September 30

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Truman Capote 1924

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Truman Capote has a natural gift that makes him a great guest at a dinner party: he is always interested in whomever he’s talking to. For one thing, he really looks at the person he is with. Most of us see outlines of one another, but Truman is noting skin texture, voice tone, details of clothing.

One of the reasons that Truman is always interested in people is that he won’t allow himself to be bored. He told me that when he meets a truly crashing bore he asks himself, “Why am I so bored? What is it about this person that is making me yawn?” He ponders, “What should this person do that he hasn’t done? What does he lack that might intrigue me?”

*Don’t allow yourself to be bored today. Be interested in whomever you’re talking to – really look at them and ask yourself what they should be doing to intrigue you more. Start reading In Cold Blood.


Martina Hingis 1980

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Horse riding and chocolate are the secrets to my success

*Research a local place where you can go horseback riding. Reward yourself with some dark chocolate afterwards. Tennis is an option if you can’t go horseback riding.


Lacey Chabert 1982

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However, most important to Lacey is not a successful acting career, but her faith. She says, “Jesus is the center of my life and I give God the glory for everything, for all my success.”

*Your career should never be the most important thing in your life and give God the glory for all of your success today. So Fetch!


William Wrigley, Jr. 1861

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With the baking powder itself being a huge hit as a freebie, Wrigley moved on from specializing in soap to baking powder, but still continued to offer freebies. This time around, it was baking powder with free chewing gum thrown in. Soon, the chewing gum was eclipsing the baking powder in popularity.

*Remember that Facebook is free to join and Mark Zuckerberg is a billionaire. Chew on that.


Marion Cotillard 1975 – watch La Vie en Rose aka La Mome

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Her life was blighted by a plane crash, alcoholism and dramatic collapses on stage – but the ‘kid sparrow’ still provided the soundtrack to her nation, as a new film recalls.

*Look at you – watching an artsy fartsy fancy French film. Bravo! Watch Marion Cotillard win an Oscar in La Vie en Rose.


Fran Drescher 1957 – black bean burger

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A little over 10 years after the rape, Drescher was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

“That, I think, is a poetic correlation, because I really didn’t deal with my pain for many, many, many years with the rape,” she told Studio 10. “So when you don’t do that … I mean, I ended up with a gynecological cancer. So it kind of ends up being very poetic in where the body decides to break down and create disease.”

“It’s been a colossal learning experience,” she added. “I’m not glad I had cancer and I don’t wish it on anyone, but I am better for it. Sometimes the best gifts come in the ugliest packages.”

*Enjoy The Nanny’s black bean burgers while watching your fancy French film. Deal with your pain today first.

Congratulations! You’ve made it through 9 months of 365DOLF. You are now a new born.

SNUB – T-Pain – “You know me”

Review –

  • Be interested in everyone you talk to
  • Horse riding or tennis
  • Give God the glory for your success
  • Facebook is free – Zuckerberg is a billionaire
  • Watch La Mome
  • Make a black bean burger

September 29

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Calvin Johnson 1985

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The Lions’ career leader in nearly every receiving category, Johnson said he’s content in a retirement that’s so far consisted of getting married, spending time with his 2-year-old son and traveling the globe.

*When you make it to the top, don’t be afraid to walk away, spend time with your family, and travel the globe.


Ian McShane 1942

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Two-and-a-half years ago, he kicked what he once described as his ‘last-remaining vice’: cigarettes. ‘Giving up smoking was the hardest one of all — tougher than alcohol and drugs,’ he admits.

Prepare for quit day

Once you have decided to stop smoking, you are ready to set a quit date. Pick a day that is not too far in the future (so that you do not change your mind), but which gives you enough time to prepare.

*Today is your QUIT DAY, the day to kick a vice, especially if it’s cigarettes.


Jerry Lee Lewis 1935

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There was the time he drove up to Graceland, drunk on liquor and high on pills, with a gun on his dashboard, demanding that Elvis come down from the house on the hill to prove who the real king was.

“I said, ‘Elvis, I’m going to ask you one thing before we part company here. If you die, do you think you’d go to heaven or hell?’ And he got real red in the face, and then he got real white in the face, and he said, ‘Jerry Lee, don’t you ever say that to me agin.’

But Elvis wasn’t the only one who thought about hell? Lewis nods. “I was always worried whether I was going to heaven or hell,” he concedes. “I still am. I worry about it before I go to bed; it’s a very serious situation. I mean you worry, when you breathe your last breath, where are you going to go?”

Maybe it wasn’t the music itself but the lifestyle he thought was ungodly. “Well, I don’t know, I done the best I could,” Lewis says.

*Before you go to bed tonight, ask yourself if you were to take your last breathe, would you go to heaven or hell.


Kevin Durant 1988 (Easy Money Sniper)

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Isn’t taking less and prioritizing winning what we want athletes to do? Yes, he makes a lot off his shoe deal (and winning rings will help raise his and his shoe’s profile), but there’s a mindset among many elite players to squeeze every dollar they can get out of ownership. Durant didn’t.

*KD chose winning over money. Being happy over a bigger contract. And he’s done it again too. Which would you choose? More money of more happiness?


Halsey 1994

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Janis Joplin wasn’t much of a singer now was she?

Exactly! I became a musician because I got so sick of sending people stuff I was writing and then having them scan it and be like, ‘Yeahhh, it looks good.’ No, fuck you. I want you to hear this from my voice. I want you to pay attention, so I’m going to sing it because you won’t shut it off.

