April 30



Cloris Leachman 1926

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“Throw out words like ‘fitness,’ ‘exercise,’ ‘diet,’ ”

“All those good words–‘physically fit’–I’ve gotten so sick of those words. It sucks.”

“I like that word: Suck up life, suck up good stuff. Throw out all those other boring, dead, overused, meaningless words.”

*Suck up life today. Suck up all the good stuff. 


Gal Gadot 1985

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“I did two hours gym work, two hours fight choreography, and two hours horseback riding.”

*The only option is probably a nice two hour gym workout. Unless you have a way to do fight choreography or horseback riding. 


Travis Scott 1992

Travis Scott

“I feel like God put me here to help out with people’s soul, man.”

*Listen to Travis Scott’s music and see if it helps out with your soul.


Isiah Thomas 1961

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In 2009, Thomas took the FIU job and said he was going to donate his first year of salary back to the school because he “did not come for the money.” This was probably because he had a side hustle with the Knicks lined up, which he had to back out of because it was against NBA rules.

*Be careful what you promise and make sure that your side hustle is legal.


Johnny Galecki 1975

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Kunal Nayyar 1981

Two cakes on one day? When April 30 rolls around, there must be quite the birthday bash when the guys celebrate on set of The Big Bang Theory.

*Watch The Big Bang Theory which stars two of our birthday boys.


Kirsten Dunst 1982 – The Next Best Thing to Tom Cruise Cake

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“He sends me a cake every Christmas. We are very excited to receive ‘The Cruise Cake”


*Make this Next Best Thing to Tom Cruise Cake and watch Interview with a Vampire while eating it.

SNUB – Ana de Armas 1988

Review –

  • Suck up life
  • Wonder Woman Workout
  • Listen to Travis Scott
  • Have a side hustle – make sure it’s legal
  • Watch Big Bang Theory
  • Make ‘The Cruise Cake’

April 29



Jerry Seinfeld 1954

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“I read an article a few years ago that said when you practice a sport a lot, you literally become a broadband: the nerve pathway in your brain contains a lot more information. As soon as you stop practicing, the pathway begins shrinking back down. Reading that changed my life.”

*This is why Seinfeld continued to work on his craft as a comedian. This is why you should continue to work on what is most important to you.


Michelle Pfeiffer 1958

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Pfeiffer, who runs 4 to 6 miles a day on the treadmill, switched to a vegan diet several years ago to improve her health and boost longevity.

*Run 4 to 6 miles on the treadmill and eat vegan today. Watch Scarface for motivation.


Willie Nelson 1933

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Be Yourself

If there is one thing that Willie Nelson has always done better than anyone else, it’s being Willie Nelson.

*Be yourself. It’s good for your soul. So is listening to Willie Nelson. And smoking.


Dale Earnhardt 1951

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The former NASCAR driver’s widow, Teresa Earnhardt, wants to keep the name from being used by Earnhardt’s son and her stepson, Kerry Earnhardt, and his wife in their home designs and furniture business.

*Make sure your name is being used as you would want, after you are gone.


Daniel Day-Lewis 1957 – watch Lincoln

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*Watch Daniel Day-Lewis win 1 of his 3 Oscars as Abraham Lincoln.


Uma Thurman 1970 – Durward Kirby burger and the famous “Five Dollar Milk Shake”

Pulp Fiction': Quentin Tarantino's overdose scene still jolts at 25


Vincent and Mia order food from a Buddy Holly–look-alike waiter (played by Steve Buscemi)— a “Douglas Sirk” steak and a “vanilla Coke” for Vincent, and a “Durward Kirby” burger and the famous “Five Dollar Milk Shake” for Mia.


*Make this Durward Kirby burger and wash it down with a $5 milkshake. Enjoy this 1950s meal while watching Pulp Fiction.

What a day! Big names teaching us how to LIVE FAMOUSLY

SNUB – Duke Ellington 1899

Review –

  • Continue to work on your craft
  • Run 4 to 6 miles on the treadmill
  • Be yourself
  • How will your name be used when you are gone?
  • Watch Lincoln
  • Durward Kirby Burger and a $5 milkshake

April 28



James Monroe 1758

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“Flattery will support a man through great fatigue.”

*Help support a friend with flattery today.


Jessica Alba 1981

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Total body exhaustion is the goal in these Jessica Alba 3-2-1 workouts.

*Complete this Jessica Alba 3-2-1 workout.


Harper Lee 1926

Harper Lee - Books, Facts & Quotes - Biography

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. … Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”

*Climb inside someone’s skin today and consider things from their point of view. Read To Kill a Mockingbird for motivation.


