May 17

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Edward Jenner 1749

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This is the house where Edward Jenner, pioneer of vaccination against smallpox, lived and told the world about his work. Less than 200 years later, smallpox had been eradicated, with countless lives saved in the process.

*Today is the day to make sure you are all caught up on any and all shots you may need.


Tony Parker 1982

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I’ve heard some of your other interviews, you said you try to at least fine-tune one thing. Was there anything in particular?

This year I wanted to get stronger. I think if I want to prolong my career and if I want to be here a long time I need to take care of my body and pay attention more to what I eat, get sleep, and make sure I work out every day.

*Get stronger today. Work out every day, especially today. Play some basketball and be the point guard on your team.


Deitrick Haddon 1973

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Heaven keeps good records & I have no reason to lie!!! I met the young lady when I moved to L.A a broken mess & God used her to keep me from committing suicide twice!!

*God sends us people to help. Don’t ignore the people who are sent to you.


Bob Saget 1956

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Bob Saget’s net worth is $100 million. The star behind our buddy Danny Tanner is well-known for the polarity between his family-friendly TV roles and his so-very-NSFW stand-up act.

His role as the voice of future Ted Mosby in the wildly successful “How I Met Your Mother” was probably pretty generous to his bank account, as well.

*You may want to be a foul-mouthed comedian, but if being a family-friendly TV dad is going to get you $100 million… think about it. You can always do what you want after you’ve made your money.


Dennis Hopper 1936 – watch Easy Rider

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“Terry Southern never wrote one f*cking word of Easy Rider. Only the title Easy Rider came from him,” Hopper told The Guardian. “He broke his hip; he couldn’t write. I used his office and I dictated the whole f*cking thing in 10 days.”

*Watch Easy Rider and plan a road trip.


Sugar Ray Leonard 1956 – body blow ribs

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Sugar Ray Leonard is one of the legendary sports icons of the 20th century whose very name epitomizes boxing and conjures the image of a champion.

*Eat these “Body Blow Ribs” while watching Easy Rider

SNUB – Nikki Reed

Review –

  • Get any needed shots
  • Get stronger
  • God sends you people to help – accept it
  • Do what is best for your finances
  • Watch Easy Rider
  • Make Sugar Ray’s Body Blow Ribs