June 10



Kate Upton 1992

“I write everything down. My entire schedule. I have it in my phone, but I write it down and it helps me remember it a little better and stay a little bit more on top of things. For some reason writing it down puts it in my brain rather than typing it in and so I have double reminders. If I don’t jot things down, I won’t be able to sleep.”

*With this 365DOLF journal you can write everything down as a reminder of how to Live Famously today.

How have you been sleeping at night, knowing that each day is planned out for you?


Tara Lipinski 1982

“I’m pretty lucky that one of my best girlfriends is a barre teacher. She will come over a lot and we will just set up our yoga mats by the pool. Even if we only get a half hour in, I still feel like I’ve done something. I also live in Santa Monica and I have a big dog, Dublin, and he’s very energetic so trying to be a good mom as always, I try to take him out for a run-down San Vicente [Boulevard] which is beautiful.”

*Take a barre class, take your dog for a run, and go ice skating if you can.


Faith Evans 1973

“But the bottom line is it was two senseless tragedies that were the result of people not being good people.”

*Be a good person and surround yourself with good people. Have faith and listen to Faith Evans for inspiration.


William Rosenberg 1916

Anticipating Starbucks by several decades, Rosenberg realized early on that consumers would gladly pay more for a good cup of coffee than for a mediocre one.

*Anticipate what people will pay more for in the future and get to work on it. Start your day with a cup of Dunkin coffee (after your two mugs of warm water).

What will people pay more for in the future?

How can you capitalize on this?


Judy Garland 1922 – watch A Star is Born (1954)

*Watch Judy Garland almost win an Oscar in the original A Star is Born (1954).


Elizabeth Hurley 1965

Elizabeth says she drinks two mugs of warm water first thing in the morning []

  • Breakfast: a bowl of Greek yogurt, a banana, and a little bit of honey []
  • Lunch: vegetable soup []
  • Dinner: grilled chicken and “lots and lots and lots” of vegetables []

*Eat (and drink) like Elizabeth Hurley. Check them off as you go.

SNUB – Prince Phillip 1921 (d. 2021)