July 9



Minor White 1908

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His students were on a serious journey of awareness, using photography as a tool for deepening their own personal understanding. His pictures took them to places they had never been before, and opened their eyes to new ways of thinking about image making and themselves.

*Get outside and take pictures today and let those pictures be a journey of awareness. Share them with friends and loved ones and actually print the pictures out.


OJ Simpson 1947

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*Watch and perform O.J. Simpson’s workout video. It’s a killer.


Jordan Belfort 1962

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‘You asked if I had shame: back then, yes. Now, no. I’m not going to live my life in shame. I think that’s a toxic emotion.

*Don’t have shame today. Whatever you have done, is in the past. Only a fool would trip over something that he’s already passed. Watch the end of The Wolf of Wall Street for motivation.


Kevin O’ Leary 1954

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Money = Freedom.

“You’ll lose if you pursue money for any reason other than freedom. Nothing else can drive a person like the desire for freedom. The entrepreneurs that are pursuing freedom will find success.”

To me, freedom is the ability to do what you want, when you want, how you want.

*Pursue freedom


Tom Hanks 1956 – watch Forrest Gump

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*Tom Hanks and/or Forrest Gump could be used for every category in 365DOLF – mind (stupid is as stupid does), body (run across the country), soul (sing in the church choir), money (invest in Apple), food (Bubba Gump shrimp, washed down with 9 Dr. Peppers)


Courtney Love 1964 – chicken pot pie and pineapple upside cake, washed down with Love Potion

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“I’m all about the pineapple upside-down cake”



*Enjoy this Courtney Love chicken pot pie and pineapple upside cake, washed down with a Love Potion. It’s a killer

SNUB – Fred Savage 1976

Review –

  • Get outside and take pictures
  • OJ Simpson workout video
  • Don’t have shame
  • Pursue freedom
  • Watch Forrest Gump
  • Make chicken pot pie and pineapple upside down cake

July 8



John D. Rockefeller 1839

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Rockefeller’s Daily Schedule:

Rising at 6 am, he read the newspaper for an hour, then strolled through house and garden from 7 to 8

Breakfast at 8, followed at 8:45 by a game of numerica (there is an app available)

From 9:15 to 10:15 he worked on his correspondence, mostly devoted to his philanthropy and investments.

From 10:15 to 12 he golfed

From 12:15 to 1 pm he bathed and then rested.

Then came lunch and another round of numerica from 1 to 2:30.

From 2:30 to 3 he reclined on the sofa and had mail read to him

From 3:15 to 5:15 he motored (drove a car?)

From 5:30 to 6:30 he again rested

7 to 9 was given over to a formal dinner, followed by more rounds of numerica.

From 9 to 10 he listened to music and chatted with guests

He then slept from 10:30 pm to 6 am

*This is your plan for today – from 6 am to 10:30 tonight. 


Jack Lambert 1952 – have a lust for contact

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The scouting report on Lambert said that while he didn’t have ideal size for a linebacker, he had a “lust for contact.”

*Play football today and have a lust for contact. Actually have this attitude for anything that you do today – even when you golf, from 10:15 – 12. Go Steelers!


Sophia Bush 1982

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“My God loves everybody, and if yours doesn’t, that’s your prerogative, but don’t tell me how to live my life and don’t tell my best friends that you’re going to take away their rights.”

*Hopefully the God that you believe in loves everybody too. If not, check into that.


Jaden Smith 1998

See the source image

“Jaden has one pair of shoes … He has three pair of pants and he has five shirts,”

“He has refused to be a slave to money. I so respect that. The younger generation is less of an ownership generation, anyway … He’s like, ‘I’m not gonna let myself need things in that way’—but I would like him to get another pair of shoes.” – Will Smith

*Refuse to be a slave to money. Don’t let yourself need things.


Anjelica Huston 1951 – watch Prizzi’s Honor

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*Watch Anjelica Huston win an Oscar in Prizzi’s Honor.


Kevin Bacon 1958

Image result for kevin bacon gif

BONUS: Wolfgang Puck 1949 – Kevin Bacon wrapped meatloaf

Image result for wolfgang puck


*In honor of Kevin Bacon, serve Wolfgang Puck’s bacon wrapped meatloaf to your dinner guests from 7 – 9. 

