day, and as well as regular yoga practice she also enjoys going on yoga retreats to countries such as Mexico where she can really relax and get away from the Hollywood lifestyle.

“Yoga is my obsession. I love it! I would rather be doing yoga than most other things.”


*Yoga is a workout that is suggested on a regular basis. If it is suggested so much, it must work. Find a Yoga studio that you like and use it throughout this year. Maybe it will become your obsession.


Harriet Tubman 1820 (maybe)

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“Don’t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.” ~Harriet Tubman

No one knows if Harriet Tubman really uttered these words, but there isn’t any question that she lived them. Harriet was born into slavery and raised in a world with no hope. Still, she dreamed her dreams and did what she had to do. She broke the law of the land by following the North Star to freedom. Where did a woman who was whipped as a child get that kind of courage?

Harriet had a deep and abiding faith that she was being guided.


*Have a deep and abiding faith that guides you. The same God that helped guide Harriet Tubman, guides you. Don’t ever stop. Keep going.


John D. Rockefeller, Jr. 1874

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After graduating from Brown University in 1897, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., joined his father’s business, where he learned that making money held little appeal. After 1910 John D. Rockefeller, Jr., devoted his life to philanthropy.


The largest component of Junior’s philanthropy—totaling some $72 million altogether—was directed to churches and religious causes. Every year between 1919 and 1933, he was the largest single contributor to the Northern Baptist denomination, contributing as much as 13 percent of its annual budget.


For those not familiar with tithing, it is simply the practice of giving a tenth of your income to your church or mission, or to charity. It’s a simple idea but not so easily accomplished; only an estimated 5% of Americans actually tithe.

I discovered wealth comes in many forms other than financial. Money can buy you a house, but it won’t buy you a home. Money will you buy you a bed, but it won’t buy you a good night’s sleep. Money will fill the offering plate, but it won’t fulfill you or save you.

Yes, giving 10% was hard at first, but so is anything worthwhile in life.


*Follow the example of John D. Rockefeller Jr. and start tithing today. Set up to have 10% of your salary directly donated to your church or a cause or charity that you have a strong feeling for. This is good for your soul and you’ll be surprised how it ends up helping your money.


Tom Selleck 1945

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For “Magnum, P.I.” Selleck won an an Emmy and a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Series

He also racked up four People’s Choice Awards, four Emmy nominations and six Golden Globe nominations.



*Watch as much of the original Magnum P.I. as you can today, while growing an epic mustache.


William McKinley 1843 – ‘Boiled Fish à la McKinley.’

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Quick — which President is on the $500 bill? William McKinley, obviously. (And yes, they did make $500 bills for a while.)




*Enjoy this fish boil recipe in honor of President McKinley’s birthday today.

SNUB – Adam Lambert

Review –

  • Find out who your tribe is
  • Yoga
  • Have a deep faith that guides you
  • Think of tithing
  • Watch the original Magnum P.I.
  • Make Fish a la McKinley

January 28

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Jackson Pollock 1912

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Jackson Pollock’s greatness lies in developing one of the most radical abstract styles in the history of modern art, detaching line from color, redefining the categories of drawing and painting, and finding new means to describe pictorial space.


There’s no right way to view art – it’s worth bearing in mind that a lot of art is about asking questions and trying to find ways to communicate things that are impossible to express through language. So whenever you see something you don’t understand at all, try to spend as much time as possible looking at it before giving in to the urge to seek external information about it.  Because, if the artist just wanted us to think about ideas, they wouldn’t have needed to create their art in the first place. He or she could have just written an essay instead.


*Do you want to sound smart about art? At least about Jackson Pollock on his birthday. Take the above course on him through Khan Academy. If you are young, you know all about Khan Academy. If you’re older, you’ll be upset that it wasn’t available when you were in school.


Andre Iguodala 1984

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Iguodala, who was named the Most Valuable Player of the 2015 NBA Finals, credits his improved performance on the court to changes in his sleep habits.

Iguodala has a strict “no screens, no lights” bedtime routine that involves “shutting down all the phones, putting everything on airplane mode, getting my alarm clock set, and taking a couple deep breaths.

Iguodala says he has benefited so much from his routine that he has just two tips for anyone who feels out of whack: “Sleep more and work out more.”


*When you go to bed tonight, perform Andre Iguodala’s nightly routine to get more sleep and don’t forget to work out more too.


Gregg Popovich 1949

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This country is currently rife with crisis and conflict. If you are young, have black or brown skin and are without financial means, the less likely your concerns will be heard. On a Sunday in San Antonio, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich and Harvard professor and civil-rights activist Dr. Cornel West tried to chip away at that suffocating status quo.

“Win the championship? I don’t know, but it’s not a priority in my life. I’d be much happier if I knew that my players were going to make society better, who had good families and who took care of the people around them. I’d get more satisfaction out of that than a title. I would love to win another championship, and we’ll work our butts off to try and do that. But we have to want more than success in our jobs. That’s why we’re here. We’re here so you’ll understand that you can overcome obstacles by being prepared and if you educate the hell out of yourself. If you become respectful, disciplined people in this world, you can fight anything. If you join with each other and you believe in yourself and each other, that’s what matters. That’s what we want to relay to you all: that we believe that about you or we wouldn’t be here.”