*Listen to Halsey – give her a chance and see what you think.


George W. Jenkins 1907

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Today, Publix has grown from a single shop into a sprawling collection of more than 1,100 supermarkets that brought in $34 billion in 2016. The values and philosophies established by George Jenkins are still in place and serve as the foundation for our mission of being the premier quality food retailer in the world.

*You might not live close to a Publix grocery store. They are famous for their “Pub Subs” – delicious subs overflowing with meat and toppings. Get a “Pub Sub” today or try to find one like it close to you.

SNUB – Andrew Dice Clay

Review –

  • Spend time with your family
  • Your Quit Day – kick a vice
  • Would you go to heaven or hell?
  • More money or more happiness?
  • Listen to Halsey
  • Get a Pub Sub

September 28

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Confucius 551 bc

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Confucianism is often characterized as a system of social and ethical philosophy rather than a religion. In fact, Confucianism built on an ancient religious foundation to establish the social values, institutions, and transcendent ideals of traditional Chinese society. It was what sociologist Robert Bellah called a “civil religion,” (1) the sense of religious identity and common moral understanding at the foundation of a society’s central institutions. It is also what a Chinese sociologist called a “diffused religion”; (3) its institutions were not a separate church, but those of society, family, school, and state; its priests were not separate liturgical specialists, but parents, teachers, and officials. Confucianism was part of the Chinese social fabric and way of life; to Confucians, everyday life was the arena of religion.

Only when things are investigated is knowledge extended; only when knowledge is extended are thoughts sincere; only when thoughts are sincere are minds rectified; only when minds are rectified are the characters of persons cultivated; only when character is cultivated are our families regulated; only when families are regulated are states well governed; only when states are well governed is there peace in the world.(3)

  1. “Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself.”

Remember to follow the “Golden Rule!”

*Confucianism could be the official religion of 365DOLF. Follow the Golden Rule today to get the ball rolling for peace in the world.


Naomi Watts 1968

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Her mum and dad, Myfanwy Roberts and Peter Watts, or “Miv” and “Puddy”, were young when they became parents. Very cool. Miv modelled and Puddy was the sound engineer for Pink Floyd. (He narrowly missed his daughter’s birth in 1968 because the band were touring Scotland in a Ford Transit.) Among the few surviving photographs Watts has of this era, there’s one in which she and her parents are on a beach in St Tropez with Pink Floyd, all wild hair and skimpy swimmies. She recalls being a kid who craved the opposite. “I’d had enough of cool. I didn’t want cool. I wanted my parents to wear three-piece suits and tweed, not leather pants and four-inch platform boots.”

Watts is a regular visitor to Burn 60 that offers high-intensity group workouts for men and women designed to provide an effective fitness regime in a 60 minute class.

*Attend a burn60 workout class or try it at home from an online source. Watch Naomi Watts almost win an Oscar in The Impossible for motivation.


Brigitte Bardot 1934

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So in 1973, Bardot stopped acting, retreated to her home in France and dedicated her life to her real passion: animal welfare. She established a rescue organization, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, and became politically active about animal rights.

*Don’t be afraid to dedicate your life to your true passion. Think of donating to Brigitte Bardot’s Foundation or a local animal shelter.


Thomas Crapper 1836

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The legend of Thomas Crapper takes its flavor from the real man’s life. While Crapper may not be the inventor of the product he is most often associated with, his contribution to England’s plumbing history is significant. And the man’s legend, well, it lives on despite all proof to contrary.

How to Make Money on Your Phone… From the Toilet

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  1. Play This Game

Something about gas station scratch-off tickets is so satisfying, but I tend to avoid them because, well, that’s not Penny Hoarding.

Instead, try using a free app called Lucktastic. Each day, it releases a new assortment of digital scratch-off tickets. Lucktastic says instant wins range from $1 to $10,000. You can also earn tokens, enter contests and play games.

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The app is free to download — and play.

  1. Start Investing — but Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

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A micro-investing app does that for you. Here are our favorites:

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Stash curates investments from professional fund managers and investors and lets you choose where to put your money.

But it leaves the complicated investment terms out of it. You just choose from a set of simple portfolios reflecting your beliefs, interests and goals.

With Acorns, you can start small and stack up change over time with its “round-up” feature. That means if you spend $10.23 at the grocery store, 77 cents gets dropped into your Acorns account.

Then, the app does the whole investing thing for you.

The idea is you won’t miss the digital pocket change, and the automatic savings stack up faster than you’d think.

Bonus: Sign up for either app, and you’ll get an extra $5 after making your first investment.

  1. Drop Your $10/Month Gym Membership

Analyzing your monthly budget is, to put it simply, not fun. But you’re just sitting here for the next few minutes. Put it to use by cleaning up your monthly bills with this simple trick.

We all sign up for stuff. Sometimes it’s easier to put subscriptions on a recurring payment and forget about it. Getting rid of the subscriptions you’re not using and socking away the savings could save you a ton of money.

Download TrueBill, an app that’ll negotiate your bills, cancel unwanted subscriptions and refund your bank fees.

After downloading the app, create an account and link your bank account and/or credit cards. Turn on the bill negotiation and outage protection features. Boom. TrueBill is already searching for potential refunds — it might get you a refund even when you didn’t know an outage occurred.

On average, Truebill customers get $12 in credits off their cable bills each month.

The app will also remind you of all those sneaky subscriptions you’ve signed up for through the years, so you can cancel what you don’t use and reclaim your monthly budget.

