March 22



Andrew Lloyd Webber 1948

“What strikes me is that there’s a very fine line between success and failure. Just one ingredient can make the difference.”

*What’s the one ingredient that makes you a success and not a failure?


JJ Watt 1989

Watt doesn’t just hit the weights. He grinds through a range of functional workouts, including box jumps, sprinting drills, squats, and tire flipping.

*Get with your trainer and have them put you through JJ’s workout.

Box jumps []                Sprints []                      Squats []                      Tire flipping []


Keegan-Michael Key 1971

“I’m actually quite a spiritual Christian. I’m fascinated by spiritual thought across the board. I was raised a Christian, and I studied a little Buddhism and maybe a dash of Hinduism, but I’m fascinated by Hebraic culture, and how our culture has been informed by Hebraic culture.”

*Be fascinated by spiritual thought. Continue to research different religions and borrow what you like.


Rick Harrison 1965

“In business you have to be innovative, but so are crooks.  A couple of times I got lazy and didn’t pay attention to new and improved fakes, so a few times I lost some big money on Rolex’s.”

*Take something to a pawn shop today. Make some money and work on your haggling and sales skills in the process. Watch an episode of Pawn Stars for inspiration


Reese Witherspoon 1976 – watch Walk the Line

*Watch Reese Witherspoon win an Oscar in Walk the Line.


William Shatner 1931 – sushi and wine

What would you have for your final meal on Earth, if you knew the end was coming?

“Sushi. But that old idea about red with meat and white with fish—who decided that? I’d want a glass of each. In fact, you might as well drink five bottles if you know the end is coming.”

*Eat sushi and drink wine like it’s your last meal on Earth.

SNUB – Emilio Aguinaldo 1869