*Take today to make society better. Work on making your family better. Take care of the people around you. Work hard at your job or business, but stay focused on being more than successful in your job.


Carlos Slim 1940

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Slim’s fortune is more like that of the old Rockefeller family than Bill Gates. Instead of building an empire on a few great innovations in a particular field, he did so through acquisitions and building a nearly unassailable market share.http://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/103114/how-carlos-slim-built-his-fortune.asp

Invest in areas that customers find it difficult to avoid you

Carlos has invested in real estate, bakeries, telecoms, education institutions, healthcare, fashion, museums etc. By doing this, he is serving his customers every day in different ways. People joke that: Mexico should be renamed “Slimlandia” because it is impossible to avoid contributing to his vast empire.


Start Investing in Stocks for $3.95

Ally Invest offers great pricing, highly-rated customer service, and free tools. No account opening minimums. No hidden fees.


*It’s never been easier to invest. Invest online and focus on areas that people can’t avoid. As you go through your day, observe what people “have” to do (cell phones, groceries, gas, etc.)


Nick Carter 1988



Joey Fatone 1977

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It is the year 2018 and Joey Fatone has fans wondering who would win in a basketball game: *NSYNC or the Backstreet Boys?

While walking down the street this week, Fatone told TMZ about how the two boy bands played against each other in charity games back in the day and said:

“Nick (Carter) can play, Bryan (Littrell) can play pretty well, but as far as a group, we could probably kick their a—.”

The cameraman asked, “You think so?” Fatone continued:

“I know so. There’s no think so. You can tell that to Nick Carter! You can tell that to Howie Dorough, you son of a (expletive)! Tell ’em!”


*Boy bands were never better than at the height of the Backstreet Boys and Nsync. With Nick Carter and Joey Fatone sharing a birthday, enjoy a mix of both groups and decide for yourself which one was best.


Mo Rocca 1969 – Cauliflower Green Pea Coconut Curry

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I learned from best friends — and grandmothers — Meena and Mona that the creamy heavy stuff we know as Indian food is Punjabi. Meena and Mona are Maharashtrian (from the region that includes Mumbai). Their food is much lighter, but still spicy and savory. Oh, and calling the cuisine “Indian food” is sort of like lumping German and Spanish food together and calling it “European food.”



*Get with your grandma today and have her help you make this cauliflower green pea coconut curry. 

SNUB – Alan Alda

Review –

  • Use Khan Academy to learn about Jackson Pollock
  • Sleep more and work out more
  • Make society better
  • Invest in “must haves”
  • Listen to N’Sync and Backstreet Boys
  • Make cauliflower green pea coconut curry with your grandma

January 27

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Samuel Gompers 1850

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When political action was necessary, as Gompers increasingly came to believe in his later years, he urged labor to follow a course of “political non partisanship.”


Gompers — rated the greatest labor leader in American history by the presidents of the nation’s leading unions — believed that government activism was harmful to the working man. In 1915 he wrote, “Doing for people what they can and ought to do for themselves is a dangerous experiment. In the last analysis the welfare of the workers depends upon their own private initiative.” He applied that belief consistently to issue after issue.

Gompers opposed the creation of state health and unemployment insurance programs, welfare initiatives and minimum wage and eight-hour-day legislation.

Gompers believed that “social insurance cannot remove or prevent poverty.” Moreover, he argued that welfare is “undemocratic” because it tends “to fix the citizens of the country into two classes, and a long established system would tend to make these classes rigid.”


*You would think that the greatest labor leader in American history would have nothing but liberal thoughts. Gompers is an interesting mix of fighting for the rights of labor while being against welfare programs. This of course ties into his political non partisanship and could be a lesson for today’s politicians to not choose party over what is best for the country.


Rosamund Pike 1979

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What’s the one scene that kept you up at night, knowing that you’d have to do it?

PIKE:  I always get worried about anything physical, like the action sequences.  Neil Patrick Harris and I had to do a violent scene.  If you’re going to do something like that, you have to do it with a certain degree of accuracy.  I had no idea how much force you needed to slice someone’s throat.  I actually went to a butcher and asked them if they wouldn’t mind me just using a box cutter on a pig carcass, just to understand what it would be like.  They let me do it, so anyone buying meat that day would have seen me behind the counter, with serious intent, finding out the mechanics of doing that.



Lawson had Pike lifting the heaviest weights possible. The workout was a basic weight lifting regime: squats, deadlifts, lunges, curls and other simple moves — but Pike was maxing out (that’s lifting as much as is physically possible for you) in eight repetitions. That built a base of muscle that later became the reason for Pike’s incredible definition in the film’s ending scenes.



