August 8



Roger Federer 1981

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“I’ve always been aware that the image you patiently construct for an entire career can be ruined in a minute. It scares you a bit, but that’s the way things are.”

*You’ve worked hard for over 8 months on becoming a better person. Be aware that your image can be ruined in a minute.


Shawn Mendes 1998

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“I eat tons of carbs. I just work out a lot, dude. I go to the gym every morning, and I’m obsessed with fitness and just staying active.”

*You can eat a ton of carbs – if you just workout a lot. Go to the gym this morning and stay obsessed with fitness and staying active. It helps if you’re turning 22.


Through Vine, YouTube and Twitter, he built the type of massive, grassroots fandom over many months that can take most artists several years to obtain.

*Listen to Sean Mendes or watch him on YouTube.


Meagan Good 1981

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“I do [go to church]. Not all the time though, because my experience with some church folks has not been that positive,”

“It’s unfortunate because we’re supposed to be the biggest lovers. And it’s like, even if you disagree with someone or you don’t think what they’re doing is right, you’re supposed to mind your own business and pray for that person.”

*Take today to pray for someone that you disagree with.


Jen Selter 1993

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*Selter is a viral sensation and reminds us that regardless of your business, whether marketing to consumers or business, a strong social media strategy is key in today’s business environment.


Dustin Hoffman 1937 – watch Rain Man

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*Watch Hoffman win one of his two Oscars in Rain Man.


Jerry Tarkanian 1930 – seven spiced shark steaks

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*Enjoy these seven spiced shark steaks in honor of the very spicy career of “Tark the Shark”. Chew on a wet towel for dessert.

SNUB – Ray Dalio 1949

Review –

  • It only takes a minute to ruin your reputation
  • Morning workout
  • Pray for someone you disagree with
  • Have a strong social media strategy
  • Watch Rain Man
  • Make seven spiced shark steaks

August 7



Lee Corso 1935

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He’s fought hard to get back, but it’s a mountain peak he can’t reach.

“And if I talk a long time, by night, I can hardly talk,”

“The system is disconnected and it hasn’t reconnected.”

Learn as many stroke symptoms as possible so you can recognize stroke and save a life!

Lifestyle risk factors such as diet and exercise are part of controllable risk factors.

*My father had a massive stroke on May 4, 2017 and died on May 21, 2018. He never drank or smoked. He was working at 84 when it happened, so he was still active. But he did have undiagnosed AFIB that led to his stroke and tortuous death. Corso’s was less severe but still life changing. Go to and start changing any behaviors that could lead to a stroke. Trust me, you do not want to end your life like my dad did.


Sidney Crosby 1987

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Day 1

  • Barbell Squat – 4 x 5
  • Walking Lunges – 3 x 8 per leg

*Play ice hockey and/or do Sid “The Kid’s” workout. Lets go Pens!


Kyler Murray 1997

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“Kyler’s more private, more reserved. But he will lift everybody around him.”

*Lift everybody around you today.


Wayne Knight 1955

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People who try to get rich quick seldom do. (Seinfeld episode: The Bottle Deposit)

*“Hello…Newman” – Eliminate any thoughts of getting rich quick, you won’t. Watch The Bottle Deposit episode of Seinfeld to see Wayne Knight as Newman, burn up in flames.


Charlize Theron 1975 – watch Monster

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“Our financier had no fucking idea what movie we were making,”

“He thought he was making a hot Charlize Theron, Christina Ricci, lesbian love, sex movie.”

*If you’re wanting to see Theron as a beautiful model turned actress, this isn’t the movie for you, but it is what she won an Oscar for.


Mike Trout 1991 – pan fried trout

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Mike Trout Reportedly Expected to Receive ‘Lifetime’ Contract Offer from Angels

*Enjoy this pan fried trout in honor of the best player in baseball, Mike Trout.

