June 24



Nick Woodman 1975

“In your personal life and in business, you are your own worst enemy. Or you are your own greatest supporter. What I mean by that is nobody can help you hurt you … as much as you.”

*In your pursuit of success, both professionally and personally, don’t beat yourselves up. Transform self-doubt into self-confidence.


Lionel Messi 1987

Messi stretches for over an hour every day during the season.

*So, how long did you stretch today?


Mindy Kaling 1979

“It’s not that I’m into myself,”

“It’s that I don’t hate myself. In my career, a lot of people have a problem with being around women who don’t hate themselves. Never hate yourself.”

*Love yourself today because you are perfect just the way you are. Try to only be around people that appreciate your self-confidence.

BONUS: Chuck Taylor 1901 – “I really think guys only need two pairs of shoes. A nice pair of black shoes and a pair of Chuck Taylors.” – Mindy Kaling


Minka Kelly 1980

“Before Friday Night Lights, I had so many different jobs—I worked at a check-cashing company, like Check ‘n Go, and at a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills,” “And then for four years, up until I started on FNL, I was a scrub nurse at California Hospital. And honestly, that was the most exciting job I’ve ever had! I was good at it too.”

*What’s the most exciting job you’ve ever had?

How can you get back to that job?


Erin Moriarti 1994 – watch The Boys

*Enjoy Moriarti as Starlight in the Amazon Prime series – The Boys


Tommy Lister 1958 (died of Covid in 2020) – The Deebo Sandwich

*Enjoy “Tiny” Lister as Deebo in Friday while eating the Deebo Sandwich.


SNUB – Ariana Madix 1985 and Stassi Schroeder 1988