June 16

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Geronimo 1829

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The 6’8″ Eberhardt did them one better — when his turn at the door came, he shouted “Geronimo!” — and a new military tradition was born.

Some of the top military brass weren’t in love with the new tradition, but others thought it evoked the bravery and daring of the Apache chief — the last holdout against American expansion to the West. They let the paratroopers keep the tradition.


During this final campaign, at least 5,000 white soldiers and 500 Indian auxiliaries were employed at various times in the capture of Geronimo’s small band. Five months and 1,645 miles later, Geronimo was tracked to his camp in Mexico’s Sonora Mountains.


*In which situation would someone yell your name one day? Evoke bravery today and never be afraid to be the last holdout on something you believe in.


Rick Nash 1984

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Nash said that when he hits the gym he does a lot of Olympic lifting, hand cleans, front squats and jerks.


*Get with your trainer and focus on Olympic lifting today – hand cleans, front squats, and jerks. Try to play some ice hockey today as well.


Eddie Levert 1942

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Eddie has some advice for parents: “Spend time with those kids.” At the end of the day, if something happens to them, you’re going to hurt. But you won’t have regret.”


*Spend time with your kids today. No kids? Practice making them while listening to Levert


Phil Mickelson 1970 – be a big tipper

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A recent article in Golf Digest magazine asked players, coaches and caddies on the PGA Tour how much cash they have in their wallets.

It ranged from only a few bucks, to closer to $1000, but ‘Lefty’ blew them all out of the water.

Known as one of the most generous tippers in the game, Mickelson revealed he had $8100 in cash.

“$6500 in $100s and $1600 in $20s,” the five time major winner said.

“I want to take care of people. You shouldn’t be expecting stuff for free.

“If someone does something for you, you should take care of them.”

Holding that sort of cash is a necessity when you’re as generous as Mickelson.

“I watched him tip $20 when all he had for breakfast was two strips of bacon,” recounts US PGA Tour official Slugger White.


*Go golfing today and leave a big tip in your golf cart – for whomever has to clean it.


Tupac Shakur 1971

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You gotta make a change. It’s time for us as a people to start making some changes, lets change the way we eat, lets change the way we live, and lets change the way we treat each other. You see the old way wasn’t working so it’s on us, to do what we gotta do to survive.” – Tupac Shakur. We all come to a point when we become conscious of our environment and take steps on how to relate with it, Tupac moved for positive change.




*Lots of options for Tupac. Listen to his music. Watch him act in movies. Watch movies about him. Be motivated to change the world.


John Cho 1972 – Harold’s White Castle order

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How many calories Harold and Kumar ate at the end of Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

At White Castle they each order 30 sliders, 5 french fries, and 4 large cherry cokes, except Kumar orders Diet Cokes

From the white castle website 1 slider = 140 calories, a regular order of fries = 330 calories, and a large Cherry Coke = 490 calories

30 sliders = 4,200 calories

3 orders of fries = 990 calories

4 Cherry Cokes = 1960 calories

So Harold ate 7,150 calories

Kumar ate 5,190 calories







*There are no White Castles where I live. The closest thing is Krystal. I can buy White Castle burgers in my local grocery store though. So, depending on where you live, try your best to recreate John Cho (Harold’s) order. *It will help if you are really high and watching the movie – Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

SNUB – Stan Laurel

Review –

  • Evoke bravery
  • Olympic lifting
  • Spend time with your kids
  • Be a big tipper
  • Listen to Tupac
  • Consume Harold’s White Castle order

June 15

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Mario Cuomo 1932

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He embraced an underdog mentality

As the son of Italian immigrants, Mario Cuomo, a first-generation American who grew up in Queens behind his family-run grocery store, was always worried about “not being good enough.”

“He was fired up by that, you know, that was his motivation. He was very much devoted to a feeling of being an underdog and less than, and he had contempt for people who thought he was less than,” Cuomo said.


*Embrace the underdog mentality today. Have contempt for people who underestimate you and show them that you are more than they expected.


Courteney Cox 1964

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‘I am an absolute guinea pig for anything that will keep me feeling good,’ she says, laughing. ‘If someone says, “You should try apple stem cells,” guess who’ll be putting them on her face the next day. Look, I’m close to 50. Getting older isn’t easy for anybody. Especially here in Los Angeles. So let’s be clear: looking youthful is something I do a lot of research on. Man, I could use some Botox right now.’