SNUB – Dr. John Pemberton 1831 – Have a Coke and a smile

Review –

  • John D. Rockefeller daily plan
  • Play football
  • Have a God that loves everybody
  • Don’t be a slave to money
  • Watch Prizzi’s Honor
  • Make Kevin Bacon wrapped meatloaf

July 7



Satchel Paige 1906

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“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?”

*How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? As I type this I am 47 but don’t feel a day over 45. Regardless, I am hoping to change my life through 365DOLF, and hopefully you are too.


Lisa Leslie 1972 – squats while brushing your teeth

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“My favorite workout involves an electric toothbrush and whole lot of squats. If you get an electric toothbrush it usually runs for two minutes [and] you do four quadrants of your mouth. While at the same time, you can do your squats. So I do my squats probably for a minute, which gets me about 50 squats in a minute and then I do leg lifts and raises for the other minute. That pretty much gets my teeth cleaned and my butt toned.”

*Tone your butt while brushing your teeth. This is a suggestion that you should do today and carry on doing it every day.


Theodore McCarrick 1930

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The day before Pope Francis was to be formally installed at the Vatican in 2013, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was celebrating Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica when he passed out at the altar and had to be rushed to the hospital.

“I guess the Lord isn’t done with me yet,” he told the pope.

“Or the devil doesn’t have your accommodations ready!” Francis shot back with a laugh.

*Does the Lord still need you to live or is the devil getting your accommodations ready?


Otto Frederick Rohwedder 1880

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On July 7, in 1928, a bakery in Chillicothe, Mo., was the first to sell pre-cut bread using Otto Frederick Rohwedder’s invention: the automatic bread-slicing machine.

*What can you invent that is the best thing since sliced bread?


Ringo Starr 1940

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His music has always come from his warmth, humor, and exceptional skill, manifesting in songs we know and love.

*Listen to Ringo and The Beatles today, all day.


Jim Gaffigan 1966 – Hot Pockets

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Jim Gaffigan’s best Hot Pocket punchlines

“I saw a commercial for a chicken pot pie Hot Pocket. Now they’re just messing with us. It’s just a matter of time before, ‘Have you tried the hot pocket Hot Pocket? It’s a Hot Pocket filled with a Hot Pocket. It tastes just like a Hot Pocket!’”

*See if you can have a breakfast Hot Pocket for breakfast, a lean Hot Pocket for lunch, and a chicken pot pie Hot Pocket for dinner.

SNUB – Shelley Duvall 1949

Review –

  • How old would you be, if you didn’t know how old you are?
  • Do squats while brushing your teeth
  • Is the devil getting your accommodations ready?
  • What is your sliced bread invention?
  • Listen to The Beatles
  • Eat Hot Pockets

July 6



George W. Bush 1946

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“Life is good.”

“If you’re a leader, you have to have principles that are inviolate, and make tough calls.”

*Life is good. Have no regrets today. Stick to your principles, even if it’s a tough call.


Kevin Hart 1979 – 4 am workout

Image result for kevin hart and 50 cent

“I try to make sure that, no matter how busy our day is, we find time to train,”

“If our day starts at 5 in the morning, that means we need to go to the gym at 4.”

BONUS: 50 Cent 1975


*Be like Kevin Hart and do this 50 Cent workout at 4am. Go shorty it’s your birthday!


Dalai Lama 1935

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“The topic of compassion is not at all religious business; it is important to know it is human business, it is a question of human survival.”

*You don’t have to be religious to be a good person. Have compassion today.


David Karp 1986

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“I’ve made so many mistakes through the years, but I’ve made so many fewer mistakes thanks to some really experienced, thoughtful people I’ve met along the way.”

*Limit your mistakes by seeking out a mentor. If you don’t have one yet, take today to seek one out.


Sylvester Stallone 1946 – watch Creed

Image result for sylvester stallone rocky

*If the mood should strike, turn today into a Rocky marathon, ending with Sly almost winning an Oscar in Creed –  good thing you already worked out at 4 am.


Tia Mowry 1978 – fried chicken and bacon waffles

Image result for tia mowry

One Must-Have Dish at Her Last Supper: “Fried Chicken”


BONUS: Tamera Mowry 1978

*After that 4am workout, enjoy Tia Mowry’s fried chicken and bacon waffles – you’ve earned it.

