April 5



Colin Powell 1937

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Powell says that back when he was a lost 17-year-old at City College of New York, ROTC “saved” him and kept him in school.

“I found my place. I found discipline, I found structure, I found people that were like me and I liked, and I fell in love with the Army those first few months in ROTC, and it lasted for the next 40-odd years,”

*Hopefully you have found your place, your discipline. If not, it’s never too late. It might be too late to join ROTC, but you can always find structure and people that are like you.


Hayley Atwell 1982

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‘I did various detoxes, hard running every day and endless lunges and squats. I was in the best physical condition I’ve ever been in.’

*Bullies once called her ‘Fatwell’ but look at her now. Today’s tasks include a detox, hard running, lunges, and squats.


Booker T. Washington 1856

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Determined to educate himself, he traveled hundreds of miles under great hardship until he arrived — broke, tired, and dirty — at Hampton Institute

*Educate yourself today by reading Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington. You won’t even have to be broke, tired, and dirty to read it.


Pharrell Williams 1973

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Clap along if you feel like a room, without a roof.” 

*Listen to Pharrell Williams sing ‘Happy’ and know that you are limitless, unconstrained, and free. You’re unrestricted by any obstacles, short comings, and limitations. Your financial future has no roof!


Gregory Peck 1916 – watch To Kill a Mockingbird

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*Watch Gregory Peck win an Oscar in To Kill a Mockingbird.


Matt Bonner 1980 – Full Montagu sandwich

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*Check out Matt Bonner’s website and create one of his favorite sandwiches from his NBA travels.

SNUB – Bette Davis 1908

Review –

  • Find your place
  • Detox, hard running, and squats
  • Read Up From Slavery
  • Your financial future has no roof
  • Watch To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Make a Full Montagu sandwich

April 4



Maya Angelou 1928

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“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

*Angelou’s above quote is why you are sticking with 365DOLF. Use this quote today to give you new life and a new purpose to thrive.


Robert Downey, Jr. 1965

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Since 2003, RDJ has trained using the Wing Chun technique made famous by Bruce Lee, a discipline that’s become a part of his daily routine.


*Try this Iron Man workout and also look into a place to practice Wing Chun, and maybe it will become part of your daily routine.


Dorothea Dix 1802

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After a chance encounter with “lunatics” in the East Cambridge House of Corrections, she devoted her life to ameliorating the conditions under which they were incarcerated.

Finding Help: When to Get It and Where to Go

Mental health disorders are real, common and treatable.


*Robert Downey Jr, Clive Davis, and Heath Ledger all suffered from either mental illness or drug dependency. Throw in the fact that your day ends with watching the movie Psycho and today shapes up to being a mental health awareness day. Thank you Dorothea Dix for being a pioneer and a saint when it comes to this topic.


Clive Davis 1932

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Disgraced, broke, and a target of a federal grand-jury investigation, he was so low that friends feared he might commit suicide. Instead, Davis clawed his way back. Within two years, he started Arista. Within months, it was making millions.

*No matter how low you get, you can always claw your way back and start your own business.


Heath Ledger 1979 – watch The Dark Knight

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I Am Heath Ledger, a new documentary about the actor supported by his family, dispels one common rumor: The Joker did not bring the Australian actor down.

*Watch Ledger win an Oscar in his dream role as the Joker, and then watch the documentary about his untimely death. – I am Heath Ledger


Anthony Perkins 1932 – Psycho Tuna Salad

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*Enjoy this Psycho Tuna Salad while watching Psycho…then take a nice long shower and call it a day.

SNUB – David Blaine 1973

Review –

  • Have a new purpose to thrive
  • Iron Man or Wing Chun Workout
  • Find help for you or someone you love
  • Claw your way back
  • Watch The Dark Knight
  • Make Psycho Tuna Salad

April 3



Eddie Murphy 1961

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“I haven’t read a newspaper in 20 years. I don’t look at the computer or anything. You have to have a filter on what you let in.”

*Filter what you let in today. Try to go the whole day without seeing any news. You can catch up tomorrow.


Leona Lewis 1985

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7.30am: Green vegetable tofu scramble

12pm: A handful of chocolate-dipped almonds

2.30pm: Lettuce, edamame, carrot, sprout and cherry tomato salad with a ginger garlic dressing

6pm: A spoonful of homemade nut and date spread

9pm: Pesto pasta with tofu and roasted vegetables

“I do four hour-long workouts per week – everything from SoulCycle to hiking with my dog.”

