February 8



Nick Nolte 1941

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“When you start thinking about death more than sex, you know you’re getting old.”

*Think about sex more than death today.


Klay Thompson 1990

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“On the court, we practice for about an hour. After, I’ll shoot for about 30 to 45 minutes. Then I’ll lift for about 30 to 45 minutes. So nothing too crazy during the season. I’m probably in the gym on a non-game day for about 2 1⁄2 hours.”

*It helps to have access to a gym with a basketball court, to combine a shooting workout with some lifting afterwards like a true Splash Brother.


Bethany Hamilton 1990

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“The way I see it, putting our faith in God is something that each person has to come to on his or her own. It’s your own personal relationship with Him; a bond that’s as unique as a fingerprint.”

*I could not agree more. Your bond with God is as unique as your fingerprint. Amen! A great message for your soul from the Soul Surfer.


Gary Coleman 1968

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Coleman obtained wealth and fame only to have it taken away by those who claimed to love him the most. And when his wealth and fame went away, he struggled to find a life in the normal lane with a regular job and income.

*Fame and fortune without good money management skills or the ability to hire the right advisers just means your money problems are more expensive.


James Dean 1931 – watch East of Eden

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*Watch James Dean almost win an Oscar in East of Eden


Julio Jones 1989

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A signature meal for Jones is lamb rib chops topped with an Asian glaze made out of honey. Jones is a big salad eater, only if topped with the cilantro-lime vinaigrette dressing. A fruit salad typically consists of papayas, passion fruit, strawberries and blueberries — all Jones’ favorites.

*Eat like NFL superstar Julio Jones. Lamb chops, salad, and fruit salad for dinner tonight.

SNUB – John Williams 1932

Review –

  • Think about sex more than death
  • Shoot like Klay Thompson
  • You have a personal relationship with God
  • Hire the right financial adviser
  • Watch East of Eden
  • Lamb rib chops, salad, and fruit salad

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Travis Jones

I was born in Northwestern Pennsylvania and lived in a trailer park. I was raised by very conservative and religious (Wesleyan Methodist) parents. By some miracle I graduated college and moved to Florida. I have been a public school teacher since 1995. I have 7 years until I can retire. I was married in 1999 and divorced in 2001. I remarried in 2017 to Kate - 21 years my junior. Some of my life experiences as a 46-year-old, white American male, will come through in my writing, but the majority of this daily journey will be dedicated to improving myself, and hopefully you as well.

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