SNUB – Mata Hari 1876

Review –

  • Take steps now to avoid a stroke later
  • Sid the Kid workout
  • Lift everyone around you
  • You won’t get rich quick
  • Watch Monster
  • Make pan fried trout

August 6



Robert Mitchum 1917

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*Hopefully you’ve already done this. If not, take today to stop trying to please people.


Charlotte McKinney 1993

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“Lots of sleep and tons of water is key for looking and feeling healthy.”

*8 and 8 today. 8 hours of sleep and 8 glasses of water.


Andy Warhol 1928

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He did have a secret, one that the kept dark from all but his closest friends: he was exceedingly devout—so much so that he made daily visits to the church of Saint Vincent Ferrer on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

*Even if you have to keep it from your friends, seek out being exceedingly devout.


Travie McCoy 1981

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“And yeah I’ll be in a whole new tax bracket

We in recession, but let me take a crack at it

I’ll probably take whatever’s left and just split it up

So everybody that I love can have a couple bucks”

*Again, it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you spend. Give someone you love a couple bucks today, though.


Lucille Ball 1911 – watch I Love Lucy

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*Don’t be confined to your status today. Watch episodes of I Love Lucy for motivation.


Geri Halliwell 1972 – Ginger Spice Cookies

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*Listen to a mix of Travie McCoy and the Spice Girls while making these Ginger Spice cookies. Snack on them while watching I Love Lucy.

SNUB – Victor Zambrano 1975 – so his birthday is 8/6/75 – 3 oh 9 – get it?

Review –

  • Stop trying to please people
  • 8 hours of sleep and 8 glasses of water
  • Seek out being exceedingly devout
  • Don’t spend more because you make more
  • Watch I Love Lucy
  • Make Ginger Spice Cookies

August 5



Neil Armstrong 1930

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Be humble. He didn’t use his achievements and successes as an opportunity to brag but to push others forward. Enjoy your successes and celebrate your little steps forward but do so humbly.

*Use your achievements from this year as an opportunity to push others forward. Share your successes from 365DOLF with others. Get them on the bandwagon with you. Watch First Man for inspiration.


Lolo Jones 1982

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“If I’m running for longer and slower, then I get less rest time. But if my run time is faster and shorter, I get a longer time to recover so that I can run at a higher velocity next round. Rest is really important.”

*Rest is important. But only if you’ve earned it. Get on that treadmill and run longer but slower or run shorter but faster today.


Adam Yauch 1964

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In 1992, Yauch became a practicing Buddhist, and in many ways the spiritual center of the Beastie Boys.

*Look into Buddhism. I think it’s the closest thing to what 365DOLF is all about. Improving your mind, body, and soul. 


Patrick Ewing 1962

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“NBA players make a lot of money. But they spend a lot of money, too.”

*It doesn’t matter how much money you make, it’s how much money you spend.


Herb Brooks 1937 – watch Miracle

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*Watch the movie about one of the most iconic moments in sports and Cold War history, Do you believe in miracles?


Maureen McCormick 1956 – Salad of Grilled Zucchini and Summer Squash with Avocado

See the source image

*Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! This recipe is much better than anything Jan ever made.

SNUB – Reid Hoffman 1967

Review –

  • Be humble
  • Run longer and slower or shorter and faster
  • Look into Buddhism
  • It’s not what you make, it’s what you spend
  • Watch Miracle
  • Make Marcia’s salad of grilled zucchini and summer squash

August 4

Louis Day


Barack Obama 1961

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“We are reminded that, in the fleeting time we have on this Earth, what matters is not wealth, or status, or power, or fame, but rather how well we have loved and what small part we have played in making the lives of other people better.”

*Take today to think about how well you have loved and what small part you have played in making the lives of other people better.


Meghan Markle 1981 – try vinyasa (shares a birthday with Elizabeth the Queen Mother)

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“I love an intense Vinyasa class – and even better if its blasting hip-hop and done in a dark room with candlelight.”

*Find a local studio or a vinyasa class online and workout like you’ve got nothing to lose.”