*On Thomas Crapper’s birthday, start making money while on your… crapper.


Mira Sorvino 1967 – watch Mighty Aphrodite

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Mighty Aphrodite won Sorvino an Oscar and made her name, but I once read she would think twice about taking the role now, given her campaign work as UN goodwill ambassador to combat human trafficking. “I think now it would be odd for me, just because of my position,” she says. “Linda is a great comedic character and I certainly don’t regret playing her.” But, she adds: “You could make the case that Linda is a trafficking victim because her pimp controls her life. She is very sad in her situation, she doesn’t want to continue in it. But it’s not a movie that was meant to be tackling social issues, it’s meant as a Pygmalion story.”

*Watch Mira Sorvino win her lone Oscar as a porn star prostitute for Woody Allen.


Hilary Duff 1987 – fresh ricotta cheese

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Listen, Don’t Just Hear — “The Perfect Man”

Although the central theme of this movie is that there is no such thing as the perfect man, Hilary Duff’s character goes beyond that to show the importance of not forgetting about those around you even when your significant other might just be at your doorstep. Just because you’re in love, don’t forget to dedicate time and effort to those who have always done the same for you.

Her other culinary pleasure is cheese, which is the “key to a happy life,” according to the actress.

*Listen to some Hilary Duff while making her sister’s fresh ricotta cheese – the key to a happy life. Enjoy it with someone who has dedicated time and effort to you.

SNUB – Janeane Garofalo

Review –

  • Follow the Golden Rule
  • burn60 workout
  • Dedicate your life to your true passion
  • Make money while on the crapper
  • Watch Mighty Aphrodite
  • Make fresh ricotta cheese

September 27

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Samuel Adams 1722

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But what’s been lost in the beer goggles (and probably in many classrooms) is that Samuel Adams (the beer) doesn’t even exist if there wasn’t first Samuel Adams (the man).

His skillfulness to use the weakness of customs law to his advantage, and his ability to galvanize popular support for the cause which he believed in, solidified his place as a leader among leaders in the cause for liberty.

*Galvanize popular support for a cause which you believe in today. Drink a Samuel Adams for motivation.


Gwyneth Paltrow 1972

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Day 4 of the Whole Detox

Meal Plan

BREAKFAST: Tropical Smoothie

LUNCH: Shredded Carrot and Cabbage Salad with Mediterranean Cod (omnivore) or Shredded Carrot and Cabbage Salad with Nut-Seed Pâté (vegan)

SNACK: Nectarine and Macadamia Nuts

DINNER: Wild Salmon with Tangy Apricot Sauce and Greens (omnivore) or Creamy Carrot Coconut Curry Soup (vegan)


Enjoy a swim or some water aerobics. Depending on where you live, you may opt to take a dip in a pool. However, if available, natural bodies of water are best. Swimming puts minimal stress on the joints and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Even if you don’t consider yourself a great swimmer, backstroke is one of the easier, more relaxing swimming strokes. If you don’t have access to a pool of any type, make large swimming motions with your arms to engage your cardiovascular system.

* is one of the closest websites I’ve seen to what I want 365DOLF to be. Follow the meals for today and take a swim. This daily meal plan may be one you want to use going forward.


Steve Kerr 1965

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Four years later, in another game against Arizona State, Kerr was targeted by a number of Arizona State fans who were chanting ‘PLO (Palestine Liberal Organization)’ and ‘your father’s history’ in Kerr’s direction, while he was warming up. Kerr cried. He then went on to wipe off his tears torching Arizona State with 20 points in the first half, making all six of his 3-point attempts.

*Wipe off your tears and torch the things that are making you cry.


Steve Stavro 1926

Image result for steve stavros

Mr. Stavro embodied the Canadian story, immigrating to Canada at the age of seven and working his way up to where he became a pioneer in the retail grocery industry. His was a story of self-made success, of hard work, of love for family, friends and his new country. While Mr. Stavro was highly-regarded in industry and in sports, he was most proud to be a great Canadian.

Known as “The Honest Grocer,” Stavro built a food empire out of one store, which enabled him to get involved in his other passions – hockey and horse racing.

*Build an empire through hard work so you can get involved in other passions. If 365DOLF makes me a billionaire, I’m going to buy the Pittsburgh Pirates and make them World Series champions again.


Lil Wayne 1982

Image result for lil wayne

Lil Wayne’s 23-Track ‘Tha Carter V’ Generates $3.3 Million in Opening-Week Song Revenue

*Listen to Lil Wayne (NSFW).


Meat Loaf 1947 – Samuel Adams Meatloaf

Image result for meatloaf the man

“Meat,” he says, “came about on the fourth day of me being alive.” This was in Dallas, when his dad, a cop, took one look at his newborn son and said, “He looks like meat,” and so Meat he became, nevermore his given name, Marvin. He weighed 185 in the fifth grade, 240 by the seventh. He was bullied about his weight constantly. “Oh, man, I was tormented,” he says.

His mother died of cancer in 1966, when Loaf was 19. Shortly after the funeral, his father, drunk and bereft, kicked open his bedroom door and came at him with a butcher knife, for reasons unknown. “I rolled off the bed just as he put that knife right in the mattress,” he says. “I fought for my life. Apparently I broke three ribs and his nose, and left the house barefoot in a pair of gym shorts and a T-shirt.” He never went home again and, in 1967, moved to L.A., started acting, started singing in bands, was John Belushi’s understudy in a Broadway production of the National Lampoon Show

*Make this Samuel Adams meatloaf, while listening to Meat Loaf. Wash it down with another Samuel Adams.