Ferruccio Lamborghini 1916

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Lamborghini Cars Were A Result Of A Tractor Company Owner Being Insulted by the Founder of Ferrari.

*Turn an insult into an opportunity today.


Oskar Schindler 1908 – watch Schindler’s List

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*Watch the movie that won 7 Oscars –  Schindler’s List.


Penelope Cruz 1974 – shrimp stew

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Isabella strives to find balance between her need to control (hence, woman on top) and the passion in her heart.


*Enjoy this sexy shrimp stew while watching the movie that it comes from – Woman on Top

SNUB – Elena Kagan 1960

Review –

  • Support someone with flattery
  • 3-2-1 workout
  • Consider things from someone else’s point of view
  • Turn an insult into an opportunity
  • Watch Schindler’s List
  • Make sexy shrimp stew

April 27



Ulysses S. Grant 1822

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“I only knew what was in my mind, and I wished to express it clearly”

*Whatever has been weighing on your mind, express it clearly today.


Martha Hunt 1989

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“My personal philosophy is that you just need to switch it up and keep a good healthy balance, don’t overdo any one kind of exercise give your body rest give yourself time to eat and enjoy life! Don’t overdo it is really important.”

“I’ll do a yoga podcast on my iPad from time to time.”


*Find a yoga podcast and do it. But don’t overdo it.

BONUS: Earl Anthony 1938

See the source image

Earl Anthony is the greatest bowler (and 1st millionaire) in the PBA’s first 50 years.

*Go bowling tonight – make it a date night!


Coretta Scott King 1927

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Coretta King was his other half. She did more than anyone else to advance his legacy. If it were not for this woman by his side, his legacy would never have risen to such heroic proportions.

*How are you helping your other half? How are you adding to your significant other’s legacy?


Eric Schmidt 1955

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When asked about business strategy, he had an acronym that he wanted us all to remember – DNROOC which stands for ‘Do Not Run Out Of Cash’.

*As you continue to work on your dream business, remember DNROOC.


Patrick Stump 1984 – listen to Fall Out Boy

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“Whatever notoriety Fall Out Boy used to have prevents me from having the ability to start over from the bottom again,” 

*Listen to Fall Out Boy – before Patrick Stump was a “has-been”


George Gervin 1952 – finger rolls

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*Make these finger rolls in honor of The Iceman George Gervin.

SNUB – Herm Edwards 1954 and Dan Mullen 1972 

Review –

  • Express what’s on your mind
  • Listen to a Yoga podcast
  • Help add to your partner’s legacy
  • Listen to Fall Out Boy
  • Make finger rolls

April 26



Jordana Brewster 1980

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“Sometimes it’s hard to be disciplined about your meditation, so if I set the timer and I have my headphones in, it’s like telling everyone, ‘No, no, no. This is no-bug-me zone right now.’” 

*Set a timer, get your headphones on, and meditate.


Channing Tatum 1980

Channing Tatum Co-Stars in Pink's '60s-Style "Beautiful Trauma" Video:  Watch | Hollywood Reporter

30 Minute Circuit – As many sets as possible:

*Do this Channing Tatum 30 minute circuit and show off those abs!


Kevin James 1965

Kevin James (@KevinJames) | Twitter

“I am involved in my faith, it becomes more and more — you know, it becomes a difficult, difficult position. You have a platform and you don’t want to do anything that doesn’t glorify God in every way.” 

*Don’t do anything today that doesn’t glorify God in every way.


Melania Trump 1970

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Melania has said that she’s a full-time mom and that she refuses to spend money on a nanny.

*Don’t spend money on things that you can do for yourself.


Tionne Watkins 1970 – listen to TLC

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The ‘T’ in TLC

*Don’t be a scrub – listen to TLC


Carol Burnett 1933 – Raspberry Riches

Image result for carol burnett


*Tug on your ear as you make Carol Burnett’s raspberry riches. 

SNUB – Jet Li 1963

Review –

  • Meditate
  • Channing Tatum workout
  • Glorify God in every way
  • Don’t spend money on things that you can do for yourself
  • Listen to TLC
  • Make Carol Burnett’s Raspberry Riches

April 25



Renee Zellweger 1969

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“Public policy fascinates me, so I went back to school to study international law,”

“I love it! I love understanding what motivates people. And unlike 18-year-old me in the classroom, I know that not everything hangs in the balance. You’ll be OK even if you don’t get an A.”

