February 5



Hank Aaron 1934

Hank Aaron Forced America to Change. It Never Changed Enough. - The Ringer

Reflecting on his accomplishments despite all the obstacles, Aaron said it was his motto that got him through: “Always keep swinging.”

*As I continue to work on 365DOLF, I have good days and bad days. I’m going to steal from the home run king and have the motto of “Always keep typing”. Whatever your goals are, come up with your own motto – “Always keep __


Cristiano Ronaldo 1985


Neymar 1992

LaLiga - Real Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo and the lack of respect with Neymar  | MARCA in English


*Two of the greatest modern day soccer players were born on the same day! Take this day to use the above workouts to focus on power, explosion, balance, and speed. Yes, you must do both workouts. Research and find a place where you can play soccer on a day like today.


Sara Evans 1971

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“I don’t really love organized religion, but I love the Lord. I love the Bible and what the Bible teaches, what God teaches us through his word. But I don’t love organized religion because I think so often the point is missed. The real point is to try to live by the Ten Commandments as much as we can, and just think that through. I feel like we’ve lost a lot of that common sense in life today … Old-fashioned values.”

*Use common sense and old-fashioned values to guide your soul.


Roger Staubach 1942

How NFL legend Roger Staubach proved "Necessity is the Mother of Invention"  Cresa

“I didn’t make enough money in my sport to retire,”

Staubach employees are happy for that. Roger made them a bundle in his second career.

*365DOLF is my second career and I hope my future employees are happy for that. Take today to put some thought into your retirement and your second career.


Jennifer Jason Leigh 1962 – watch The Hateful Eight

Jennifer Jason Leigh gives life to devilish Daisy in 'Hateful Eight'

*Watch Jennifer Jason Leigh almost win an Oscar in The Hateful Eight.


Bobby Brown 1969 – Shrimp Ala Bobby

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*It’s your prerogative to use the Bobby Brown Foods website to make this Shrimp Ala Bobby.

SNUB – Trayvon Martin 1995 and Mark Fuhrman 1952 share a birthday today

Review –

  • “Always keep ______________________.”
  • Play soccer
  • 10 Commandments and old-fashioned values
  • What is your second career going to be?
  • Watch The Hateful Eight
  • Shrimp Ala Bobby