Louis Armstrong 1901

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Warring sides in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa temporarily stopped fighting in 1960 to attend an Armstrong concert.

*While listening to Louis Armstrong, reach out to someone you have been warring with and suggest a peace treaty.


Louis Vuitton 1821

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Louis, at the age of 13, wanted to go to Paris. 3 years after traveling on foot he arrived, and eventually became the apprentice to Monsieur Marechal. . . Louis’ success did not happen at once. But it did begin when Louis took his first step toward Paris in the spring of 1835.

*Sometimes all you need is a “first step” and a good mentor. If you haven’t yet, take that first step today.


Billy Bob Thornton 1955 – watch Sling Blade

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*Watch Billy Bob win an Oscar in Sling Blade.

BONUS – FOOD – make French fried taters


Elizabeth the Queen Mother 1900

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Despite her appetite for food and drink, she lived to be 101

Dinner: Chicken Tropicana

Served in a halved coconut, this is the ultimate kitsch Sixties dish.

Dessert: Tipsy Tart

This brandy-soaked tart provided the perfect excuse for a boozy tea time.

Drink: Bloody Bull

A variation of the classic Bloody Marymade with vodka, tomato juice and seasoning

*Have a passion for food like the Queen Mother and enjoy her dinner, dessert and drink. Be ready to live to 101.

SNUB – Jeff Gordon 1971

Review –

  • Make the lives of others better
  • Try a Vinyasa class
  • Listen to Lois Armstrong for peace
  • Take that first step
  • Watch Sling Blade
  • Eat like Elizabeth the Queen Mother

August 3



Tony Bennett 1926

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“I’m not the type of person who likes to look backwards. I’ve always felt compelled to move forward and I’ve never been one to dwell in the past. All the people I’ve met, all the places I’ve been, and all the things that I’ve done have simply been part of who I am.”

*Keep moving forward. Which people, places, and things make up who you are?


Tom Brady 1977

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TB12 is a natural and holistic system that combines pliability, nutrition, hydration, resistance band strength training, and cognitive health to prepare your body and mind to do what you love, longer.

*Get the TB12 Method book today and get started. Try this for the whole month of August and see where it goes.. 


Martin Sheen 1940

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“If you’re going to make a contribution, if you’re going to do anything of value, it’s got to cost you something,”

“Piety is something you do alone,”

“True freedom, spirituality, can only be achieved in community.”

*Make a contribution of value to help find true freedom and spirituality.


Michael Ealy 1973

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Ealy spent 5 years as a waiter before getting his big break in Barbershop in 2001.

“There were times where I’d feel like, ‘I’m a waiter. I’m not an actor. I’m a waiter.”

*Keep working hard – your big break is coming. Tell yourself what you will be, not what you currently are.


James Hetfield 1963 – listen to Metallica

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*Listen to Metallica before going to bed tonight. Enter Sandman.


Martha Stewart 1941 – tequila soaked watermelon wedges

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National Watermelon Day recognizes the refreshing summertime treat

*Enjoy these Martha Stewart tequila soaked watermelon wedges on a hot August day. Always tell the truth.

SNUB – Evangeline Lilly 1979

Review –

  • Keep moving forward
  • Start TB12
  • Make a contribution of value
  • Your big break is coming
  • Listen to Metallica
  • Make tequila soaked watermelon wedge

August 2



Wes Craven 1939

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“A lot of life is dealing with your curse, dealing with the cards you were given that aren’t so nice. Does it make you into a monster, or can you temper it in some way, or accept it and go in some other direction?”

*What is your curse? Does it make you into a monster? Can you temper it? Can you accept it and go in some other direction?


Skylar Diggins 1990

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“I start working on my core strength and balance right after the season, using kettle bells, medicine balls and battle ropes,”

“I really want to strengthen my body and get ready for my individual workouts and for the season.”