*Max out on squats, deadlifts, lunges, and curls. Record what your max is on these lifts and look for improvement later this year, and stay away from any pork today. Watch Gone Girl for inspiration.


John Chivington 1821

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Although he had not been particularly religious as a child and young man, Chivington found himself drawn toward Methodism when he was in his early twenties. He was ordained in 1844 and soon began his long career as a minister.


Most of the warriors were out hunting when Chivington’s men arrived.  The Federals massacred the villagers, killing roughly 100 women and children before returning to Denver to display body parts and other gruesome trophies in local saloons and theaters.  Chivington and his men were subject to an official investigation but never brought up on charges for their actions.


*John Chivington chose his commitment to the US Military and the extermination of Native Americans over the morality of killing women and children. Even as a Methodist minister, he chose country over God. Take today to think about the choices you make each day that put your relationship with God secondary.


Art Rooney 1901

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Rooney suffered for 40 years without an NFL championship, but when the Steelers won four Super Bowls in the 1970s and were acclaimed the greatest professional football team to that time, sports columnists nationwide said Rooney’s good fortune was proof that nice guys don’t always finish last.

Rooney never held a “regular” job in his life, except for a half day. He worked one morning in a steel mill, then quit. “I never even went back for my paycheck,” he later recalled.

Many believe that the $2,500 he used to buy the team came from his wagering, but he claimed he honestly couldn’t remember if that was true.

Other stories of Rooney’s generosity are legendary. He donated large sums to numerous charities. According to one story, a priest came and asked Rooney for money to help start a Catholic orphanage. Rooney peeled off $10,000 and handed it to the priest, who asked, “Are these ill-gotten gains?”

“Why no, father, I won that money at the race track,” Rooney said.

“In those days, nobody got wealthy in sports. You had two thrills. One came Sunday, trying to win the game. The next came Monday, trying to make the payroll,” he often said.


*Never holding a “regular” job is what 365DOLF is all about. Find your passion like Art Rooney, and become legendary at it. Go Steelers!


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: a genius composer and his time

Innumerous Mozart biographies focus on the life and work of Mozart. The first were written just a few years after his death and the last one has probably not yet been written. The fascination surrounding this exceptional musical genius is still alive today. This is the driving force behind mozart.com, the first comprehensive Mozart biography for modern, internet-savvy readers of the 21st century.



The phrase “the Mozart effect” was coined in 1991, but it is a study described two years later in the journal Nature that sparked real media and public interest about the idea that listening to classical music somehow improves the brain. It is one of those ideas that feels plausible. Mozart was undoubtedly a genius himself, his music is complex and there is a hope that if we listen to enough of it, a little of that intelligence might rub off on us.


*Listen to Mozart and let his intelligence rub off on you.


Lewis Carroll 1832 – Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Image result for lewis carroll


There are few books more perfect for a tea party theme than Alice, whose heroine, Carroll tells, us, “always took a great interest in questions of eating and drinking”. The book is stuffed with food, from the the Queen of Heart’s stolen jam tarts to the mushroom Alice nibbles to change size, from which you can take inspiration. Not to mention the Mad Hatter’s tea party (though maybe don’t put a dormouse in the teapot).


Kerstin Rodgers’ magic meringue mushrooms recipe

Kerstin Rodgers’ biscuit labels recipe

Jam tarts recipe

Classic Victoria sandwich recipe

Cucumber ruffle sandwiches

Mini scotch eggs recipe

Earl Grey cocktail recipe



*Have friends over for an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party. If you’re caught up on your reading, start reading the book by Lewis Carroll today.

SNUB – Mikhail Baryshnikov

Review –

  • Be non-partisan
  • Max out on squats
  • What is making God secondary in your life?
  • Avoid a “regular” job
  • Listen to Mozart
  • Throw an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

January 26

Follow the * for today’s advice.


Douglas MacArthur 1880

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General Douglas A. MacArthur’s extraordinary life of leadership spanned three wars and more than six decades inside and outside the military. He defined principles of leadership that were decades ahead of their time: principles reflecting extraordinary wisdom about strategy, motivation, organization, execution, and personal growth.

On MacArthur’s command, millions of American soldiers risked their lives. After winning the peace in World War II, he led 80 million citizens of Japan to embrace the most radical and successful cultural change any nation has ever achieved: the transformation from militaristic emperorship to modern democracy

Those extraordinary achievements arose directly from MacArthur’s singular approach to leadership.

“I Shall Return”: The power of symbol—and personal resolve

Speak the right words; then back them with the right actions


*Today is the day to learn a new trick to use all year long. If you are in an unwinnable situation, don’t just quit or give up, say “I shall return.” This reminds you to revisit the situation when you are more prepared and this time conquer it. Try this the next time you are in an argument and the other person won’t listen to reason.


Wayne Gretzky 1961

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Consider that “Sports Illustrated” named Gretzky the most dominant athlete ever out of any other sport. That’s a given. However, we’re taking that distinction one step further and adding in ‘greatest ever athlete,’ too.