SNUB – Zion Williamson 2000

Review –

  • Have no regrets
  • 4 am 50 Cent workout
  • Have compassion
  • Seek out a mentor
  • Watch Creed
  • Make fried chicken and bacon waffles

July 5



Susan Wojcicki 1968

See the source image

Wojcicki by 2006 was running Google Video — which was getting trounced by YouTube

Wojcicki’s solution to that problem shows her calm under fire. With just a day’s notice, she developed and presented to Google’s board the financial model justifying the $1.65 billion purchase.

*Show calm under fire today and be looking for a way to turn a negative into a positive.


Megan Rapinoe 1985 – play soccer

Image result for megan rapinoe


Take Players On

Shield the Ball

Whip Those Crosses In

Get Your Head Up & Take Shots

*Her website will encourage you to BE BOLD, BE BRAVE, BE YOU – do that while playing a game of soccer today.


PT Barnum 1810

Image result for pt barnum

The first essential of prayer is that it be in faith. Barnum’s Universalist Church is the only one that believes in success.

*Look into the Universalist Church – it may be for you. Also watch The Greatest Showman for both Soul and Money motivation.


Chris Cline 1958

Image result for chris cline

Cline spent time down in the mines before moving to the management. Unlike some billionaire inheritors, he has experience down in the pits and knows the base functionality of his business. He’s lived it.

*You have both life and job experience. Why can’t you move to the management side of the business and run it the way you wish it was operating now.


Huey Lewis 1950 – Listen to Huey Lewis and the News

Image result for huey lewis

*Listen to some classic, feel-good, 80s rock and roll – Huey Lewis and the News. Because it’s hip to be square.


Edie Falco 1963 – cinnamon toast

Image result for edie falco gif

Breakfast of champions: Edie Falco’s cinnamon toast


*After a long night of the 4th, wake up to some cinnamon toast to start the 5th. Compliments of Mrs. Soprano, or Nurse Jackie.

SNUB – Shohei Ohtani 1994

Review –

  • Show calm under fire
  • Play soccer
  • Look into the Universalist Church
  • Use your life and job experience
  • Listen to Huey Lewis and the News
  • Make cinnamon toast

July 4



Calvin Coolidge 1872

Image result for calvin coolidge

“You can’t know too much, but you can say too much.”

*For a guy nicknamed “Silent” Cal, this speaks volumes. Speak as little as possible today.


The Situation 1982 – your playbook for today

Image result for the situation

1) Eat every few hours. Aim for six small meals per day—three meals and three protein shakes.

2) Drink tons of water.

3) Choose lean proteins, fruits, and veggies.

4) Get six to eight hours of sleep.

5) Avoid simple carbs and junk calories.

*Sound advice from the Situation. Much better than GTL (gym, tan, laundry). Use this as your eating playbook today. Splurge with a canteen dog to celebrate the 4th.


Bill Withers 1938

Image result for bill withers

Unconvinced that music would pay off, he held on to his day job until he was laid off in the months before the album’s release.

*Listen to Bill Withers today – it’s good for your soul.


George Steinbrenner 1930

Image result for george steinbrenner

Steinbrenner believed that he would always get what he paid for, and so he was willing to pay the very most.

*I know the goal is to save money, but think long term when buying things like a car or a washing machine. Get the best and save money in the long run.


Ron Kovic 1946 – watch Born on the Fourth of July

Image result for ron kovic


There is a nerve agent that would paralyze Cruise for a few days, and Cruise was open to the idea of using it.

*Yesterday was Tom Cruise’s birthday (born on the 3rd of July), watch him play the role of Ron Kovic today in Born on the Fourth of July.


Andrew Zimmern 1961 – Canteen Dog and caramel apple pie.

Image result for andrew zimmern gif


The only way to improve on a classic apple pie is to layer the filling with decadent homemade caramel sauce.


*It’s the 4th of July, you’ve got to have a hot dog and some apple pie.

SNUB – Post Malone 1995

Review –

  • Stay silent
  • Have a day like ‘The Situation’
  • Listen to Bill Withers
  • Splurge for high quality
  • Watch Born on the Fourth of July
  • Canteen dog and caramel apple pie

July 3



Julian Assange 1971

Image result for julian assange

“Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive in its presence and thereby eventually lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love.”

*Train your character to not be passive in the presence of injustice.


