February 21



John Lewis 1940

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*Don’t be afraid to speak up or speak out today. Have raw courage.


Jennifer Love Hewitt 1979

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“Last summer we were in Monaco. Every morning we ran for 40 minutes through the streets of Monte Carlo. It was an amazing way to see the city. Now when we travel, we try to explore the places by running.”

*Run around whatever city you are in for 40 minutes today. It’s probably where you live, but use today to get out and see your city – explore. 


Alan Rickman 1946 – watch Dogma

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“one of my favorite people who ever lived… I loved Hans Gruber the minute I saw Die Hard but I fell in love with the soft-spoken gentle soul who brought Gruber to life.” – Kevin Smith

*Watch the gentle soul of Alan Rickman as God in the Kevin Smith directed Dogma.


David Geffen 1943

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“I don’t think people get to be successful unless they have very strong egos.”

*Have a strong ego today. Use it to work on your dream business.


Jordan Peele 1979 – Get Out

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*See clearly today and watch Get Out. Have some hot tea while watching.


Sophie Turner 1996

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“I spent a month working in Atlanta, and they have Chick-fil-A restaurants on every corner. It’s so good! I crave it. I also love Wendy’s Frosty milkshakes. And then there’s In-N-Out Burger in L.A. I mean, the best.”

*Eat like Sophie Turner used to eat. Before the Game of Thrones fame. Get some Chick-fil-A, Wendy’s, and/or In-N-Out to feast on while watching Dogma, Get Out, and a few episodes of G.O.T.

SNUB – Lidia Bastianich 1947

Review –

  • Have raw courage
  • Run around the town you are in
  • Watch Dogma
  • Have a strong ego
  • Watch Get Out
  • Chick-fil-A, Wendy’s, and/or In-N-Out

February 20



Justin Verlander 1983

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“He’s not an asshole,”

“I’ve been around a lot of stars in my day. He gets it. For someone who virtually has everyone’s dream life and dream ability, he gets it.” – former Houston Astros manager

*All-Star, MVP, Cy Young winner, World Series champ, and married to a super model. If Verlander isn’t an asshole, you can’t be one. 


Charles Barkley 1963

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“When I got to Philadelphia, Dr. J., Moses Malone, Maurice Cheeks, they never practiced,”

“They’d sit on the side or on the stationary bike eating McDonald’s. Once I had been in the league X amount of years, I adopted that philosophy.”

*Go to McDonald’s. Buy one cheeseburger. Then drive to the gym and eat said cheeseburger while riding a stationary bike. If anyone asks, just simply say that it’s Charles Barkley’s birthday. Keep pedaling until you’ve burned off all 300 calories and then move on to your favorite workout.


Sidney Poitier 1927

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“God, is for all of us. It is not a God for one culture, or one religion, or one planet.”

*If we could all think like Poitier, the world would be a much better place.


Cindy Crawford 1966

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“Life goes by quickly, and I’ve learned that decisions made from a place of confidence—rather than one of fear—are the ones that get me to the place I want to be.”

“Even the times I failed were the best lessons.” 

*Have confidence in every financial decision that you make. Even if your dream business fails, use it as a learning tool.


Kurt Cobain 1967

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*Be interested in the well-being of others as you listen to Nirvana and Kurt Cobain’s acoustic songs too.


Rihanna 1988

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Breakfast: four hard-boiled eggs, one slice of toast without the crust, and a mix of berries.

Lunch: salad with fish

Dinner: chicken curry with rice and peas

*Eat like Rihanna for every meal today.

SNUB – Trevor Noah 1984

Review –

  • Don’t be an asshole
  • Eat a cheeseburger while riding a stationary bike
  • It is not a God for one religion
  • Use failure as a lesson
  • Listen to Nirvana
  • Eat like Rihanna

February 19



Lee Marvin 1924

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“The only thing in life that’s really interesting is the contest. We are all contestants–whether we admit it or not. If I read 20 pages of a book and they’re no good, I put it down. Maybe it’s good after 100 pages, but I can’t wait. The author lost.”

*Treat life like the contest that it is. You determine if you’re winning or losing.


Seal 1963

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*Look at a picture of Seal as you listen to his music. Think how easy it would have been for him to not want his lupus scarred face to be seen. Get out there and be seen today. Be proud of who you are.


Victoria Justice 1993

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“Starting a new religion… Thinking about becoming a “Pasta-farian”…”

*Victoria Justice sent the above tweet and she may be on to something. Make Scott Conant’s bucatini recipe and see if it’s good for your SOUL


Jeff Daniels 1955 – watch Dumb and Dumber

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  • Don’t fly when you can drive
  • Don’t trade your van for a moped – research your vehicle’s value
  • Don’t buy expensive suits – factor clothing into your budget and don’t go over it
  • Don’t get stuck paying someone else’s bill

*Watch Dumb and Dumber and learn financial lessons from Harry and Lloyd


Benicio Del Toro 1967 – watch Traffic

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*Watch Del Toro win an Oscar in the movie Traffic.


