June 16



Geronimo 1829

“While living I want to live well.”

*Take it from a man who was shot at least 9 times – live well today.

What is your definition of ‘living well’?


Phil Mickelson 1970

“I wasn’t educated,” “I either wasn’t aware or didn’t want to know the things I was putting in my body, whether it was diet soda and how toxic that is, or whether it was the amount of sugar and how much inflammation it causes, or whether it was the quantity; all of those things, I just kind of shut my eyes to.”

*Learn about the food you’re eating, and how much of it you should be eating. Once you get educated and honest, it’s easier to change your habits and make better decisions.



Beth Moore 1957

“…if I die suddenly, my gravestone might appropriately offer this insight into my departure: “God got tired.” I require lots of work.”

*If you were to die suddenly, what would your gravestone offer insight into?

BONUS: Eddie Levert 1942

“Spend time with those kids. At the end of the day, if something happens to them, you’re going to hurt. But you won’t have regret.”

*Spend time with your kids today. No kids? Practice making them while listening to Levert.


Adam Smith 1723 – read The Wealth of Nations

The Wealth of Nations should be your first source when it comes to understanding economics.

*It might be boring, but it is a necessary read for anyone in business. One of several books you can read instead of going to business school.


Tupac Shakur 1971

You gotta make a change. It’s time for us as a people to start making some changes, lets change the way we eat, lets change the way we live, and lets change the way we treat each other. You see the old way wasn’t working so it’s on us, to do what we gotta do to survive.”

*Lots of options for Tupac. Listen to his music. Watch him act in movies. Watch movies about him. Be motivated to change the world.


John Cho 1972 – Harold’s White Castle order – 7,150 calories

At White Castle they each order 30 sliders, 5 fries, and 4 cherry cokes, except Kumar orders Diet Cokes

30 sliders = 4,200 calories         3 orders of fries = 990 calories              

4 Cherry Cokes = 1960 calories

*Depending on where you live, try your best to recreate John Cho (Harold’s) order. It will help if you are high and watching the movie – Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.

SNUB – Lauren Taylor 1998