Olivia Munn 1980

Image result for olivia munn

Munn eats 80% raw and pays close attention to stretching

*Eat 80% raw today and pay close attention to stretching.


Montel Williams 1956

Image result for montel williams

“One of the greatest minds of the last century said ‘A living is made by what you get, a life is made by what you give,’”

“I define success by people who understand that the universe will open up to you if you recognize your responsibility to give back.”

*Give back today and the universe will open up to you. Think of donating to MS Foundation – one of Montel’s favorite causes.


Scott Borchetta 1962

See the source image

Borchetta took a look at the most doom-laden climate in the history of the modern music industry, and decided it was the perfect time to start a record label.

*What is an industry that is doom-laden and how can you turn it into a dynamic enterprise again?


Tom Cruise 1962 – watch Jerry Maguire

Image result for tom cruise jerry maguire gif


*Today is the day. While watching Jerry Maguire, when you hear “show me the money!” crack open the piggy bank full of $5 bills.


Sandra Lee 1966 – broiled tilapia

Image result for sandra lee

Her journey can be seen in the HBO documentary short RX: EARLY DETECTION A CANCER JOURNEY WITH SANDRA LEE.


*Enjoy Sandra Lee’s broiled tilapia while watching Jerry Maguire with your soulmate.

SNUB – Gloria Allred 1941

Review –

  • Train your character to not be passive
  • Eat 80% raw
  • Give back and the universe will open up to you
  • Turn around a doom-laden industry
  • Watch Jerry Maguire
  • Make broiled tilapia

July 2



Thurgood Marshall 1908

Image result for thurgood marshall

“We will only attain freedom if we learn to appreciate what is different and muster the courage to discover what is fundamentally the same.”

*Learn to appreciate what is different about people so you can discover what is the same. Watch Marshall for motivation.


Alex Morgan 1989

Image result for alex morgan

Morgan runs through a series of exercises to build core strength and speed.


*Laugh while doing these Alex Morgan core exercises. Play soccer with friends who make you laugh.


Medgar Evers 1925

Image result for medgar evers

“When you hate, the only person that suffers is you because most of the people you hate don’t know it and the rest don’t care.”

*Think of someone you hate – do they know it? Do they care? Don’t hate.


Ashley Tisdale 1985

Image result for ashley tisdale

“I started to realize, You know I’m turning 30 and I want to do all these different things. I always had a fear of what if it doesn’t work out, or what if this happens, or what if people don’t see me as an actress anymore. But nowadays you can do it all. I saw throughout having a production company for eight years that yeah, I produce and stuff, but I’m still able to do acting, I’m still able to balance that, and so I can balance even more stuff. I just felt like, why not? Just go out and do what you want to do and be creative.”

*Just go out and do what you want to do and be creative. This is my 365DOLF mantra.

BONUS: Richard Petty 1937

Image result for richard petty

Petty’s resilience has landed him in the perfect spot to succeed–he now has the money and the control.

*Be resilient and always go for both the money and control of your business.


Larry David 1947 – watch Curb Your Enthusiasm

Image result for larry david pretty good gif

The Stare down is your secret weapon

Just keep looking. Don’t break eye contact. You’ll see right into their soul.

*Watch as many episodes of Curb as you can. It is pretty, pretty, pretty, good.


Margot Robbie 1990 – spaghetti Bolognese

Image result for margot robbie


‘I projectile vomited 1.8 kilos of spaghetti’: Margot Robbie confesses to less than elegant display in eating contest during Graham Norton Show appearance

*Enjoy Margot Robbie’s spaghetti Bolognese while watching her in I Tonya and wash it down with a Lindsay Lohan cocktail

BONUS: Lindsay Lohan 1986 – The Lindsay Lohan drink


SNUB – Jose Canseco 1964

Review –

  • Appreciate differences
  • Alex Morgan workout
  • Don’t hate
  • Do you what you want and be creative
  • Watch Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Spaghetti Bolognese

July 1



Princess Diana 1961

Image result for princess diana


Every Tuesday night, Diana would sit at her desk in her study at Kensington Palace, writing a steady stream of heartfelt thank-you letters and listening to Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 and—her favorite—Manning Sherwin’s “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square.”

*Write heartfelt thank-you letters to anyone you can think of that needs to be thanked by you. Listen to Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No.2 and Sherwin’s “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square” while writing these letters.