SNUB – Avril Lavigne

Review –

  • Galvanize support for a cause you believe in
  • meal plan and swimming
  • Wipe off your tears and torch the things that are making you cry
  • Build an empire through hard work
  • Listen to Lil Wayne
  • Make Samuel Adams Meatloaf

September 26

Look to the * for today’s advice.



TS Eliot 1888

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To appreciate him requires an acknowledgement that his life and work were full of daring, astuteness and a preternaturally acute ear for language. Anything else is bullshit.

*Read the poetry of TS Eliot today. He will change the way you think.


Serena Williams 1981

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For me it’s so important to mix it up. I ran, and then I biked. Then I did elliptical. That didn’t work out so well, because it was boring, so I tried yoga. I started dancing because I couldn’t train when I was sick. We started making up moves, and it was fun. Now I run for 10 minutes, and then I dance.

*Run for 10 minutes and then dance. Play tennis with your sister.


Olivia Newton-John 1948

Image result for olivia newton john

After her struggle with cancer and the loss of her love, Newton-John has become respected and admired just as much for her courage as for her music.

Hold Your Own Event:

Trivia nights, dress-up days, movie nights, fashion shows sausage sizzles, bake offs, personal challenges like shaving your head, and the list goes on, are all fun and rewarding ways to make a difference. You may choose to add a fundraiser to an existing event, create a new fundraising event at your work, club or with family and friends, or be sponsored by your friends, family and co-workers to complete an individual challenge.

Thank you for choosing the ONJ Centre to be the beneficiary of your fundraising activity. We greatly appreciate your support! The ONJ Centre relies on the generous support of the community to help provide the best in cancer research, patient care, and world leading wellness and supportive care programs. With the incredible support of individuals, organizations and community groups, the ONJ Centre is able to make a real difference to the lives of people touched by cancer.

*Olivia Newton John is currently battling cancer for the third time. Think of holding a fundraiser with all proceeds going to her cancer centre. Maybe a drive-in showing of Grease


Ivan Pavlov 1849

Image result for ivan pavlov


Pavlov kept his physiology lab running by selling something that he had easy access to: canine gastric juice. While conducting experiments on dogs’ digestive systems, Pavlov collected gastric juice from hungry dogs that stared at a big bowl of meat all day. Pavlov paid an assistant to run the gastric juice collection operation, and he sold thousands of containers of the juice each year to people around Europe, who drank it daily to treat dyspepsia (indigestion). Yum!

*Think of ways that you can raise money to keep your entrepreneurial ideas alive. Sure you can get investors and small business loans, but that is money that comes off the top. Start raising and saving money for your business today.


George Gershwin 1898

Image result for george gershwin

I’ll begin by pointing out that many people, to this day, consider George Gershwin to be the most gifted musical composer that America has ever produced.  And I am one of those people. And it’s especially true when you consider that he died of a brain tumor at the age of 38. So, his incomparable wealth of music was all produced within a mere 20 years.  What kind of genius does that make him?

*Listen to the most gifted musical composer that America has ever produced – George Gershwin.


Johnny Appleseed 1774 – Johnny Appleseed Cake

Image result for johnny appleseed


The apples that Chapman favored for planting were small and tart “spitters”—named for what you’d likely do if you took a bite of one. But this made them ideal for making hard cider and applejack. This was a far more valuable crop than edible apples. In The Botany of DesireMichael Pollan wrote:

Up until Prohibition, an apple grown in America was far less likely to be eaten than to wind up in a barrel of cider. In rural areas cider took the place of not only wine and beer but of coffee and tea, juice, and even water.

Where water could house dangerous bacteria, cider was safe. (And delicious.)

*Listen to Gershwin while making this Johnny Appleseed Cake. Ring a bell before serving it. Wash it down with some Johnny Appleseed Hard Apple Cider – Samuel Adams birthday is tomorrow.


Brewed by Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

Common Cider 5.5% ABV0 IBU

SNUB – Linda Hamilton

Review –

  • Read the poetry of TS Eliot
  • Run for 10 minutes, dance, and play tennis
  • Hold a fundraiser for Olivia Newton John’s Cancer Centre
  • Raise money for your future business
  • Listen to George Gershwin
  • Make a Johnny Appleseed Cake

September 25

Look for the * for today’s advice.



William Faulkner 1897

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Life is not interested in good and evil. Since people exist only in life, they must devote their time simply to being alive. Life is motion, and motion is concerned with what makes man move — which is ambition, power, pleasure. What time a man can devote to morality, he must take by force from the motion of which he is a part. He is compelled to make choices between good and evil sooner or later, because moral conscience demands that from him in order that he can live with himself tomorrow. His moral conscience is the curse he had to accept from the gods in order to gain from them the right to dream.

In his classic introduction to The Portable Faulkner, Malcolm Cowley writes, “Faulkner’s novels have the quality of being lived, absorbed, remembered rather than merely observed. And they have what is rare in the novels of our time, a warmth of family affection, brother for brother and sister, the father for his children—a love so warm and proud that it tries to shut out the rest of the world.” That familial glow is one we can all bask in as we strive to fulfill the rigors of the life.

As I Lay Dying

William Faulkner’s self-proclaimed masterpiece, As I Lay Dying, originally published in 1930, is a fascinating exploration of the many voices found in a Southern family and community.