*April 3, 2020 is a Friday and this is a normal day of eating on a Friday for Leona Lewis. Go hiking with your dog, too.


Jane Goodall 1934

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“Do apes have souls, I ask. ‘I think that if we have souls, then they must have souls too,’ I am a cultural Christian, but I prefer to talk in terms of ‘believing in some great spiritual path. I’ve felt it in the forests.”

*I think that I am a cultural Christian. I truly believe that by being a good person, I am on the right path to the afterlife. If not, at least I made the world around me the best that I could. Take today to hike with your dog and think about your beliefs.


Alec Baldwin 1958

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Always Be Closing

*It’s all about selling. If you’re not good at selling, take today to pursue becoming better at it. And remember – coffee is for closers! Watch Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross for motivation.


Marlon Brando 1924 –watch On the Waterfront

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*All 3 Godfathers are suggested this year, so take today to watch Brando win an Oscar in On the Waterfront


Cat Cora 1967 – fava bean pesto

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*Use the above recipe from Iron Chef, Cat Cora, for your pesto and pasta this evening.

SNUB – Wayne Newton 1942

Review –

  • Filter what you see
  • Hike with your dog
  • What are your beliefs?
  • Always Be Closing
  • Watch On the Waterfront
  • Fava bean pesto

April 2



Hans Christian Anderson 1805

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Unlucky in status, in love and in looks, Anderson refused to let others intimidate him out of using his talent and became determined to only live up to the standards that he set for himself.

*No matter what you are “unlucky” in, work hard to live up to the standards that you set for yourself.



Christopher Meloni 1961

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Today, his weight-room regimen consists of a jam-packed hour that extends to 90 minutes only on the days he tacks on an extra treadmill session.

“The workouts are fast and intense,”

“hit it and quit it”

“targeting exactly the muscle group I want to fire.”

*“Hit it and quit it” with a jam-packed hour work out and throw in another 30 minute treadmill session if you feel like solving a big SVU murder later.


Charlemagne 742

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Charlemagne is reputed to have said that to speak another language is to possess another soul.

*Start today and you could learn another language by the end of this year. 


Roselyn Sanchez 1973

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“I told myself I would never ride the subway. If I went from 42nd Street to 45th Street, I took a cab. I ate only at the best restaurants. I thought I would become a star in a month. But that’s not the way it works in New York. New York doesn’t care who you are or where you come from.”

A year later, she was out of cash and still jobless.

*No matter where you live, don’t live beyond your means.


Marvin Gaye 1939

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*Be reminded of Marvin Gaye’s greatness by listening to his music today.


Alec Guinness 1914 – Guinness Stew

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*This is the stew you’re looking for

SNUB – Pascal Siakam 1994


  • Live up to your standards
  • Hit it and Quit it workout
  • Start learning a new language
  • Don’t live beyond your means
  • Listen to Marvin Gaye
  • Make Guinness stew

April 1



Mackenzie Davis 1987

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“Fuck, he’s got a good life out there. Really, just all you’d ever want. A little village with a nice pub, walk your kids to school every day. That’s all I think I want.”

*This was a quote from Mackenzie Davis. I don’t even know who she’s talking about. But what she is describing sounds like a nice life. Simplistically describe all that you want in life.


Sean Taylor 1983

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You started hearing stories of him getting dropped off at the facility in the morning and then he’d jog back home. Then he started jogging to work and jogging home.

It was about a 3-mile jog from Taylor’s apartment to the facility, meaning he’d jog an extra 6 miles a day when he ran to the facility and back.

*Jog to work and back home today. Or at least park 3 miles from work and jog to and from in honor of the late Sean Taylor


Susan Boyle 1961

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“I enjoyed being in church because I liked the peace and tranquility. I liked the hymns and I liked the idea of having a connection with God.”

*The next chance you get, go to church. See if you like the peace and tranquility while continuing to build your connection to God.


Abraham Maslow 1908

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Maslow describes self-actualization as a person’s need to be and do that for which the person has a vocation. If these needs are not met, the person feels restless and frustrated, even if successful in other respects.



*Take the above free online career test to see if maybe you need to change what you do for a job to fill your creative potential.