Scott Conant 1971 – bucatini

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*Learn from Scott Conant and make his bucatini with heirloom baby tomato sauce.

BONUS: Haylie Duff 1985 – stuffed shells with three cheese stuffing

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“I started cooking for my friends and family and realized people loved my recipes! So, I decided to share them and started The Real Girl’s Kitchen blog.”


*If you are considering becoming a Pasta-farian, make these stuffed shells too.

SNUB – Marta 1986

Review –

  • Think beyond yourself
  • Get out there and be seen
  • Consider becoming a Pasta-farian
  • Watch Dumb and Dumber for financial lessons
  • Watch Traffic
  • Make bucatini and stuffed shells

February 18



Alessandro Volta 1745 – Yes, Volta shares a birthday with Travolta

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We honor Volta even now since the word “voltage” – meaning the unit of electrical potential – is named for him.

“You must be ready to give up even the most attractive ideas when experiment shows them to be wrong.”

*It’s February 18 and hopefully you’re not ready to give up because this experiment has proved to be wrong. Keep plugging along.

In honor of Volta’s birthday, try to see how little electricity you can use today.


Jillian Michaels 1974

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For individuals of ALL fitness levels, from total newbie to super advanced.


*Go to Jillian Michaels’ website and choose a workout of your liking. Or download her app and do the same.


Yoko Ono 1933

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Join in with these participatory artworks by Yoko Ono. Print out WAR IS OVER & IMAGINE PEACE posters. Send your wishes to IMAGINE PEACE TOWER & SKYLANDING. Add your smiles to #smilesfilm. Send your testimonies to ARISING. Tribute your parents at My Mommy Is Beautiful & My Daddy Is Beautiful.

*Yoko’s imaginepeace.com website is really interesting and interactive. Try one of the above to soothe your soul today. And take today to forgive her if you blame her for breaking up the Beatles. Give peace a chance.


Dr. Dre 1965

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Dre was part of the earliest rap scene, and learned how to be an entrepreneur almost out of necessity. Dr. Dre became a master of hustle. He created opportunity by forging ahead, even when met with great resistance and skepticism.

*Be a master of hustle today. Create opportunity by forging ahead, even when you meet great resistance and skepticism. Listen to Dr. Dre for motivation.


John Travolta 1954 – watch Saturday Night Fever

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*Watch and learn Travolta’s epic dance and be prepared to perform it at the next wedding reception you go to.


Molly Ringwald – lentil soup

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Favorite Family Recipe
Lentil Bean Soup for New Year’s Day


*Even though it’s not New Year’s Day, make Molly Ringwald’s mom’s mom’s lentil soup. And wash it down with a Pretty in Pink cocktail.


SNUB – Vanna White 1957

Review –

  • Keep plugging along – don’t quit
  • Jillian Michaels workout
  • Participatory artwork by Yoko Ono
  • Don’t buckle to skepticism
  • Watch Saturday Night Fever 
  • Lentil soup

February 17



Michael Jordan 1963

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“There is no ‘i’ in team but there is in win.”

*And there is an ‘i’ in life. This is your life. Make sure you are taking care of yourself if you want to win at life.


Rene Russo 1954

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“I work out every day, but not like a maniac. Just 20 minutes on that damn bike, do some light weights, and that’s it and I’ve gotta move on.”

*Get on that damn bike for twenty minutes, lift some light weights, and move on with your day.


Jim Brown 1936

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Amer-I-Can was founded in 1988 by NFL Hall of Fame recipient, Jim Brown. The program goal is to help enable individuals to meet their academic potential, to conform their behavior to acceptable society standards, and to improve the quality of their lives by equipping them with the critical life management skills to confidently and successfully contribute to society.


*Help Jim Brown out by going to the Amer-I-can website. There you can donate money or volunteer your time to help make a better America.


Brian Acton 1972

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He’s determined to raise his kids normally, from public schools to a Honda minivan, to a (relatively) modest house. Extreme wealth, it seems, is “not as liberating as you would hope.”

*I teach in a public school – so I don’t suggest that, but regardless of how much money you have, be determined to raise your kids normally.


Ed Sheeran 1991

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“The more I practice, the luckier I get.”

*Enjoy the talent of Ed Sheeran today.


Larry the Cable Guy 1963 Git-r-Done biscuits and gravy

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BONUS: Paris Hilton 1981 – lasagna

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*It’s not very often in life that you can tell someone that you had Larry the Cable Guy biscuits and gravy for breakfast and Paris Hilton lasagna for dinner. 

SNUB – Joseph Gordon-Levitt 1981

Review –

  • There is an ‘i’ in win
  • Get on that damn bike
  • Donate to Amer-I-Can
  • Raise your kids normally
  • Listen to Ed Sheeran
  • Git-r-Done Biscuits and Gravy
  • Paris Hilton Lasagna

February 16



The Weeknd 1990

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*Stay loyal to whatever eases your mind. Don’t stray from what makes you sleep well at night.


