March 10



Olivia Wilde 1984

“I tell my kids that they won the life lottery. Everything they have access to is privileged, so they have a responsibility to conserve resources and to be kind, embrace gender equality and understand the value of their education. If we can raise a generation that thinks that way, I really think the world will improve.”

*Help raise a generation (or remind that person in the mirror) to understand that they have responsibilities as a human being on this planet.


Chuck Norris 1940

“Put your focus on weight loss; get really good at eating right, exercising regularly, and staying consistent.”

When Chuck Norris was born, the only person crying was the doctor.

When Chuck Norris was born, the doctor exclaimed, “It’s a man”

Chuck Norris doesn’t blow out birthday candles, they surrender their flames willingly.

*It’s as simple as a Chuck Norris joke… eat less and move more. “ELAMM”


Sharon Stone 1958

“I feel that I did die,”

“I get to be not afraid of dying. I get to tell people it’s a fabulous thing. And that death is a gift. And not that you should kill yourself, but when death comes to you, as it will, that it’s a glorious and beautiful thing.”

*Make sure you are ready for the afterlife.

Do you believe in an afterlife? __________      Are you ready for it? __________


Timbaland 1972

Timbaland doesn’t let women know he’s the eighth-most-successful rapper in America: “I ain’t got no money / I ain’t got no car to take you on a date / I can’t even buy you flowers,” he says, lying. (from “The Way I Are,” Shock Value)

*It’s your money – no one needs to know how much you have.

What is one way that you show off your money?


Carrie Underwood 1983

*Listen to Carrie Underwood while doing her leg workout, which can be part of your “ELAMM”.’s%20Leg%20Workout%3A%20Squat,repeat%20on%20the%20other%20side.


Jon Hamm 1971 – brown sugar bourbon ham

*Remember “ELAMM” and stick to one slice of bourbon ham and wash it down with just one bourbon while watching Mad Men.

SNUB – Osama bin Laden 1957 and James Earl Ray 1928