December 3

Look to the * for today’s advice.



Anna Chlumsky 1980

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Only Hang Out with Those Who Are Intellectually Stimulating’My+Girl’/articles/Gk_S28qKYZP/Only+Hang+Out+Those+Intellectually+Stimulating

*Try doing this today. It’s easier said than done. See if doing this makes your day better and then try to make it a habit if it does. Watch My Girl for motivation.


Amanda Seyfried 1985

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On Pasternak’s 5-Factor Diet, Seyfried eats five times a day: breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack and dinner.  A snack is half the size of a meal. Every time she eats, there are five factors: a low-fat protein, a healthy carbohydrate, a fiber, healthy fats (or the absence of unhealthy fats) and a sugar-free beverage.

*This is your diet for the day. The Pillsbury pesto crescent chicken ring is cheating a little bit for dinner, but stick to this 5-factor diet the rest of the day.


Benny Hinn 1952

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To experience a deeper dimension of God’s presence, your soul must hunger and thirst for God in the same way a deer pants for the safety and sustenance of water.

*With just a month left, hopefully you have formed a deeper relationship with God or at least a deeper understanding of spirituality and your soul.


Ozzy Osbourne 1948

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“The guys at Metal Casino told me that their brand was all about being true, relevant and dedicated to the customer and that really resonated with me,” he said. “To me, that translated as keeping it real, keeping it original, and doing it all for your fans, and that’s all I’ve been trying to do my whole life.”

*With just a month to go, hopefully your business plan is in place and following Ozzy’s lead would be wise. Keep it real. Keep it original. Do it for your fans.


Julianne Moore 1960 – watch Still Alice

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Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell reminded us “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” For those suffering with conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease (not to mention those burdened with the sadness of witnessing their loved ones going through it), we’d be wise to heed those words, especially when it comes to our awareness of living in the moment. The present is a time that will not come again, so we should make the most of it while we have the chance – and the wherewithal to shape it to our liking.

*Watch Julianne Moore win an Oscar in Still Alice

BONUS – watch Chloe

Two of our birthday girls share more than a birthday. Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore star in the movie Chloe and share some pretty steamy scenes together. Watch this one late at night, after the kids have gone to bed.

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Charles Pillsbury 1842 – pesto crescent chicken ring

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*This Pillsbury  pesto crescent chicken ring should be your 5th and last meal today. Enjoy it while watching one of the suggested Julianne Moore movies.

SNUB – Brendan Fraser

Review –

  • Only hang out with those who are intellectually stimulating
  • 5-factor diet
  • Your soul must hunger for God
  • Keep it real. Keep it original. Do it for your fans
  • Watch Still Alice
  • Make a Pillsbury pesto crescent chicken ring