“My fitness philosophy is to be active in life and enjoy what I am doing,”




*Be active today, enjoy what you are doing, and maybe get some Botox. Watch Courteney Cox in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective for motivation.


Lisa del Giocondo 1479

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Towards the end of Lisa’s life, she had fully devoted herself to God and moved to the Sant’Orsola convent in Florence where she was eventually buried among other women.


*Take today to fully devote yourself to God.


Ice Cube 1969

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Follow Your Passion

Dr Dre and Ice Cube were passionate about rap and nothing was going to stop them from creating it and sharing it with the world. Dr Dre said fuck you to the owner of the club who wanted him to play some of the mainstream music. He stuck to his guns, threw Ice Cube on stage and got massive validation from the crowd.



*Follow your passion and don’t let anything stop you from creating it. Stick to your guns, this is your passion.


Neil Patrick Harris 1973 – watch Doogie Howser MD

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Take Time for Self-Reflection

Doogie Howser was wise beyond his years in many ways. Not only did he graduate medical school at the age of 14, but he finished each day as a doctor by recording an entry in his personal journal. In doing so, he taught us it’s always a great idea to take time to reflect, to move mindfully through our days and constantly examine why we do what we do.


*Hopefully you have had the 365DOLF journal since January 1st. If not, today is the day to go get it to move mindfully through your days and examine why you do what you do. Watch Neil Patrick Harris in the television show Doogie Howser MD for motivation.


Leah Remini 1970 – pancake balls

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Two years out of the Church, Remini said her life is now better than ever and that the ordeal has reinforced the bonds within her family, bonds on display during their reality show on TLC, “It’s All Relative,” where the departure from Scientology is frequent fodder for discussion.

“At the end, I mean I don’t regret what I’ve been through,” Remini said. “I don’t regret spending my life there, because it really did teach me a lot … and because we’ve all survived it, we’re all surviving it and living life and it’s kind of like we have a gift of second chance of life.”



BONUS: Wade Boggs 1958 – drank 107 beers in one day

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With over 3,000 hits and a career batting average of .328, Wade Boggs was one of the greatest pure hitters in baseball history. Not as well-known is the crown Boggs holds as the game’s greatest pure beer drinker. Legend has it that the Hall of Fame third baseman once drank 64 beers on a cross-country flight from Boston to Los Angeles.

Day also claims that the stories about Boggs’s drinking prowess are true, and that Boggs even told him that the actual number of beers he drank was 107.


*Enjoy these pancake balls for breakfast and 64 beers throughout the day. Make sure to reflect on this day in your journal.

SNUB – Helen Hunt

Review –

  • Embrace an underdog mentality
  • Be active and enjoy what you’re doing
  • Fully devote yourself to God
  • Follow your passion
  • Watch Doogie Howser MD
  • Make pancake balls and drink 64 beers

June 14

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Pat Summit 1952

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“She” is Pat Head Summitt, head coach emeritus of the University of Tennessee Lady Volunteer basketball team, who concluded a 38-year tenure at the helm of the Lady Vols on April 18, 2012, with a 1,098-208 overall record after raising the bar in the collegiate basketball world every time she stepped out on the court.

On Aug. 23, 2011, Summitt may have raised the bar on courage, as she bravely revealed the toughest opponent she will ever have to battle, early onset dementia, “Alzheimer’s Type,” after the doctors at the Mayo Clinic diagnosed her at the age of 59. To be sure, Summitt took on this invisible opponent with her signature game plan.



*Get yourself tested for early onset dementia today.


Lucy Hale 1989

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SoulCycle, hiking, and coffee? Sounds like a pretty great little day to me.


*SoulCycle again, hiking, and reward yourself with your favorite coffee.


Harriet Beecher Stowe 1811

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The object of it has been distinctly stated in one sentence by Judge Ruffin—“The end is the profit of the master, his security, and the public safety.” Slavery, then, is absolute despotism, of the most unmitigated form.


The overarching lesson Stowe wanted to convey in her novel is that even under the best of conditions, slavery was an evil institution.


*Regardless of politics, you know when something is wrong. Don’t be on the wrong side of history.