Just as Jordan and Ruth’s faces are chiseled on sports’ Mount Rushmore, so too is Gretzky—except his mug is just a bit higher than anyone else.


“When you’re 6 years old, you want to do what makes you the happiest, and for me, it was to be able to skate in the backyard.”


*Think about when you were 6 years old. What made you happiest? That is your workout today. Maybe you’re like Gretzky – find a local ice rink and go skating. Maybe roller skating? I’m going to get a nerf basketball hoop and shoot hoops in my living room for hours.


Louis Zamperini 1917

Image result for louis zamperini


When Zamperini told his life story — a rebellious childhood, Olympic glory, then the horrors of World War II, including 47 days adrift in the shark-infested Pacific, followed by two hellish years in prison — this was the climactic scene. He had been soaking his nightmares in alcohol, and he was facing divorce and obsessed with killing his torturers.

Graham said: “Here tonight, there’s a drowning man” at the breaking point, someone “lost in the sea of life.” It took a sermon or two, but Zamperini surrendered.


Meroney: A key turning point in Unbroken is the night in 1949 when you hear a young Reverend Billy Graham preach in Los Angeles. If that night had never happened, how do you think your life would be different?

Zamperini: I wouldn’t have a life. I think I’d be dead. I was going downhill, fast. But Billy Graham came to town.

Meroney: What did he say that got your attention?

Zamperini: The one thing he said that shook me up was, “When people come to the end of their rope and there’s nowhere else to turn, they turn to God.” I thought, That’s what I did on the raft. All I did was pray to God, every day. In prison camp, the main prayer was, “Get me home alive, God, and I’ll seek you and serve you.” I came home, got wrapped up in the celebration, and forgot about the hundreds of promises I’d made to God.



*I highly suggest reading the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. I hate to sound cliché, but the movie really doesn’t do it justice. Think about, in times of desperation, when you made promises to God. Take today to follow through on one of those promises. Seek God and serve him today.


Paul Newman 1925

Image result for paul newman own


Following the death of his father in 1950, Paul returned home to help manage the family sporting goods store, but after 18 months, he turned the business over to his brother and moved east to study at the Yale School of Drama.

Although he starred in numerous films and plays, and received many awards and accolades, his only Best Actor Oscar came with “The Color of Money” in 1987.



Since 1982, Paul Newman and the Newman’s Own Foundation have given over $495 million to charity.


*In The Color of Money you’ll learn that “money won is twice as sweet as money earned”. I think we can also learn from Paul Newman that giving money to those who are less fortunate is three times as sweet. Find a way to win some money today and donate that money to Newman’s Own Foundation. Buy some Newman’s Own products today for future recipes.


Kirk Franklin 1970

Image result for kirk franklin


Over the past 25 years, there’s been no more prominent name in gospel music than Kirk Franklin. In that time, the singer has been no stranger to controversy. By merging hip-hop with gospel, he brought the stars and sound of the club scene into the church — and not everyone in the church has been comfortable with that.

Franklin continues to challenge audiences with his latest album, titled Losing My Religion. He spoke with NPR’s Michel Martin about pursuing faith without dogma, and why he wants to make God a cultural celebrity.


*I guess this could’ve easily been the SOUL message for today. Listen to Kirk Franklin songs and be entertained while soothing your soul. 


Ellen DeGeneres 1958 – vegan tacos

Image result for ellen degeneres


Love who you are.

This one may be the hardest rule to live by, but it’s also probably the most important. “When I was coming out, someone gave me the Martha Graham quote, ‘There is only one of you in all time,’ ” says Ellen. “You’re unique, and you’re supposed to be,” she adds, now paraphrasing. “It’s not up to you to try to change it or question it. You’re supposed to be exactly who you are. I took in that message. I always remember it. It’s not up to me to question why, who or how I am. I just accept who I am, and I don’t judge myself.”



*Enjoy Ellen’s favorite tacos while loving who you are. You can judge these vegan tacos, but don’t judge yourself.

SNUB – Vince Carter

Review –

  • Don’t give up – say, “I shall return.”
  • Do the “You as a 6-year-old Workout”
  • Follow through on a promise to God
  • Win money – donate it immediately
  • Listen to Kirk Franklin
  • Make vegan tacos

January 25

Look to the * for today’s advice.



Robert Burns 1759

Image result for robert burns


Behind the global brand, lies a complex and surprising man. A man who rose from the obscurity of a small, rural Scottish village, to become perhaps the first modern celebrity.


In 1788 the Robert Burns sent the poem ‘Auld Lang Syne’ to the Scots Musical Museum, indicating that it was an ancient song but that he’d been the first to record it on paper. The phrase ‘auld lang syne’ roughly translates as ‘for old times’ sake’, and the song is all about preserving old friendships and looking back over the events of the year.

It is sung all over the world, evoking a sense of belonging and fellowship, tinged with nostalgia.


*Take today to look back over the events of this year…all 24 days of them. Reflect on what you’ve liked about 365DOLF and the things that you are going to continue to do throughout the rest of this year.


