March 31



Al Gore 1948

“No matter how hard the loss, defeat might serve as well as victory to shape the soul and let the glory out.”

*Reflect on your most recent loss

How has it been a victory that has shaped your soul?


Ewan McGregor 1971

5 miles is his standard run, iPod cranked. Running to Pink Floyd, and to the album Absolution, by the British band Muse. “It’s so grand and splendid and loud, it brings me out of any negative state,”

*Run 5 miles with your iPod cranked to look like a young Obi-Wan Kenobi.

“I grilled everything and stopped drinking beer. I drank wine and lots of gin instead. The weight just falls off.”

*Eat and drink like this if you want to look like a Trainspotting heroin addict.


Cesar Chavez 1927

“Kindness and compassion toward all living things is a mark of a civilized society.”

*Continue to strive to show kindness and compassion to all living things. Think of donating to the Chavez Foundation.


Jack Johnson 1878

“Jack Johnson lived in the lap of luxury, abused the fame and fortune that came to him, and died bereft of riches,”

*What is one way in which you live in the lap of luxury?

How can you avoid dying bereft of riches?


Christopher Walken 1943 – watch The Deer Hunter

*Watch Walken win an Oscar in The Deer Hunter.


Angus Young 1955 – angus steak

*Listen to ACDC while you are grilling a nice angus steak.

BONUS: Shirley Jones 1934 – “Keep it light with my Triscuit Cheesecake Snacks,”

*Make some Partridge Family Triscuit cheesecake snacks for dessert

SNUB – Jessica Szohr 1985

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I was born in Northwestern Pennsylvania and lived in a trailer park. I was raised by very conservative and religious (Wesleyan Methodist) parents. By some miracle I graduated college and moved to Florida. I have been a public school teacher since 1995. I have 7 years until I can retire. I was married in 1999 and divorced in 2001. I remarried in 2017 to Kate - 21 years my junior. Some of my life experiences as a 46-year-old, white American male, will come through in my writing, but the majority of this daily journey will be dedicated to improving myself, and hopefully you as well.

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