*What fascinates you? Take today to research taking a class on whatever it is.


Tim Duncan 1976

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Duncan was a champion swimmer in St. Croix., with an eye on the Olympics in 1992 or 1996, Hurricane Hugo ripped through the island, leaving the island’s main pool useless. That’s when he switched to basketball.

*Play basketball and go swimming today. Or try to find a pool with a basketball hoop attached = hours of fun!


Ella Fitzgerald 1917

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*Listen to Ella Fitzgerald to soothe your soul today.


Jason Lee 1970

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Lee purchased a piece of land and relocated the family to Lil’ D so his kids could experience what he didn’t growing up; namely, homegrown goats, chickens, vegetables and fruit trees.

*Research the perfect place for you to live. Make it a goal and come up with a plan to live there one day.


Al Pacino 1940

Image result for al pacino godfather

Talia Shire 1946

Image result for talia shire godfather

*Watch the movie that won 6 Oscars – The Godfather Part 2 to see brother and sister Al Pacino (Michael) and Talia Shire (Connie)


Meadowlark Lemon 1932 – Meadowlark Lemon Meringue Pie

Image result for meadowlark lemon


His relentless pursuit to bring happiness to the masses will live on through your generous donation to Meadowlark Lemon Ministries.


*Enjoy this Meadowlark Lemon Meringue Pie while watching The Godfather Pt. 2. 

SNUB – Hank Azaria 1964

Review –

  • Take a class on what fascinates you
  • Play basketball and swim
  • Listen to Ella Fitzgerald
  • Make a plan to live in your dream spot
  • Watch The Godfather 2
  • Make a Meadowlark Lemon Meringue Pie

April 24



Chipper Jones 1972

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“You need to be passionate about everything you do in life.”

*Be passionate about everything you do today.


Djimon Hounsou 1964

Djimon Hounsou Workout Routine and Diet Plan [Updated]

“There’s a huge difference in the way you look when you focus on both nutrition and conditioning,”

Adopt a point system. Assign these values to menu items: 2 points for a salad; 3 points for an appetizer; 2 points for an entrée; 4 points for a dessert; and 2 points for an alcoholic beverage. Order whatever you want, but limit yourself to a total of 6 points.


*Focus on what you eat today at every meal. Use the above point system.


Shirley MacLaine 1934

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“The notion that all you really need in life is some fresh water, a good hat and a really good pair of shoes.”

*If you don’t have a good hat and a really good pair of shoes, get them both today. And drink lots of water.


Kelly Clarkson 1982

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“I was told that I was a ‘shitty writer’ … and how I should just shut up and sing.”

*Don’t listen to people on how to shape your future. You control your destiny, not them.


Barbra Streisand 1942

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“Why did the right road take the wrong turn
Why did our heart break, why’d we get burned
Just like the seasons there are reasons for the path we take
There are no mistakes
Just lessons to be learned”

*Learn lessons by listening to Barbra Streisand today.


Phil Robertson 1946 – baked duck

Image result for phil robertson


*Enjoy this baked duck (2 points) while listening to Barbra and Kelly. Continue to pursue your true passion.

SNUB – Jerry Jeudy 1999

Review –

  • Be passionate about everything you do
  • Use a point system for eating
  • Fresh water, good hat, a really good pair of shoes
  • You control your destiny
  • Listen to Barbra Streisand
  • Baked Duck

April 23



William Shakespeare 1564 (died April 23, 1616)

Image result for william shakespeare

Shakespeare had a power which is rarely absent from great poets, the power of absorbing the fruits of reading.

*Read. You should still have a book that was suggested to you. Take time and read today – maybe start reading Shakespeare.


John Cena 1977

Image result for john cena gif you can't see me

The 10-time WWE champ and two-time World Heavyweight champ tries to hit a new max on his main lifts every six weeks.


*Use today to hit a new max on your main lifts. Bench, squat, deadlift.


Gigi Hadid 1995

Image result for gigi hadid muslim

It can only be a good thing for a new generation in the US to grow up seeing names like “Hadid” and “Malik” and for their first thought to be a heart emoji and not “Ugh, terrorist”.

*What are your first thoughts when you hear the word “Muslim” or “Islam”?


Michael Moore 1954

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“Actually, the number one reason for people being foreclosed upon is because they don’t have health insurance, and they’ve been paying medical bills and now they can’t pay their mortgages,”

*Make sure you have the right health insurance for you. Watch Capitalism: A Love Story for motivation.


Roy Orbison 1936

Image result for roy orbison

*If you listen close enough, you can hear the pain in Orbison’s lyrics.