Jerome Bettis 1972

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“I don’t work out as much as I did as a player, but I try to work out at least three days a week, preferably four. My workouts have changed too — now it’s all about cardiovascular training and not so much about weight lifting. I lift a little bit to maintain muscle consistency, but I don’t do heavy weights anymore — I do lighter weights and more repetitions. That was a major shift from my playing days. For my cardio workouts, I try to mix it up. I ride the bike, I do the elliptical machine and I walk the treadmill on the highest incline.”

*Focus on cardio today. Jog 36 minutes in honor of Bettis #36. And then lift some light weights with high reps. then take the bus home.


Mahershala Ali 1974

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I went through a process of digging through different religions and ways of connecting to God. And that ended up being Islam for me

*Go through the process of digging through different religions and connecting to God until you find what is best for you.


Ice-T 1958

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“If I go to Denny’s or IHOP, people are like, ‘You eat at IHOP?’ And I’m like, ‘Is there a Gucci egg somewhere that I’m missing?’ An egg is a goddamn egg; I don’t care if it’s from the Ritz Carlton.”

“People have this bizarre idea that, if you have a couple bucks, you gotta eat abstract food. Like we went on vacation in St. Barths, and everything had truffles on it. I wanted to bury myself next to a tree after a while. I was like, ‘Yo, I feel like I’m turning into a fucking truffle.”

*There are no Gucci eggs. You don’t have to spend a lot of your money on food. Don’t turn into a fucking truffle.

CROSSOVER – Go to Denny’s or IHOP for breakfast and make sure you order an iced tea.


Elizabeth Olsen 1989 – watch Oldboy

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“Oh my God, this is the most perfect film ever made.”

*Watch Olsen star in the remake of what she considers the most perfect film ever made.


Valentino Rossi 1979

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Valentino Rossi diet:
breakfast – remember to go to Denny’s or IHOP for this
2 eggs with fried bacon (30 g)
Sliced ​​bread (50 g)
Macaroni (100 g) with a tablespoon of olive oil, fresh tuna (80 g) and peas (80 g)
Grilled vegetables (200 g) with a tablespoon of olive oil
1 fruit
Mid-afternoon snack
Flatbread with ham (30 g)
A T-bone steak or a filet of beef (300 g) cooked in a pan with olive oil, French fries (40 g)
a fruit

*Eat like one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time today.

SNUB – John McEnroe 1959 Image result for john mcenroe gif

Review –

  • Stay loyal to whatever eases your mind
  • 36 minute jog
  • Go through the process to find your religion
  • Don’t waste all of your money on food
  • Watch Oldboy
  • Eat like Valentino Rossi (and Ice-T)

February 15



Galileo Galilei 1564

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The church hated Galileo and everything he said and stood for. He questioned what they thought they “knew”, which unsettled them, scared them, and threatened them. But they had power.

He was declared a heretic and sentenced to house arrest for his remaining life.

The Catholic Church, having condemned him, decided–359 years later, in 1992 that Galileo was in fact right.

*Continue to seek and be open to the truth. If someone says something that you don’t agree with today, call them out on it. Hopefully it will lead to constructive conversation.


Jane Seymour 1951 – a round of golf and pilates

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Seymour heads to the golf course often. When she’s not working on her swing, she’s in the gym using a Gyrotonic machine as part of her pilates routine.

After four children, three grandchildren and four marriages, Jane says she’s in better shape than she was 40 years ago.

*Play a round of golf today and/or a get a Pilates workout in. What kind of shape will you be in 40 years?


Susan B. Anthony 1820

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Susan B. Anthony Project promotes safety, healing, and growth for all survivors of domestic and sexual abuse and advocates for the autonomy of women and the end of interpersonal violence.


*Susan B. Anthony wouldn’t live to see her dream of women’s suffrage but the project in her name can continue to help women. Think of donating to this cause on her birthday.


Chris Farley 1964 – watch Tommy Boy

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“Helen, we’re both in sales.  Let me tell you why I SUCK as a salesman.”

Tommy speaks one-on-one and gets on the same level with a waitress, ultimately convincing her to bring him chicken wings Richard commends Tommy for his ability to read people, for getting inside Helen’s head and telling her what she wanted to hear, when she needed to hear it.

*Watch Tommy Boy to learn how to make sales by getting on the same level with people.


Gary Clark Jr. 1984

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*Listen to the Blues guitarist of this generation Gary Clark Jr.


Matt Groening 1954 – Krusty burger

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*Make this Krusty burger and enjoy it while watching Tommy Boy and a few episodes of The Simpsons. It’s probably on FXX right now. Hey Hey!

I’m grateful that I live in Orlando and can go to Universal Studios to eat a real deal Krusty Burger on this day.

SNUB – Jaromir Jagr 1972

Review –

  • Seek and be open to the truth
  • Golf and/or Pilates
  • Donate to the Susan B. Anthony Project
  • Watch Tommy Boy and learn to sell
  • Listen to Gary Clark Jr.
  • Make a Krusty Burger