Debbie Reynolds 1932 – watch The Unsinkable Molly Brown

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*Watch Debbie Reynolds almost win an Oscar in The Unsinkable Molly Brown.


Robin and Brook Lopez 1988 – late night McDonald’s

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That’s what they do when Robin comes to New York City… They go to McDonald’s!

“He (Robin) got large fries, big mac — no pickles – always no pickles, and he always says no onions even though big macs don’t have onions on them, I think,”

“I just got two filet-a-fish. Well it’s the filet-a-fish, I had to do it! It’s real fish!”

*Take your brother to McDonald’s and place the same order as the Lopez twins.

SNUB – Logan Paul 1995

Review –

  • Describe your dream life
  • Jog to work
  • Go to church
  • Take a career test
  • Watch The Unsinkable Molly Brown
  • Late night McDonald’s

March 31



Al Gore 1948

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“No matter how hard the loss, defeat might serve as well as victory to shape the soul and let the glory out.”

*Think of your most recent loss and focus on how it may have been a victory that has shaped your soul.


Liza Koshy 1996

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*Watch the above video and go through some challenging plank and glute bridge variations, forward and backward lunges, and battle rope sequences, before ending with a stability ball plank. 


Cesar Chavez 1927

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“Kindness and compassion toward all living things is a mark of a civilized society.”

*Continue to strive to show kindness and compassion to all living things. Think of donating to the Chavez Foundation.


Shirley Jones 1934

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Former Partridge Family mother Shirley Jones has been turned down by Playboy at the age of 75 – for not showing enough flesh.

*Your soul is not for sell. Money is important but it’s not enough to sell yourself out.


Ewan McGregor 1971 – watch Moulin Rouge

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*Appreciate that the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return and then enjoy watching Moulin Rouge.


Christopher Walken 1943 – chicken and pears

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*Follow the above recipe/video to make Christopher Walken’s chicken and pears.

SNUB – Gordie Howe 1928

Review –

  • How has your most recent loss shaped your soul?
  • Liza Koshy workout
  • Show kindness and compassion
  • Your soul is not for sell
  • Watch Moulin Rouge
  • Make Christopher Walken chicken and pears

March 30



Tracy Chapman 1964

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“The world’s a mess,”

Chapman is well aware of her reputation for seriousness, and she has just stopped herself. Chapman addresses such issues as racism and violence against women, but is perfectly capable of laughing at herself. 

*Even if the world is a mess, take time to laugh at yourself today as you listen to Tracy Chapman.


MC Hammer 1963

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“You know what the secret is? The secret is God. When you have Him, you have an endless supply of youth and of energy. With God, plus working out and eating right, it’s a great mix. For the past 20 years, I’ve started each morning with a shake that includes protein powder, fresh and frozen green vegetables, a multivitamin for men, 2 mg of fish oils and four capsules of glucosamine to keep my joints supple. It keeps my immune system pretty robust — I haven’t had a cold or flu in 20 years”

*God and glucosamine! Start your day like MC Hammer and maybe you’ll keep it as a habit for the next 20 years.


Eric Clapton 1945

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“It asked a very pertinent question,”

“Because I don’t really know. … I have a belief in a higher power, but I don’t really know whether – most of those old religious things say, ‘See you over there.’ And you think, ‘Really? How do you know?’ And the song asked that question. And I’m always wondering whether … we meet people again. I think what works about that song is it’s a question. That doesn’t offend anyone. It’s asking for help. It works for people. It’s a great way to communicate, asking for help.”

*Listen to Tears in Heaven and communicate with someone if you need help.


Celine Dion 1968

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Dreams can come true

Dion was just a 12-year-old kid performing in her parents’ piano bar in Charlemagne, Quebec. She’s now the bestselling Canadian artist of all time.

*Listen to Celine Dion as you dream of your success and how your dreams are going to come true. A good way to start would be to move someone to tears.


Warren Beatty 1937 – watch Reds

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*Watch Warren Beatty win an Oscar for directing Reds.


Norah Jones 1979 – fried chicken and onions

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*Listen to a mix of Hammer, Clapton, Celine, Chapman, and Norah Jones while making her fried chicken and onions. 

SNUB – Ingvar Kamprad 1926

Review –

  • Laugh at yourself
  • MC Hammer morning
  • Listen to Tears in Heaven
  • Dream of how your dreams are going to come true
  • Watch Reds
  • Make fried chicken and onions