*Get with your trainer today and let them know you want to work on strength and balance by using kettle balls, medicine balls, and battle ropes just like Skylar Diggins. Play basketball and be the point guard.


Carroll O’Connor 1924 – watch All in the Family

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Carroll O’Connor in real life was an outspoken defender of liberal and civil rights causes—as was the show’s producer, Norman Lear.

*When I spoke at my father’s funeral, I compared him to Archie Bunker, but he evolved into a much better person. Don’t be like Archie Bunker – be like the man who played him, Carroll O’Connor – a defender of civil rights.


Kevin Smith 1970

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“Just be who you want to be in life.”

*In the free world economy, we have the greatest gift that freedom and democracy offers – choice!


Peter O’Toole 1932 – watch Lion in Winter

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While shooting The Lion in Winter, O’Toole cut off the top of his finger. He put the finger in some brandy before pushing it back into place and wrapping with a bandage. Removing the bandage weeks later he discovered he’d put it back the wrong way round.

*Sip some brandy as you watch Peter O’Toole almost win an Oscar in Lion in Winter.


Mary-Louise Parker 1964 – migas eggs

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Mary-Louise Parker is a Tony, Emmy, and Golden Globe award-winning actress.

Made with crispy corn tortillas, eggs, tomatoes, bell peppers and onions, Migas (Mexican Egg Tortilla Breakfast Skillet) is an easy morning meal that’s sure to please the whole family!

*Smoke. Watch Weeds. Eat Parker’s migas eggs. Enjoy.

BONUS – Kristaps Porzingis 1995 -cookie dough ice cream for dessert

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What’s your favorite unhealthy food you still sneak in?

I love Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

Which kind?

The one with the cookie—what’s it called?

Cookies and cream?

No, no. What do you call the substance before you cook the cookie?

Cookie dough.

Yes! Oh my God, it’s so fire. That’s one of my favorite things to eat when I’m cheating.

SNUB – Golden Tate 1988

Review –

  • No excuses
  • Skylar Diggins Workout
  • Be a defender of civil rights causes
  • Be who you want to be in life
  • Watch Scream
  • Make migas eggs

August 1



Francis Scott Key 1779

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When inspiration strikes, take action. 

Key started to write key lines during the bombardment. Imagine if he waited to write the poem until later when he was safely at home. We likely would never have heard of it.

*Take action today. You’ve been waiting long enough. If you’re half asleep with a great idea and think, I’ll do that tomorrow, think again.


Jason Momoa 1979

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*Do this Aquaman workout, go swimming, and then eat lean meat and green veggies. Save the Guinness for a nightcap.


Herman Melville 1819

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Melville’s Moby-Dick as a story of the soul’s pilgrimage towards redemption.

*Read Moby Dick and read The Holy Longing by Ron Rolheiser to help your soul’s pilgrimage towards redemption.


Adam Jones 1985

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“They have expressed to my family and I that they value everything I bring to the game, and have proven that by offering me a 2 year guaranteed deal with a chance to play a 3rd year and beyond,”

“My family and I are very, very excited about this new chapter in our lives.”

*Don’t be afraid to start a new chapter in your life, if there’s a company that values everything you bring.


Jerry Garcia 1942 – listen to the Grateful Dead

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Jerry’s brother accidentally removed his middle finger with an axe when Jerry was young. So, he made do with what he had to work with. He improvised.

*Make do with what you have to work with today and listen to the Grateful Dead. And treat your children well.


Dom DeLuise 1933 – Dom’s Mom’s meatballs

Image result for dom deluise him

*Enjoy Dom’s mom’s meatballs while watching her son as “Captain Chaos” in The Cannonball Run.

And Cherry Garcia Ice Cream for dessert. Don’t forget to wash it all down with a Guinness.

SNUB – Austin Rivers 1992

Review –

  • Take Action
  • Aquaman Workout
  • Start reading Moby Dick
  • Start a new chapter in your life
  • Listen to The Grateful Dead
  • Make Dom’s Mom’s Meatballs