September 2



Mark Harmon 1951

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As Agent Gibbs on NCIS, Harmon has a set of 69 rules that he expects everyone to follow.

Rule 8: Never take anything for granted.

*You never know how long you’re going to have someone or something. Appreciate what you have. Come up with your own set of 69 rules.


Brandon Ingram 1997

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This is exactly what Brandon Ingram eats in a day.

  • Breakfast: an omelet with a side of bacon.
  • Pre-workout: BiPro protein shake.
  • Post-workout: Another BiPro protein shake.
  • Lunch: a sandwich with brown rice and a side salad.
  • Snack: peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • Dinner: steak, mashed potatoes, and some spinach

*Eat like Brandon Ingram, especially a protein shake before and after your workout.


Frank Laubach 1884

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Laubach’s prayer life led to millions of illiterate people around the world learning to read through his innovative methods of teaching people to read.

The World Literacy Foundation is always on the lookout for creative and motivated individuals to join our team of passionate volunteers!

*Here is another opportunity to donate time instead of money for a worthy cause.


Keanu Reeves 1964

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Keanu Reeves was inspired to turn his passion project into a business. Squarespace teamed up with Keanu to bring his dream to life with a website.

*Between legalzoom and squarespace, there are no excuses after today.

BONUS: Robert Shapiro 1942

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Great news!
365DOLF appears to be available*

Your email or phone number will help you secure365DOLFbefore somebody else does!

*Use Robert Shapiro’s to establish your business name and protect your intellectual property. 


Salma Hayek 1966 – watch Frida

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*Watch Salma Hayek almost win an Oscar in Frida.


‘I don’t exercise… I just hold my body in a way that activates muscles all day long,’

*Activate your muscles all day today. This may be something you’ll want to keep doing beyond Selma Hayek’s birthday. Use Frida as motivation to trim your eyebrows.


Terry Bradshaw 1948 – blue cheese chips

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The NFL’s first player to receive a Star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

*Snack on Terry Bradshaw’s blue cheese chips while watching Frida, or if you’re a Steelers fan like me, while watching highlights of Bradshaw’s 4 MVP Super Bowl Championships. Go Steelers!

SNUB – Harvey Levin 1950 – “I’m a lawyer.”

Review –

  • Rule #8 – never take anything for granted
  • Eat like Brandon Ingram
  • Volunteer to help with literacy
  • Squarespace and Legalzoom
  • Watch Frida
  • Blue Cheese Chips

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