March 12



Jack Kerouac 1922

“Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.”

*What is a current trend, fad, or popular opinion today?

Describe your thoughts on it


Aaron Eckhart 1968

“When I went over to Australia to shoot, I had a trainer who was a Cirque Du Soleil acrobat and my first words to him were, “Try to kill me.” And so each day after Kali stick fighting and rehearsal, he would try to kill me. And we would do all sorts of strength training, and I got in really good shape through that.”

*Find a trainer today and have your first words be – “Try to kill me.”


Andrew Young 1932

The Andrew J. Young Foundation, Inc. was founded in 2003. Our major program areas included: Developing Leaders with a Public Purpose; Natural Medicines and Nutrition; Communicating Possibilities; the Atlanta Project, and Small Grants Program.

*If you would like to help develop leaders with a public purpose – yes, we need better leaders – then think of donating to the Andrew J. Young Foundation


Mitt Romney 1947

“There are some people who are always unhappy with what they’re doing,” “But if you want to be successful, do your present job well.” 

His “body man” from his 2012 presidential campaign—who did a variety of tasks from getting him clean clothes to scheduling bathroom breaks—went on to get a great position by a highly successful company because the right person noticed his work ethic.

*By being the kind of person people want in their organization, you can find opportunities for growth and advancement.


Liza Minnelli 1946 – watch Cabaret

*Watch Liza win an Oscar in Cabaret


James Taylor 1948

Need some #JT-inspired recipes for the #4thofJuly concert stream this Saturday? Try James’ Caprese Salad, or Kim’s Favorite Deviled Eggs — and then share a photo of your creation during Saturday’s event!

*Listen to James Taylor as you make a recipe from the above tweet, which also includes BBQ drumsticks and focaccia bread.

BONUS: Darryl Strawberry 1962 – Darryl’s Strawberry Pie

“I’m over ‘Strawberry,’” “I’m over Mets. I’m over Yankees. I don’t want to exist as Darryl Strawberry, the baseball player. … That person is dead.”

*Buy a smidge from your dealer and twist one up for dessert. You could also make a Strawberry pie for dessert.

SNUB – Jaimie Alexander 1984

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