Valerie Bertinelli 1960 – cherry cheesecake pizza pie

Image result for valerie bertinelli


April 23 recognizes the food holiday National Cherry Cheesecake Day.


April 23rd is a day for everyone to enjoy a meal outside.  It is National Picnic Day!


*Make Valerie Bertinelli’s cherry cheesecake pizza pie and take it on a picnic today.

SNUB – James Buchanan 1791

Review –

  • Read like Shakespeare
  • Max on your main lifts
  • Fix your thoughts on Islam
  • Make sure you have enough health insurance
  • Listen to Roy Orbison
  • Cherry cheesecake pizza pie

April 22



Amber Heard 1986

Image result for Amber Heard

“Everyone advised against it. But I had a dream and a passion, and I wanted more,”

“If you want to do something – you find a way.”

*Being a Hollywood star was her dream and she made it happen. Find a way to make your dreams come true.


Marshawn Lynch 1986 – 6:24am 200 sit-ups and pushups

Seahawks – 49ers: Marshawn Lynch struggles in first game back

Marshawn Lynch wakes up every morning at 6:24 a.m. and does a couple hundred sit-ups, a couple hundred push-ups and then gets back in bed.

*Wake up at 6:24 and don’t go back to bed until you’ve done 200 sit-ups and push ups. Reward yourself with some skittles.


Kaka 1982

Image result for kaka

At the age of 18, Kaká suffered a career-threatening and possibly paralysis-inducing spinal fracture as a result of a swimming pool accident. He remarkably made a full recovery.

Today, Kaka says that it was God’s hand that saved his life.

*Take today to thank God for your health.


Willie Robertson 1972

Image result for willie robertson

When Willie became CEO of the company, he used his business degree and sales experience to take the company out of the living room and into the big time.

*Don’t be afraid to take your dream business into the big time.


Jack Nicholson 1937 – watch As Good as it Gets

Image result for jack nicholson as good as it gets

*Watch Jack win 1 of his 3 Oscars in As Good as it Gets.


Vladimir Lenin 1870 – milk soup with dumplings

Image result for vladimir lenin

The founder of the Bolshevik revolution loved simple but well-prepared food, such as milk soup with dumplings.


*Enjoy Lenin’s favorite comfort food. Lead a revolution!

SNUB – J. Robert Oppenheimer 1904

Review –

  • Find a way to make it happen
  • 6:24 am push ups and sit ups
  • Thank God for your health
  • Take your company to the big time
  • Watch As Good as it Gets
  • Make milk soup with dumplings

April 21



Queen Elizabeth II 1926

Image result for queen elizabeth

She enjoys a brisk walk. Mealtimes are at formal hours: lunch at 1 pm sharp, high tea at 4.30 pm. Bed is never later than 11.30 pm unless there’s a formal banquet.

*Take a brisk walk. Eat lunch at 1:00. Have high tea at 4:30. Be in bed by 11:30 pm.


Tony Danza 1951

Image result for tony danza

“I exercise religiously and I do something every day. I spend time on the floor, push ups, sit-ups and low back exercises, I lift weights, box, in-line skate, tap dance, and ride a recumbent stationery bike, which I think is the holy grail of fitness as we’re aging.”

*Try to be “The Boss” and do all of the above exercises. Especially riding a stationary bike – the holy grail of fitness!


Andie MacDowell 1958

Image result for Andie MacDowell

“My mother died when I was 23, so it was a very short… My mother, the best advice she told me was I could do whatever I wanted to do. I believed her.”

*Believe that you can do whatever you want. Talk to your mother for motivation.


Tony Romo 1980

Image result for Tony Romo

“I love football. I love working for CBS. I love the fact that I get to be an analyst doing football games.”

*Think about your ideal job situation and complete this sentence – I love _. I love working for _. I love the fact that I get to __.


James McAvoy 1979 – watch Split

Image result for james mcavoy split gif

Though he never plays all two dozen characters in “Split,” we do see him effortlessly transition between eight significant roles.

*Gather all of your personalities and watch Split.


Iggy Pop 1947 – spicy Waldorf salad

Image result for iggy pop

Iggy Pop played the Waldorf-Astoria (the birthplace of today’s meal) when he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2010.


*Enjoy this spicy Waldorf salad while listening to Iggy Pop

SNUB – Rob Riggle 1970

Review –

  • Take a brisk walk
  • Ride a stationary bike
  • Believe that you can do anything
  • Love what you do
  • Watch Split
  • Make a spicy Waldorf salad