*Be around your family today. Bask in your family’s glow to help you strive to fulfill the rigors of life. Start reading As I Lay Dying today.


Mark Hamill 1951

Image result for mark hamill luke gif

“Mark was on my couch with a Heineken in one hand and a slab of cold pizza in the other. So, I said, ‘Mark, I think you might be right for this Luke Skywalker’. He got on the phone and the rest was history.”

*Put down the beer and cold pizza and do this Jedi workout.


Christopher Reeve 1952

Image result for christopher reeve superman gif

On their fourth wedding anniversary in April of 1996, just eleven months after the riding accident that saw him paralyzed from the neck down, Christopher Reeve‘s wife, Dana, gave him the following letter. They remained married until his death in 2004, by which point the Superman actor had lent his name to the American Paralysis Foundation and worked tirelessly to promote their cause. In 2006, Dana passed away after succumbing to lung cancer.

Welcome to Team Reeve

Whether you want to host a wine tasting or plan a school fundraiser for Team Reeve®, you can make a difference for the millions of individuals living with paralysis.

Starting your fundraiser is easy with Team Reeve, and we are here to help make your event a success.

*Join Team Reeve today and plan a fundraiser to make a difference for people living with paralysis.


Michael Douglas 1944

Image result for michael douglas and catherine zeta jones

Money Never Sleeps

Quote: “Money never sleeps pal. I just made $800,000 in Hong Kong gold. It’s been wired to you–play with it. You done good, but you gotta keep doing good. I showed you how the game works, now school’s out.”

Lesson: This line was first uttered by Gekko in the original Wall Street when teaching his protege, Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen), how to become rich.

It’s true, though. Money never sleeps. While you go to bed every night, your money is working either for you in an investment or against you on a loan earning interest or some kind of return.

*As you go to bed tonight, is your money working for you or against you? Watch Wall Street for motivation.


Will Smith 1968 – watch The Pursuit of Happyness

Image result for will smith pursuit of happiness crying

In trouble and hopeless, his then-girlfriend suggested Smith just hang around Paramount near the The Arsenio Hall Show studio in hopes of meeting someone influential.

It worked.

Before he knew it, Smith was at the home of Quincy Jones, spitballing what would become The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Doing an impromptu audition at Jones’ home in front of NBC’s Brandon Tartikoff, Smith was able to land the lead role in the show that would help make him a superstar.

Life will sometimes be tough. If you are rich, maybe you will never taste of necessity. But for most of us, at one point life was or is tough. Chris loses his house, goes to a motel, and eventually he ends up living in a homeless shelter. He and his son even spend a night in a subway station restroom. Life humiliates him. He tastes bitterness and then tastes happiness.

*If you don’t mind crying, watch The Pursuit of Happyness (it actual has a poignant ending). If you want something lighter, watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or listen to Will Smith’s music.


Catherine Zeta Jones 1969 – Roast Quail with White Truffle Sauce and Wild Mushrooms

Image result for catherine zeta jones and michael douglas

In the opening scenes of the movie, master chef Kate (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones) is talking with her therapist about the magnificent pairing of quail and truffle sauce, one of her signature dishes.

*Listen to some Will Smith music while making this dish and then watch the movie No Reservations, while enjoying it.

What a day!

Luke Skywalker and Superman

Michael Douglas and wife Catherine Zeta Jones (just 25 years apart)

AND The Fresh Prince

SNUB – Donald Glover

Review –

  • Bask in your family’s glow
  • Jedi workout
  • Join Team Reeve
  • Money never sleeps
  • Watch The Pursuit of Happyness
  • Make a roast quail with white truffle sauce and wild mushrooms

September 24

Look to the * for today’s advice.

F. This Day


F. Scott Fitzgerald 1896

Image result for f scott fitzgerald

Like so many American writers after World War I, Fitzgerald moved to France, where he befriended fellow writer Ernest Hemingway. In France he wrote the now classic (then underrated) novel The Great Gatsby.


Often seen with a leather notebook in one hand, Fitzgerald was constantly taking notes of his thoughts and impressions knowing how vital one of those brief thoughts could become to his work.

*Hopefully you have the 365DOLF journal, but if not, get a nice leather notebook to write down your thoughts and impressions. Start reading The Great Gatsby today.


Nia Vardalos 1962

Image result for nia vardalos

‘Big Fat Greek Wedding’ star Nia Vardalos files for divorce


“It’s a lot easier to make healthy food choices when you actually have healthy food in the house. I make a big batch of food on Sunday and Thursday, and eat it in variations throughout the week.

Meal Prepping is simply preparing some, or all of your meals ahead of time. It’s like having those TV dinners that you would purchase from the store, except that you prepare them yourself, with better, healthier and unprocessed ingredients.

*Meal prep for the rest of the week or for next week. It could lead to a big lean Greek wedding.


Phil Hartman 1948

Image result for phil hartman jesus gif

Comedian and actor Phil Hartman, famous for his work on Saturday Night Live and NewsRadio, was shot to death by his troubled wife, Brynn, in a murder-suicide. He was 49.

According to news reports, Brynn, Hartman’s third wife (two previous marriages ended in divorce) had a history of drug and alcohol problems. The couple had two children.

Phil Hartman is the perfect Jesus. Not because he “looks the part” or anything, it’s that he manages to pull off the perfect blank-slate-Jesus. There is no figure in fiction or fact who comes with more cultural baggage than Jesus Christ, and yet somehow Hartman manages to fulfill both the theological/cultural expectations of the character, without inserting any unnecessary commentary on Jesus or Christianity.