Donald Trump 1946

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He bought beauty pageants, football teams, television shows and fashion lines and with every investment, ‘The Donald’ infused his brand: brash, boisterous, unapologetic and always entertaining, and marketers loved it. In a way, Donald Trump built his wealth simply from the fact his name was Donald Trump.


*Once marketers fall in love with you, you can build your wealth just by your name. And maybe one day be president of the United States.


Boy George 1961

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“You don’t have to be different to be interesting, but there’s nothing wrong with being different. Being different is a gift.”


*Embrace being different today and listen to Boy George and Culture Club.


Che Guevara 1928 – tripe and Chilean wine

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Ernesto Guevara de la Serna was an Argentine doctor. Under the name Che Guevara, he became a commandant, or major, in the Cuban revolution, and later led communist guerrilla units in the Congo and Bolivia.






*Be a revolutionary and eat some tripe with Chilean wine.

SNUB – Steffi Graf

Review –

  • Get tested for dementia
  • SoulCycle, hiking, and coffee
  • Don’t be on the wrong side of history
  • Have marketers fall in love with you
  • Listen to Boy George
  • Eat tripe and drink Chilean wine


June 13

The * provides your daily advice.



John Nash 1928

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We owe him a lot, not only for his contribution to science but for telling us his story and returning to “the world of the sane” to teach us all that every mind is wonderful.



*Watch A Beautiful Mind. The life of John Nash will inspire you about life, love, and work.


Chris Evans 1981

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“It’s a very balanced workout, hitting every single muscle—I think even my toes got bigger, Evans says with a laugh. “We would take two muscle groups, whether it was chest and back or biceps and triceps and we would just destroy those muscles, literally, destroy them for just over two hours. Then we’d cool down with core and abs.



*Do this Captain America workout today. Destroy your chest and back for 2 hours and then cool down with a core and abs workout.


Tim Allen 1953

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Tim Allen believes in God. And if you meet him in person, you’ll quickly learn that he’s unashamed to tell you so.

But Allen doesn’t claim to be a perfect Christian. In fact, he admits that many of his life’s deepest struggles are what caused him to turn to Christ.



*If you do believe in God, don’t be ashamed to tell people. Admit to them that your deepest struggles caused this.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen 1986

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Fashion Empire is worth an estimated $1 billion. Interns at the Olsens’ Dualstar Entertainment Company are unpaid. And, as of Tuesday, they’re suing.


*Keep your workers happy, and yes this includes interns.


Malcolm McDowell 1943 – watch A Clockwork Orange

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You need at least one deep, cultural passion

Despite his brutish, immoral, and illegal ways, Alex maintains a passion, even an obsession, with Beethoven, whom he calls “Ludwig Van.” Without a deep passion, you’re just another plebeian. Just an ounce of high culture makes you different from the rest.



*Watch A Clockwork Orange and listen to some “Ludwig Van” Beethoven.


Kat Dennings 1986 – Halloween Salad

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Unlike many young celebrities who embrace the party lifestyle that’s so prominent in Hollywood, Dennings has chosen to stay far away from drugs and alcohol. “I’m an idiot already, so I don’t need any enhancement,” she explained in an interview with Complex. “I don’t feel like I’m the kind of person who can deal with some kind of foreign stimulant. I don’t need an excuse to act a certain way. Some people use that to show their true feelings, whereas I do that all the time.”





*Enjoy this Halloween salad just 4 ½ months before the big day, while watching A Clockwork Orange. No drugs or alcohol today though.

SNUB – W.B. Yeats

Review –

  • Watch A Beautiful Mind
  • Captain America workout
  • Be unashamed about your feelings towards God
  • Pay your interns
  • Watch A Clockwork Orange
  • Make a Halloween Salad

June 12

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George HW Bush 1924

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“He embraced compromise as a necessary element of public life, engaged his political foes in the passage of important legislation, and was willing to break with the base of his own party in order to do what he thought was right, whatever the price. Quaint, yes. But it happened in America, only a quarter of a century ago.”




He finished Yale in 2½ years and graduated with a degree in economics, already married and the father of a son: George W.


*Embrace compromise today, especially if it’s what you think is right in the first place. Don’t argue just to keep the argument going.