Carl Lewis 1961

Image result for carl lewis

He has lifted faithfully three times a week. His bench press has increased from 95 pounds to 275, his squats from 45 pounds to 245, his leg curls from 84 pounds with each leg to 198.

*Bench press, squats, and leg curls today. Run Carl Lewis 100 yard dashes afterwards.


Liv Tyler 1977

Image result for liv tyler

On overcoming self-doubt… “I think I felt quite brave at the beginning of my career and then I went through this period in the middle where I just wanted to hide away a little bit and I felt less sure about things. Suddenly, in the last couple of years, I’ve just felt much more excited about following my heart, not being afraid to take risks and make mistakes and try and enjoy as much as I can. I think that sometimes I worry so much about making everything perfect but it’s not really about doing that – it’s just about doing it and seeing what happens.”

*Follow your heart, don’t be afraid to take risks today. Don’t hide away.


Estee Lauder 1906

Image result for estee lauder the person

Her pre-social media motto was “Telephone, telegraph, tell a woman”

*Come up with your own modern day version of this motto.


Dan Aykroyd 1952 – watch Driving Miss Daisy

Image result for dan aykroyd driving miss daisy

Driving Miss Daisy reinforces the lesson that every stage of our life is precious and should never be taken for granted.

*Watch Driving Miss Daisy with the oldest person in your family.


Pamela Anderson 1967 – beet tartar

Image result for pamela anderson gif

“20 years of connecting resources–For charity- a natural extension – I have been Dedicated to Human, Animal and Environmental Rights..It is all Connected.”


*Give meat a break. Try it – you’ll like it. Maybe. Watch an episode of Baywatch for motivation.

SNUB – Missy Elliot 1971

Review –

  • Write thank-you letters
  • Run 100-yard dashes
  • Follow your heart
  • Come up with your own business motto
  • Watch Driving Miss Daisy
  • Make beet tartar

June 30



Monica Potter 1971

Image result for Monica Potter

“Success to me is being able to provide for my family, staying true to my roots and enjoying the journey. But what really makes me feel successful is that I am able to give back.”

*What does success look like to you? If nothing else, enjoy the journey.


Michael Phelps 1985

Image result for michael phelps

Phelps eats 12,000 calories a day, around 4,000 calories per meal. For breakfast, Phelps eats three fried-egg sandwiches with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions, and mayonnaise. Then he drinks two cups of coffee and then consumes a five-egg omelet, a bowl of grits, three slices of French toast with powdered sugar and three chocolate-chip pancakes. For lunch, Phelps eats a pound of pasta and two large ham and cheese sandwiches on white bread with mayo. He then drinks about 1,000 calories worth of energy drinks. For dinner, Phelps eats another pound of pasta and a full pizza followed by another 1,000 calories of energy drinks.

*Try to eat 12,000 calories and then try to burn them all off by swimming. **Don’t swim on a full stomach.


Lena Horne 1917

Image result for lena horne

If she could have swallowed her pride, Lena Horne could have had an easy life. Until the very end, she never once softened her firm stance against racism or missed an opportunity to advance the cause she believed in.

*Don’t swallow your pride. Stand up for what is right. Listen to some Lena Horne to soothe your soul.


Mike Tyson 1966

Image result for mike tyson gif

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

Mike Tyson’s income exceeded $400 million. Yet, in 2004, he was $38 million in debt.

*You may already have a great plan for your finances. But what if life punches you in the face? Take today to set up a”punched in the face” savings account.


Vincent D’Onofrio 1959 – watch Full Metal Jacket

Image result for vincent d'onofrio full metal jacket


*This is my favorite movie of all time – enjoy.


David Alan Grier 1956 – prosciutto sandwich

Image result for david alan grier in living color

“Wherever I go, it must have great food. Cuisine is the first thing I ask about when I get off the plane. Where do we eat?”


*Make David Alan Grier’s prosciutto sandwich and enjoy it while watching him in old episodes of In Living Color.

SNUB – Lizzy Caplan 1982

Review –

  • Enjoy the ride
  • Eat 12,000 calories and swim it all off
  • Stand up for what is right
  • Start a “punched in the face” savings account
  • Watch Full Metal Jacket
  • Make a prosciutto sandwich