Steve Prefontaine 1951

Image result for steve prefontaine


“Stress, re-cover, improve, that’s all training is,”


IN 1975, at the age of 24, Steve Prefontaine died in a single-car accident. At the time of his death, he held every American record from 2,000 to 10,000 meters and was a favorite to win at least one gold medal in the 1976 Olympics. The subject of two Hollywood movies, two documentaries, and four books, he is one of the most-analyzed athletes in track-and-field history.


*Stress your body by running 3 miles, then recover, then improve on your time the next time you run.


Virginia Woolf 1886

Image result for virginia woolf


These are the soul’s changes. I don’t believe in aging. I believe in forever altering one’s aspect to the sun. Hence my optimism. And to alter now, cleanly and sanely, I want to shuffle off this loose living randomness: people; reviews; fame; all the glittering scales; and be withdrawn, and concentrated.


The 100 best novels: No 50 – Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf (1925)

Woolf’s great novel makes a day of party preparations the canvas for themes of lost love, life choices and mental illness


Virginia’s suicide note to Leonard, written before she drowned herself in the River Ouse in March 1941 is testament to that closeness: “What I want to say is I owe all the happiness of my life to you. You have been entirely patient with me and incredibly good . . . I don’t think two people could have been happier.”


*Wolf suggests that you are not getting older, but that your soul is changing. Suffering from mental illness throughout her life led to her suicide. How is your soul changing? What if you were to write a letter to the person that you love the most, what would you tell them? How have they helped shape your soul?


William Colgate 1783

Image result for william colgate


Young William left home because his father was too poor to continue supporting him. He took all his possessions with him in a bundle and headed for New York.

Along his journey, he remembered the encouraging words of his mother and also the words of a boat captain he had met. They both told him to earn his way by working hard and by being honest in his business dealings.


The small soap and candle business that William Colgate began in New York City early in the 19th century is now, more than 200 years later, a truly global company serving hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide. Throughout this history, Colgate people and Colgate values have been at the heart of our success.


*As you brush your teeth this morning, think about the best advice that someone has given you about working hard and being honest. What are your Colgate values? Either as an employer or employee, what is going to be at the heart of your success?


Alicia Keys 1981

Image result for alicia keys gif


She tells Newsweek in the magazine’s Nov. 19 issue that she asked her mother how Alicia Wild sounded to her.

“She said “It sounds like you’re a stripper,”‘ Keys said.

After that, she decided to use Keys.

“It’s like the piano keys. And it can open so many doors,” said the singer born Alicia Augello-Cook.


At its best, music can cross boundaries of race, gender, and class. The songs we sing, and the melodies and words we let sink into our bones, allow us to reconcile our lived experiences with the conflicting messages that surround us. Few artists are able to distill the chaos and connect us to one another quite like Alicia Keys.


*Listen to Alicia Keys and let her distill the chaos of today while connecting you to another. Also, come up with your own stage name today. Mine is Dolf Diggler.


Marcus Samuelsson 1971 – Swedish Meatballs

Image result for marcus samuelsson meatballs


My perfect weekend is to play soccer with my friends and then cook for them. My wife, Maya, and I entertain friends from all over the world, so it is great to cook something that might be familiar to them, yet has been prepared in a completely different way.



*Play some soccer with friends then make them the above Swedish meatballs meal form Marcus Samuelsson while listening to Alicia Keys.

SNUB – Paul Nurse

Review –

  • Reflect on 2019, so far
  • Run 3 miles
  • You’re not aging; you’re soul is changing
  • What are your Colgate values?
  • Listen to Alicia Keys
  • Make Swedish meatballs

January 24

Look for the * to get today’s advice



Edith Wharton 1862

Image result for edith wharton


Her name is now used as shorthand to invoke style, character, place and time. “Wharton” has even become a verb! In a recent New York Magazine article, a socialite was described as spending most of her adult life Edith Wharton-ing her way through Manhattan’s upper crust.


At age 17, Edith Jones “came out” into society, making the rounds of dances and parties in Newport and New York, observing the rituals of her privileged world, a world she would later gleefully skewer in her fiction. Her childhood ended with the death of her father in March of 1882, followed by two romantic disappointments. Still unmarried at the age of 23, Edith was rapidly approaching “old maid” status. In 1885 she married Edward Robbins (Teddy) Wharton. Though imperfectly suited for each other, the couple filled their early married years with travel, houses, and dogs.

The 100 best novels: No 45 – The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton (1920)

The story of a blighted New York marriage stands as a fierce indictment of a society estranged from culture


*Today’s focus is on marriage. I’ve been engaged 3 times and married twice. My current wife is 21 years younger than I am. The one thing that makes it work is travel. We are always either planning a trip, counting down the days until a trip, or actually on a trip somewhere. We don’t have kids yet so this is easy, but my advice to anyone who is or wants to be married, is to find that common interest and have it be the guiding light of your marriage. Maybe like Edith Wharton it could be travel, houses, and dogs. 