Our goal is to answer clearly the most important question any human being will ever face: “Who do you say that Jesus is?”

*So…who do you say that Jesus is?


Franklin Mars 1882

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When Frank was little, he battled polio which left him disabled the rest of his life.

As you might imagine from this, he was rather immobile as a kid, so he spent a lot of time watching his mother bake and cook, including watching her go through the difficult and tedious process of making fresh chocolates.


The Five Principles are the key to our culture, and we strive to live by them each and every day. They serve as a compass to help guide our business decisions and unite us across geographies, languages, cultures and generations. The result is stronger relationships with everyone — our consumers, customers, business partners, communities and each other.

*Write the principles that will guide your business decisions. Don’t be afraid to steal these 5 from Mars – the man, not the planet.


Jim Henson 1936 – watch The Muppet Show

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On May 16, 1990, after a brief illness, Jim Henson died in New York City. With his keen ability for drawing together a strong team of performers, artists, and collaborators who shared his vision and creativity, Jim ensured that his work and unique creative vision would continue. Through The Jim Henson Company, his work continues to captivate and entertain a global audience.

Rita Moreno hosted the first episode (and would win an Emmy Award for her appearance), while some celebrities were allowed to be co-hosts. Singers Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge co-hosted in 1978 and singers Roy Rogers and Dale Evans co-hosted in May 1979.

Other hosts included eclectic stars like Johnny Cash, Julie Andrews, Peter Sellers, Harry Belafonte, Bob Hope, Liza Minnelli, Vincent Price, Ethel Merman, Diana Ross, Debbie Harry, and Alice Cooper.

*Watch The Muppet Show to escape from reality today. “Animal” is my favorite.


Robert Irvine 1965 – zupa di mussels

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Directions: Perform the following workout as a circuit. After a 5-10 minute warmup, set a timer for 20 minutes. Don’t rest between exercises. Perform 15 reps of each exercise. Continue the circuit until 20 minutes is up, then cool down.

Barbell Overhead Press
Barbell Curl
Lying Barbell Triceps Extension
Barbell Squat
Barbell Row
Barbell Upright Row
Plank (60 seconds)

This workout comes from Robert Irvine’s website

*After building your muscles, eat these mussels from Robert Irvine’s recipes. Have a Mars candy bar for dessert.

SNUB – Mean Joe Greene – Go Steelers!

Review –

  • Write down your thoughts
  • Meal prep
  • Who do you say that Jesus is?
  • Write down your 5 principles
  • Watch The Muppet Show
  • Make zupa di mussles

September 23

Look for the * for today’s advice.



Caesar Augustus 63

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Augustus reorganized Roman life throughout the empire. He passed laws to encourage marital stability and renew religious practices. He instituted a system of taxation and a census while also expanding the network of Roman roads. He founded a postal service and established a regular police force and fire brigade in Rome.

This was a fantastic opportunity for a young man from nowhere. Almost at once, however, Caesar was dead – murdered by his own advisors. Augustus was just 19, but immediately threw himself into the backstabbing world of Roman politics.

*Always be prepared to grab opportunities when they present themselves.


LisaRaye McCoy 1967

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Off-screen, LisaRaye captured the hearts of hopeless romantics worldwide as she became a real-life aristocrat upon marrying the former Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands in an extravagant ‘royal’ wedding attended by celebrities and dignitaries such as former BFF Vivica A. Fox, Rapper Da Brat (McCoy’s sister), Ambassador Andrew Young and Perry Christie, the Prime Minister of the Bahamas.  She wore a one-of-a-kind couture gown by Amsale and a Chopard tiara from the personal collection of the only other American actress to marry a royal, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco.

LisaRaye was also a celebrity who came out years ago stating she decided to be celibate for her own reasons. Clean body, inside and out.

*Stay celibate today. Clean body, inside and out.


Ray Charles 1930

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Referred to as “The Genius of Soul,” Charles was more than a cover artist or a mimic. He was a bridge, breaking down musical barriers and making whatever he sang his own.

But Charles’ legacy runs deeper than music. His life tells the story of a man who overcame not only racial obstacles in the mid-twentieth century, but also physical obstacles, going blind from glaucoma by the age of seven.

*Listen to Ray Charles. It’s good for the soul. Watch Ray for further inspiration.


Andres Cassagnes 1926

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As with so many inventions, the genesis of the Etch A Sketch came about through a fortuitous accident. Cassagnes was repairing an electrical switch and had written in pencil on an adhesive transfer on the switch plate. He noticed that when he lifted off the transfer, the marks were still visible on the other side.

For more than 50 years, children and adults alike have been discovering the magical world of creativity and pencil-free drawing with Classic Etch A Sketch! The iconic frame, easy-to-use knobs, classic magic screen and shake-to-erase feature — not to mention the endless hours of fun it provides — have made it popular all around the world!

French electrical technician André Cassagnes applied his experience with the clinging properties of an electrostatic charge to invent a mechanical drawing toy with no spare parts. He called his creation L’Ecran Magique, the magic screen. Introduced at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1959, the gadget failed to draw much attention. Numerous manufacturers passed over a chance to pick up the new toy, concluding that Cassagnes wanted too much money for it. However, the Ohio Art Company took a second look and invested $25,000, more than they had ever paid for a license. Ohio Art renamed the toy “Etch A Sketch” and began mass production later that year. Saturation advertising on television turned the toy into a must-have item for Christmas, 1960

*Think about your experiences. What could you apply your experiences to create? All you need is one investor to take a second look and invest. Play with an Etch A Sketch for inspiration.


