May 6

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Sigmund Freud 1856

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“We are what we are because we have been what we have been”

Our past conditions us much more than we think. In fact, if we want to understand why we are at some point in our lives, we will be forced to look back, scrutinizing our past experiences and decisions. However, once we are aware of this influence, we can get rid of it and trace the life we ​​want. Our past is there, but we are not chained to the destiny.

*You are not chained to your past. It is not your future. Get rid of your past and start tracing the life that you want today.


Chris Paul 1985

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If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, it really takes planning—and I mean we plan everything else in our life, so you have to plan your food. If not, when you get hungry you’re just gonna stop at the fast food joint.

*Plan your healthy lifestyle. Meal prep for the entire week.


Rubin Carter 1937

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“Rubin, my Christian name, comes from the Book of Genesis, chapter 29, verse 32, of the Holy Scriptures. Other than both of us being black, that’s about the only thing the Bible and I ever had in common.

*Watch the movie The Hurricane and see why Carter feels this way.


Willie Mays 1931

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Mays had to finance his retirement by hiring on (at a $100,000 salary) as a “greeter” at a gambling casino

*How will you have to finance your retirement? Hopefully with proper planning, you won’t have to finance your retirement at all – just enjoy it.


George Clooney 1961 – watch Syriana

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“Syriana”’s confusing complexity is ironic, because its message is simple.  In “Traffic,” Gaghan showed us how complex the drug problem is, and how it’s driven by American demand.  Here, he attempts to do the same thing, hammering the point that as long as America is greedy for oil, corruption will abound.

*Watch George Clooney win an Oscar in Syriana.


Bob Seger 1945 – The Bob Seger pulled pork sandwich

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The Bob Seger

Our pulled pork that is sauteed in our memphis sauce and topped with our homemade slaw. there’s no ramblin’ gamblin’ about this sandwich, it’s one of a kind

*Listen to Bob Seger while making The Bob Seger pulled pork sandwich. It will move your soul.

SNUB – Naomi Scott

Review –

  • Get rid of your past
  • Plan your healthy lifestyle
  • Watch The Hurricane
  • Plan for retirement
  • Watch Syriana
  • Make The Bob Seger pulled pork sandwich