Nik Wallenda 1979

Image result for nik wallenda gif


Core and leg strength are critical, Wallenda said, as well as cardiovascular fitness. The bar he uses to help with balance weighs 45 pounds, and while he walks he essentially has to hold it in a curl.



*In honor of the Great Wallendas and our birthday boy Nik, use a curl bar that is not too heavy and walk around the gym with it in a curl position. Use your imagination and envision you are walking a tightrope across Niagara Falls, 1800 feet high, establishing a world record.


Oral Roberts 1919

Image result for oral roberts


Mr. Roberts crusades are non-denominational. He is a member of the Pentecostal faith, but his converts go into virtually all faiths including Catholic and Hebrew.


Welcome to the Oral Roberts Ministries Prayer Group. Here at ORM we believe in prayer! We believe that prayer is the key that unlocks the throne of God’s mercy.


*Go to the website and send a prayer request. Whatever is weighing most on your mind today, use the Oral Roberts website to help in prayer.


Neil Diamond 1941

Image result for neil diamond


The singer Neil Diamond may have set a new trend in the music world by giving an unprecedented refund to his fans after performing with a raspy voice.


“Songwriting gives me the greatest joy, the greatest sense of accomplishment, the sense that my life does have some purpose, although I don’t fully understand it right now. It’s what I am.”


*The customer is always right. Set a trend like Neil Diamond and always give refunds when the customer hasn’t received your best. Hopefully you are striving to do what gives you the greatest joy and the greatest sense of accomplishment for a living.


Ed Helms 1974 – watch The Hangover

Image result for ed helms hangover


You’ve gotten a face tattoo and had a shotgun-wedding with a stripper. Why does the craziness follow you?

It just never ends for Stu. Stu’s the punching bag of the Wolfpack. He gets verbal abuse and physical abuse of all types.

Speaking of physical abuse, you lose a tooth in the first one. But I heard you actually are missing a tooth in real life?

Yeah, my right lateral incisor is an implant, so my dentist was just able to take it out for the production.


*Get together with your wolf pack and watch The Hangover. Booze it up so you can experience a hangover tomorrow morning. You’ve been working hard and you deserve to let loose. Make a dentist appointment for 2/13 at 2:30.


John Belushi 1949 – Billy Goat Cheezborger

Image result for john belushi cheeseburger cheeseburger


Ordering at the Billy Goat may go something like this: “Cheezborger! Cheezborger! You want doublecheez?!? Who’s next!?! WHO’S NEXT!?!” If you take more than one second to answer: “Don’t look at the menu, look at ME! I order for you – DOUBLECHEEZ!” If you only feel like a single: “No. DOUBLECHEEZ!!!” If it’s the end of the week: “It’s Friday, doublecheez for everybody! It’s payday! Triplecheez for the big guy!” Want French fries with that? “No fries – CHEEPS!” Thirsty? “No Pepsi – COKE!” To drink: “Coke or Diet?!”

Such rantings by the Billy Goat staff have gone on for almost 40 years and originated when Billy Goat Sianis and another Greek immigrant by the name of Bill Charuchas would entertain patrons by yelling out: “Try the double cheese! It’s the best! No fries, cheeps!” In the 1978, Sam Sianis and Charuchas were immortalized by Saturday Night Live’s John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Loraine Newman.

The Kaiser! Made specially for Das Goat! Straight from the bakery to your mouth, our kaiser rolls are baked and delivered fresh DAILY. Julia Child once said that it was these toasted bun that made our cheezborgers the best!

We use Kosher Dill Pickle Cheeps made exclusively for Billy Goat. Come for the cheezborgers,stay for the pickles.

Fresh. Never Frozen. All-natural. 100% Beef – NO BULL.
These patties are made for stacking. They’re formed thin so they can be quickly seared on our flat top grill – sealing a pop of mouthwatering, juicy flavor in each patty. By the time WE decide what YOU order, that hot and tasty Double Cheezborger is waiting for you at the end of the counter.




*On John Belushi’s birthday, make yourself a Billy Goat Tavern cheezborger. Try not to yell out “food fight” as you and your wolf pack watch The Hangover and maybe follow it up with Animal House and/or The Blues Brothers

Wash it down with some Hangover Roofied Jager shots.

A Doctor’s Advice

What do you learn after treating 11,000 train wrecks? How to avoid them. Dr. Jason Burke of Hangover Heaven offers his advice on the best ways to stay hangover-free.

  1. Don’t go to sleep.

At least not right away. “When you pass out, your organs slow down,” Burke explains. “Which means they aren’t metabolizing as much alcohol.” The more toxins you get rid of at night, the better you’ll feel in the morning. (So drunken late-night sex? Great on multiple levels.)

  1. Yes, of course, eat something, just not all carbs.

“A huge serving of fries isn’t really soaking up booze,” he says, “because alcohol is also a carb.” Scarf down protein and veggies instead.

  1. The worst hangover booze on earth: Jäger.

“All of my worst cases have included the stuff. Germans, they don’t even drink it! It’s practically diesel.”


