August 17



Mae West 1893

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“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

*Life- are you doing it right?


Sean Penn 1960

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This Gunman workout will help you move heavy loads quickly, stimulating your nervous system, forcing the release of testosterone, and develop power and grow muscle fast.

*Complete this Gunman workout today. Watch the movie for motivation. Or you could watch the two movies that he won Oscars for – Milk and Mystic River.


Marcus Garvey 1887

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“If you believe that the Negro has a soul, if you believe that the Negro is a man, if you believe the Negro was endowed with the senses commonly given to other men by the Creator, then you must acknowledge that what other men have done, Negroes can do.”

*If you believe in the soul and you believe that all people have souls, why would you ever treat someone as a lesser person?


Larry Ellison 1944

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“I’m addicted to winning. The more you win, the more you want to win,”

“What drives me is this constant testing of limits. Constant learning. … How can you move the world just a bit, make a difference, change lives … and how much can I help [while] discovering my own limits?”

*Test your limits. How can you move the world today? – just a bit.


Robert De Niro 1943 – watch Raging Bull

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Scorsese and De Niro both saw how this flawed minor character was movie gold

*Watch De Niro win an Oscar in Raging Bull. Do a boxing workout. He also won an Oscar for Godfather 2.


Donnie Wahlberg 1969 – Donnie’s Wahlburger

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*Jam out to some New Kids on the Block while making Donnie Wahlberg’s signature burger – step by step! Don’t skimp on the government cheese.

SNUB – Davy Crockett 1786

Review –

  • Life – are you doing it right?
  • Gunman workout
  • Recognize that everyone has a soul
  • Test your limits
  • Watch Raging Bull
  • Make a Donnie’s Wahlburger