Kendra Wilkinson 1985 – calorie blasting workout

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Get the secret to her awesome abs, toned triceps, and lean legs with this fierce and fun, calorie-blasting workout she created exclusively for SHAPE!


*Try this calorie blasting workout and one day you could end up at the Playboy mansion.


Anne Frank 1929

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Always an aspiring writer, Anne wrote about her ambition in her diary entry for April 4, 1944: “I want to go on living even after my death! And that’s why I’m grateful to God for having given me this gift, this possibility of developing myself and of writing, of expressing all that is in me. . . . Will I ever become a journalist or a writer? I hope so, oh, I hope so very much.”


*Be grateful to God for the gifts that he has given you. Don’t wait too long before sharing them with the world.


David Rockefeller 1915

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Live within your means.

“Easy credit might well lead to heavy speculation and over-expansion.”


Save up for purchases instead of putting them on credit.

People often use credit cards for large purchases they can’t afford to pay for outright, like a new television. Instead of paying for these purchases on credit, put aside some money each month until you’ve saved up enough to buy it outright. If you can’t afford to save up for the purchase, then you can’t afford to buy it.


*Start saving for something today. Think how nice it will be to pay cash for all of those Christmas gifts. Think how sweet it will be to not get hammered with credit card bills to start next year.


Dave Franco 1985 – watch Nerve

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Take Risks

Just like Vee you should take risks. Life is no fun unless you spice it up a little bit. We’re not saying that you should risk your life for a game, maybe just try a new restaurant or something.



Try a new restaurant today. A place you would normally not think of going to.


Adriana Lima 1981 – swordfish corn salad, with a side of LIMA beans

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Adriana Lima really commits. At the age of 17, she moved all the way from Salvador, Brazil, to New York City to become one of the most famous faces in the world. She’s been a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2000, and has walked in every one of its shows since. She’s a dedicated mother to two daughters, Valentina and Sienna, aged 8 and 6, respectively. The list goes on—what you need to know is that when Adriana Lima puts her energy into something, she’s all the way in.




*Eating healthy dishes like this is Victoria’s secret.

SNUB – Mark Henry

Review –

  • Embrace compromise
  • Core blasting workout
  • Be grateful to God for his gifts
  • Live within your means
  • Watch Nerve
  • Make swordfish corn salad with Adriana Lima beans

June 11

Look for the * for today’s advice.



Vince Lombardi 1913

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“The good Lord gave you a body that can stand most anything. It’s your mind you have to convince.”


*Convince your mind to win the day today.


Mehmet Oz 1960 – 7 minute workout

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Is pain preventing you from staying active? Do not let discomfort sideline you from fitness. Whether you have back pain, a knee injury or another chronic ache, there are plenty of measures you can take to keep active and healthy – pain-free.


*Fight through the pain and do this 7-minute Dr. Oz workout.


Peter Dinklage 1969

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Let them see that their words can cut you and you’ll never be free of the mockery. If they want to give you a name take it and make it your own. Then they can’t hurt you with it anymore.



*You know what people are saying about you. Address it with them – now you own it and they can’t use it to hurt you. I know that people talk about me marrying someone 21 years younger. So I talk about it too. I make fun of it because it is funny.


Joe Montana 1956

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Montana is no stranger to investing. He has an ownership stake in the sports app company GameOn, and has also invested personally in hot tech startups Pinterest and Dropbox





*Do the same as Joe Montana. Invest in these 3 companies today and one day you will be in the Hall of Fame.


Shia LaBeouf 1986 – watch Transformers

Image result for shia labeouf transformers



Yes, LaBeouf is the guy who was handed a golden ticket and promptly lit it on fire. But too often we forget that everyone screws up on their path toward becoming an adult; and that few do so under the gaze of the public eye


*Watch Transformers – just the first one. It makes a nice escape from reality. Just like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory later today and Alice in Wonderland yesterday.


Gene Wilder 1933 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Dinner Party

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Start by channeling your inner Charlie Bucket with a simple, humble dish. Jamie’s Italian Bread and Cabbage Soup with Sage Butter, though slightly more decadent than the version the Bucket family often ate, layered like lasagna with grilled bread and cabbage in stock that plumps up like bread pudding when cooked.