SNUB – Luis Suarez


  • Use a common interest as a guiding light
  • Walk with a curl bar
  • Send a prayer request
  • Strive to do what gives you the greatest joy
  • Watch The Hangover
  • Eat a cheezborger – no food fights

January 23

The * gives you today’s advice.



Richard Dean Anderson 1950 – (MacGyver)

Image result for richard dean anderson macgyver


“Another day, a whole ‘nother set of fresh possibilities … I’m a sucker for mornings.” – MacGyver (Slow Death)
Philosophers have always told us that sunrises represent new beginnings. In books and movies, we see that when characters turn their lives around or begin a new chapter or new relationship, the imagery is backlit by a beautiful sunrise. There’s no reason we can’t use the same imagery, even if just metaphorically.

Whatever path you are on, whatever circumstance you find yourself in, remember that you have the power to change it if you choose. You can start fresh, make different choices, or end unhealthy relationships. You don’t have to wait for morning to start a new day. Just set your goals, believe in yourself, and make the conscious decision to move forward.


*Be a sucker for this morning as a new beginning. Watch an episode of MacGyver and it will help you realize that you can overcome any obstacle today.


Walter Frederick Morrison 1920

Image result for walter frederick morrison


Why mourn your father’s death when you could just toss him around post-mortem?

When Walter Morrison died in 2010, his family cremated him and turned him into the very toy Morrison invented in 1955, then under the name Pluto Platter.

It would later become one of the most successful toys of all-time under the new name adopted by Wham-O: the Frisbee.


*Go outside with a friend and throw a Frisbee around. Take today to think about your funeral arrangements.


Chesley Sullenberger 1951

Image result for chesley sully sullenberger


Captain Sullenberger says even though he believed that everyone who had been on board was safe, he still wanted confirmation. “After bugging people for hours, I finally got the word that it was official. That the count was 155,” he recalled.

All had survived.

Asked what he said when he heard the good news, Sullenberger said, “I don’t remember saying anything. But I remember feeling the most intense feeling of relief that I ever felt in my life. I felt like the weight of the universe had been lifted off my heart.”


Latest Blogs by Sully

Personal Viewpoints

A consummate leader who takes pride in living a life of integrity in both personal and business endeavors, Sully shares timeless perspectives through this monthly blog on a variety of relevant and timely topics.


*For an uplifting story, you can watch the movie Sully or read some blogs from the birthday boy himself.


John Hancock 1737

Image result for john hancock


As president of the Continental Congress, Hancock is credited as the first signer of the Declaration of Independence. His prominent, stylish signature became famous. (According to legend, Hancock boldly inscribed his name so the English king would not need glasses to read it.) Today, the term “John Hancock” is synonymous with “signature.”


John Hancock is dedicated to providing innovative life insurance solutions to help you address a variety of financial planning goals and needs.

*What will your name be synonymous with when you are gone? At the very least, you can leave a legacy of some financial independence to those you have left behind. Take today to focus on your life insurance and if it will be enough to provide for your family after your passing. Use the John Hancock website on his birthday to research not only life insurance but also investing and retirement plans.


Mariska Hargitay 1964 – watch Law and Order SVU

Image result for mariska hargitay gif


“I was wrecked,” Mariska Hargitay said about life after filming Law & Order: SVU’s “Something Happened,” a season 19 episode that broke from the show’s long-running story structure and largely featured an interview between her character, Lt. Olivia Benson, and Melora Walters’ Laurel Linwood, a rape victim…or was she?


I can almost guarantee you that it is on TV somewhere right now.


Tiffani Thiessen 1974 – Mom’s Cream Cheese Pie

Image result for tiffani thiessen



National Pie Day is celebrated annually on January 23rd.

National Pie Day was created simply to celebrate the pie.  It is a day for all to bake or cook their favorite pies.  Even more importantly, it is a day set aside for all to enjoy eating pies!


Finally, it’s important for me to recognize how my life has changed since becoming a mother. The role of mom, more than any I’ve played as an actress, has given me new levels of comfort, joy, love and belonging beyond any measure of words, time or space. It has given me something I didn’t expect: clarity. This role has given me clarity and the ability to see myself through my daughter’s eyes. Through her, I have been able to look back on my life’s journey more clearly and discover the value for which I never had reason to search. A vision that clearly identifies those opportunities that was once obscure. And lastly a voice – a voice that expresses who and what I’ve been, I am, and will always want to be: creative. My creative flair for life has been grounded in preparation and planning. While some might argue these qualities as structured, I see them as liberating. I’m thrilled to be able to share with you my voice and who I am: Tiffani Thiessen, Creative.

*Enjoy Tiffani Thiessan’s mom’s cream cheese pie with your mom on National Pie Day.

SNUB – Tito Ortiz

Review –

  • Be a sucker for this morning
  • Throw a Frisbee with a friend
  • Watch Sully
  • Get life insurance
  • Watch Law and Order SVU
  • Make cream cheese pie

January 22

Get to the * for today’s advice.