Bruce Springsteen 1949

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Men really do get better with age

Well, Springsteen does anyway. Just look at him: just turned 70 and he’s still looking sharp and banging out hit albums and three-hour stadium gigs like a man less than half his age.

*Listen to “The Boss” throughout your day. Act like someone half your age today. Baby you were born to run.


Jason Alexander 1959 – George Costanza day of eating

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Even Seinfeld actors and creative and production teams disagree about the Jewishness of Seinfeld characters, especially George and his family. Writer Carol Leifer insists that the Costanzas are not Jewish, attributing any confusion to their status as New Yorkers. But co-producer Gregg Kavet believes that “George Costanza, with an Italian name and all, is Jewish,” because his mother was written as a Jewish character, even though her Jewishness was not explicitly revealed.


Éclair -. Only George would try to justify why it’s okay that he ate a partially-eaten eclair out of the trash “It was clean and on top.”


Eggplant calzone – When you’re working for none other than George Steinbrenner, you gotta give the man what he wants. And in this episode, what he wants is George’s delicious-smelling eggplant calzone—every day.

Midday Snack

Chips and dip – George gets caught committing one of the worst snacking offenses—double-dipping a chip—and at a wake no less. “You dipped the chip. You took a bite. And you dipped again!” To which George retorts, “You dip the way you want to dip…I’ll dip the way I want to dip.”


Turkey chili with bread – Bottom line is this: If you want the most delicious soup in all the land, you follow the rules set by the “Soup Nazi.” (George never does get his bread)

Marble Rye – You know, George’s dad had a point—if you’re going to bring something to a dinner party, say a marble rye, the polite thing to do is put it out for the guests to enjoy. But if that doesn’t happen, is stealing it back okay? In the words of Mr. Costanza: “What do you mean stole? It’s my bread. They didn’t eat it. Why should I leave it there?”


Ice cream sundae – Would you break up with someone if they were caught on TV at a major sporting event (like oh, say, the US Open) with an ice cream sundae dripping all over their face? Well, if that “someone” was George, then you might!

Late night snack

Pastrami on rye – When his girlfriend lights some vanilla incense before they have sex, it makes George hungry. So, he thinks about his dream trifecta: eating, watching TV and having sex all at the same time. But eating a pastrami sandwich while watching a portable TV under the covers doesn’t exactly go over well during foreplay

*Eat like George Costanza all day. Make it like “The Summer of George!”

SNUB – Anthony Mackie

Review –

  • Be prepared to grab an opportunity
  • A day of celibacy
  • Listen to Ray Charles
  • Create from your experiences
  • Listen to Bruce Springsteen
  • Eat like George Costanza

September 22

Look for the * for today’s advice.



Andrea Bocelli 1958

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Andrea Bocelli, the blind Italian opera singer, has praised his mother for rejecting the advice of doctors to abort him on the grounds that he would be disabled.

*Listen to Andrea Bocelli and think about the courage of his mother and the pride she would have in him. Think of the challenges that Bocelli would have faced on his journey to sing what he is singing right now.

Lazar Angelov 1984

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Once in a lifetime chance. The best certified personal gym trainer of all times – Lazar Angelov. Achieving great results was never this easy.

He eats 7 meals a day with 2-3 hours of interval between each meal. Lazar Angelov avoids being on a calorie deficit diet in order to keep his muscle mass.

*Eat 7 meals today. A meal every 2-3 hours. Look into using Lazar Angelov’s academy online for your training purposes.


James Lawson 1928

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"When you are a child of God... you try thereby to imitate Jesus, in the midst of evil. Which means, if someone slaps you on the one cheek, you turn the other cheek, which is an act of resistance. It means that you do not only love your neighbor, but you recognize that even the enemy has a spark of God in them, has been made in the image of God and therefore needs to be treated as you, yourself, want to be treated Jesus is very clear about this: "do unto others as you want others to do unto you." — which is a rather powerful ethic for personal relationships, regardless of whether family or school or community or nation." --James Lawson, preparing students for nonviolent action at an FOR workshop

*Turn the other cheek with someone today. Hopefully no one slaps you, but if someone is being difficult with you, recognize that they have a spark of God in them.


Tommy Lasorda 1927

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Tommy Lasorda, 91, celebrates the Dodgers’ sixth straight division championship like a college kid

Have A Vision For Yourself. As a player, one of Lasorda’s earliest goals was to rise in rank and one day manage the Dodgers—but he knew the process would be filled with many roles along the way. Not all of them would be sexy.

*Perform any role that is going to get you one step closer to the vision that you have for yourself.


Joan Jett 1958

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Jett’s 1979 version of the song was owned by The Polygram Company, who were not enthusiastic about Joan or the song. Laguna explains: “They could care less about Joan Jett, they were busy signing every other Runaway. They thought Joan was the loser and they signed the other girls, who we’re all friends with, but I looked at the band and thought she was the Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the band.

*If you love Rock and Roll, listen to the Queen of Rock and Roll today.


Scott Baio 1960 – ricotta puffs

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Scott Baio has claimed that he never molested his former “Charles in Charge” co-star Nicole Eggert. Now, he’s revealing that he took a total of five polygraph tests to show he’s telling the truth about the accusations against him.