Serve a second soup in honor of Violet Beauregarde’s three-course bubblegum meal. To start, try Giada’s Hearty Tomato Soup with Lemon and Rosemary. Let it warm you up from the inside out as it slides down the back of your throat, and serve it with a dollop of lemon rosemary crème fraiche.

Violet’s second course consisted of roast beef and a baked potato. Whip up Sunny’s Herb-Crusted Roast Beef with Horseradish Cream and Michael Chiarello’s Mini Baked Potatoes with Marscarpone and Prosciutto Bits. The bite size potatoes will leave just enough room for dessert.

Even if you ate Alex Guarnaschelli’s Blueberry Pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in its entirety, we promise you won’t actually turn into a blueberry.

Float on a Fruit Fizz high as you let the rest of dinner digest. Charlie and Grandpa had to burp their way down from the ceiling, but these mango, raspberry and blackcurrant versions from Nigella won’t leave you feeling bloated or gross.

No Wonka feast would be complete without chocolate. Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Cheesecake Pops are a perfect parting gift that’s both easy to make and fun to eat.

*Give out 5 golden tickets to attend your Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Dinner Party.

SNUB – Jacques Cousteau

Review –

  • Win the day
  • Dr. Oz 7-minute workout
  • Own what people say about you
  • Invest in startups
  • Watch Transformers
  • Throw a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory dinner party

June 10

Seek out the * for today’s advice.



Rebecca Latimer Felton 1835

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Felton holds the noble title of the first female to serve in the United States senate, although she only served for a day. Women are making heavy strides in the political world, yet still are not held on the same pedestal as men, which is an extreme disappointment. Rebecca Ann Latimer has not been widely commemorated, not because she is a woman, but because everyone has become so comfortable with a patriarchal society, that no one feels that it is necessary to celebrate women, especially women of power.


*Please realize that the patriarchal society is dwindling and one day soon will be but a memory.


Tara Lipinski 1982

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I’m pretty lucky that one of my best girlfriends is a barre teacher. She will come over a lot and we will just set up our yoga mats by the pool. Even if we only get a half hour in, I still feel like I’ve done something. I also live in Santa Monica and I have a big dog, Dublin, and he’s very energetic so trying to be a good mom as always, I try to take him out for a run-down San Vicente [Boulevard] which is beautiful.


*Take a barre class, take your dog for a run, and go ice skating if you can.


Faith Evans 1973

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“But the bottom line is it was two senseless tragedies that were the result of people not being good people,” she continued. “I can’t say the music business is the reason why. Losing my husband [is] something I think about every day. But I don’t blame that on Bad Boy — at all.”


*Be a good person and surround yourself with good people. Have faith today. Listen to Faith Evans for inspiration.


William Rosenberg 1916

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Anticipating Starbucks by several decades, Rosenberg realized early on that consumers would gladly pay more for a good cup of coffee than for a mediocre one.



*Anticipate what people will pay more for in the future. Eat some Dunkin Donuts and have some of their coffee for motivation.


Elizabeth Hurley 1965 – watch Bedazzled

Image result for elizabeth hurley bedazzled



When you have two wedding ceremonies, the tab is bound to be high. Hurley and business tycoon Nayar threw a traditional Anglican wedding in an English castle, followed by a week of celebrations and a Hindu ceremony in Nayar’s hometown of Jodhpur, India. Too bad two ceremonies and $2.5 million couldn’t make this couple last.



Everything that flows from his (her) mouth is deceit and trickery. And he prowls the earth seeking out people to destroy (1 Peter 5:8).


*Watch Bedazzled and try to say “no” to Elizabeth Hurley


Judy Garland 1922 – vegetable salad

Image result for judy garland



Today, it would be considered abuse and grounds for immediate dismissal. But 76 years ago, slapping your star across the face was not only condoned, it actually produced results. When Judy Garland couldn’t get her giggles under control when Bert Lahr’s Cowardly Lion made his big entrance, director Victor Fleming didn’t have time to play games. He took Garland aside, whacked her on the cheek, and then ordered her to “Go in there and work.”




*Enjoy this vegetable salad while watching the Wizard of Oz.

SNUB – Kate Upton

Review –

  • Notice that the patriarchal society is fading
  • Take your dog for a run
  • Be a good person and surround yourself with good people
  • What will people pay for in the future?
  • Watch Bedazzled
  • Make a vegetable salad