Francis Bacon 1561

Image result for francis bacon


Having advocated an organized system of obtaining knowledge with a humanitarian goal in mind, he is largely credited with ushering in the new early modern era of human understanding.

Biographer Loren Eisley described Bacon’s compelling desire to invent a new scientific method, stating that Bacon, “more fully than any man of his time, entertained the idea of the universe as a problem to be solved, examined, meditated upon, rather than as an eternally fixed stage upon which man walked.” Bacon himself claimed that his empirical scientific method would spark a light in nature that would “eventually disclose and bring into sight all that is most hidden and secret in the universe.”


*Take today to look at the world around you as a problem to be solved, examined, and meditated upon. In fact, meditate right now for just two minutes. Get to a quiet place and close your eyes for two minutes. Try to shut out the rest of the world and see what answers you come up with.


Diane Lane 1965

Image result for diane lane


Just like other celebrities, Diane Lane’s diet is based on portion control. This type of diet allows Diane to eat whatever she likes as long as it is kept in small amounts. This enables her to get rid of the feeling of being deprived with her favorite and unhealthy meals. Diane Lane’s diet likewise allows her to eat healthy foods most of the time and at the same time, allows her to eat fat-rich or high-caloric foods but in smaller portions


Lane’s realization is one that not only parents, but everyone in an increasingly divided culture, can take to heart: “No love is ever wasted.”


*No love is ever wasted, but don’t be afraid to waste food. Today’s message is about portion control. Practice this with all of your meals today and especially with the blonde brownies for dessert.


Linda Blair 1959

Related image


Dread Central: Since you were such a young age at the time you made The Exorcist and considering the material you were dealing with, how much of it resonated with you and how much of it did you pick up on after the fact?

Linda Blair: I was not raised Catholic so I didn’t have any answers, and I certainly didn’t understand a lot of what was happening in the story either. We didn’t talk about any of these things – God, the devil, evil – before we started shooting, and I really didn’t ask any questions either; to me it was just a character that was made up from special effects and not a symbol of something more like Regan has become over the years.

Dread Central: I know you spend most of your time now focused on the WorldHeart Foundation; I was wondering if you’d like to share with our readers more about that work.

Linda Blair: I feel that it’s my job to use my voice, my money and my charity to give people guidance as to how they can make a difference- whether it’s to rescue or adopt an animal, to volunteer in the community or to just keep our local food banks stocked. Animals and people out there are suffering, and we need to do something about it. You can find all the info on the official The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation website and through The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation Facebook page, too. I feel that it’s important that we all find a way to give back somehow.



*Linda Blair took what could have been a negative and turned it into a positive. She could have shunned religion but instead has become a champion for helping communities find better ways to serve people and animals.


DJ Jazzy Jeff 1965

Image result for dj jazzy jeff gif


Arguably the first DJ to turn into a household name, DJ Jazzy Jeff is now synonymous with the art of turntablism.


My name used to be Mix Master Jeff, so to promote your name, you would go to the store to get your name out on your shirt, and it was pretty much 50 cents a letter. Mix Master Jeff is really, really long,” he laughed. “I shortened it to Jazzy Jeff because that was a little bit easier on my pocket.”


*As suggested, hopefully you are trying to become an entrepreneur and sometimes that entails cutting some corners to save money. DJ Jazzy Jeff has proven that to get started at least, sometimes cutting corners can work out for the best.


Steve Perry 1949 – listen to Journey

Image result for steve perry don't stop believing


Public appearances by former Journey frontman Steve Perry are rare, if not virtually nonexistent, and have been that way for some years. Once a face plastered all over T-shirts, concert posters, magazines and music videos, these days it’s his voice that provides a lingering presence via such timeless, iconic songs as “Open Arms,” “Faithfully” and “Don’t Stop Believin’.”



*Don’t stop believing and listen to Journey all day today.


Guy Fieri 1968 – blondies with dark roots

Image result for guy fieri



National Blonde Brownie Day on January 22 recognizes a treat often referred to as blondies.

Blonde brownies are similar to the traditional brownies known almost everyone.  In place of cocoa, brown sugar is used, giving it a sweet tooth-satisfying molasses flavor!


Guy Fieri is just as well known for his stand-out hairstyle and loud fashion sense as he is for talking with his mouth full on Diners, Drive-Ins and DivesBut in a recent interview with CBS, Fieri revealed that the Food Network doesn’t force his “look” on him, and he’d be willing to change it for only one person: his wife.


*The fact that Guy Fieri was born on Blonde Brownie Day is proof to me that 365DOLF had to be written. Enjoy his “Blondies with Dark Roots” recipe today. Think about getting a new hairstyle.

SNUB – John Hurt 1940

Review –

  • Look at the world around you as a problem to be solved
  • Portion control
  • Become a champion for helping communities
  • Sometimes short cuts work out
  • Listen to Journey
  • Make blondies with dark roots (eat just 1)