*Make one of your 7 meals these Scott Baio ricotta puffs. Joanie loves Chachi and you’ll love these.

SNUB – Ronaldo

Review –

  • Listen to Andre Bocelli
  • Eat 7 meals
  • Turn the other cheek
  • Perform any role to get you closer to your goal
  • Listen to Joan Jett
  • Make ricotta puffs


September 21

Look to the * for today’s advice.



Stephen King 1947

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Do it for the joy

I have written because it fulfilled me… I did it for the pure joy of the thing. And if you can do it for joy, you can do it forever.

This is perhaps the most important lesson in the book. If you do something for the joy of it, not only can you endure the difficult journey to success but also your life will be fulfilling. What’s better than that?

The Shining

The Stephen King Top Ten could be argued up and down, but there’s little doubt that The Shining—his most parodied, most famous, twice-adapted novel—is always going to be a contender for the top slot. We rank it number one because it’s in many ways the ideal King novel, the novel scientists would create if they sought to grow a King novel in the lab. Every theme, flat-out terrifying moment, and character is 100% Stephen King working at the height of his powers.

*You’ve probably seen the movie. Start reading his #1 novel – The Shining

I am writing these words for the joy of it. I truly enjoy every part of putting 365DOLF together. I can endure any journey to its success and if I can turn it into my career, my life will be fulfilling. Find your passion and do it for the joy.


Faith Hill 1967

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Pamper yourself at the end of a long day. It’s mandatory. Maybe you’re been dealing with workmen who have ripped apart your kitchen or business concerns. Make sure to end the day with a little bit of you time. “All of us figure out some way to make it work and even the toughest day will come to an end,” she says. “At night, I will throw my feet up on the couch and rest for a moment. I’ll even acknowledge, ‘God that was a long day. But I’m not unique. Everyone has trials and tribulations. Everyone could write a book.’”

Running was once Hill’s cardio exercise of choice. Now she favors lower-impact activities, such as brisk 2- or 3-mile walks. She also performs regular 4-mile routines on an elliptical trainer.

*Take a 3 mile walk or 4 miles on an elliptical trainer. And remember to just breathe. Pamper yourself at the end of today.


Alfonso Ribeiro 1971

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor traveled to Salt Lake City Saturday for LoveLoud, a music festival for LGBT youth, because he wanted to help “a community that doesn’t typically have a lot of support,” he told The Advocate.

And he had a message for queer young people. “Be yourself. Be proud,” said Ribeiro. “I just feel like, even as an African-American, we’re all minorities now, and we’re all together, and we all need to support one another and just say that you are loved.”

“We stand together as one against people who don’t want us to exist,” Ribeiro said. “Real equality is what brings us together as one in this journey called life. Love who your heart tells you to love and always come from a place of understanding and compassion. These are the values that bring us together. They unite us.”

*Have values that unite people. Love who is in your heart and always come from a place of understanding and compassion. And don’t be afraid to do the Carlton Dance.


Larry Hagman 1931

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“There are few things that J.R. Ewing can’t afford, but patience is one of them.”

J.R.’s emotional detachment may have made him a lousy husband and brother. But it also made him an excellent investor.

Buy oil stocks and energy stocks

Oil prices have a direct effect on the value of Halliburton (HAL – Get Report) , ExxonMobil (XOM – Get Report) and BP (BP – Get Report) shares, and investing in well-known oil stocks will let you know if the oil industry and related energy industries are the right fit for you. Take a look around, see how much debt oil and energy companies are carrying, how much profit they’re generating and how much they’re paying investors in dividends.

*Invest in oil today. Make Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing) proud. Watch some episodes of Dallas for motivation.


Bill Murray 1950 – watch Caddyshack

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Many of us have random impulses, but Bill Murray is the man who acts on them, for all of us. Consider, for example, the time a couple of years ago when he caught a cab late at night in Oakland. Facing a long drive across the bay to Sausalito, he started talking with his cabbie and discovered that his driver was a frustrated saxophone player: He never had enough time to practice, because he was driving a taxi 14 hours a day. Murray told the cabbie to pull over and get his horn out of the trunk; the cabbie could play it in the back seat while Murray drove.

Believe in “Cinderella stories.” He may have just been a greenskeeper at Bushwood Country Club, but Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) had big dreams. As he used a grass whip for a golf club and hit flowers (rather than a ball), Carl imagined himself winning the coveted green jacket at Augusta National.

“He’s got about 195 yards left and it looks like he’s got an 8-iron. This crowd has gone deadly silent,” he said as he prepared to hit a “shot.” “Cinderella story, out of nowhere, the former greenskeeper now about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a mira…it’s in the hole! It’s in the hole!”

No matter what your age is, you’re never too old to use your imagination. Everyone has a “Cinderella story”—a lofty goal of some sort that they hope they can achieve. What’s yours?

*Caddyshack, Stripes, Groundhog Day, Lost in Translation – all good choices today.


Anne Burrell 1969 – ratatouille

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Anne’s passion for food and cooking began at an early age. Anne feels fortunate to have found a field that satisfies her so completely. “I feel so lucky to have found my true passion in life.”

*Bill Murray battles a gopher in Caddyshack and dealt with a groundhog in Groundhog’s Day so enjoy Anne Burrell’s ratatouille on this day. It’s a stretch, I know – just go with it.

SNUB – Luke Wilson

Review –

  • Do it for the joy
  • 3 mile walk
  • Have values that unite people
  • Invest in oil
  • Watch Caddyshack
  • Make ratatouille