December 10

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Emily Dickinson 1830

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Old thinking: Emily Dickinson was a shy crazy lady who dressed all in white, never left the house, and secretly wrote nearly two thousand poems that nobody saw until she died.

New thinking: Emily Dickinson was a gifted poet who chose—for reasons she kept private—to stay at home, write quietly and yes, wear white.

*Read some Emily Dickinson poetry and reflect on what people think about you. Their old way of thinking about you and their new way of thinking about you.


Kenneth Branagh 1960

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The five-time Oscar nominee, 56, also favors an additional form of exercise besides walking with his pup. “I’m a man of certain age who’s come to enjoy yoga,” he says. “I came to it later in life, but lately, it’s a necessary thing.”

*Hopefully throughout this year, you’ve come to enjoy yoga. Maybe it’s even a necessary thing that you will continue to do on a regular basis.


Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet 1787

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In August 1821, Gallaudet married one of his students, Sophia Fowler. The couple had a child. Sophia was concerned that the child would be deaf. She tested the baby and discovered that the child was able to hear. Over the years, she and Thomas parented a total of eight children.

The youngest child was named Edward Miner Gallaudet. At the age of 20, Edward Miner Gallaudet journeyed to Washington, D.C., to run a school for deaf children there. Seven years later, in 1864, President Abraham Lincoln signed the charter to establish a national college for deaf students. Gallaudet University is named in honor of Edward’s father, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet.

ASDC needs committed people to continue our mission of providing support and advocacy to families of deaf and hard of hearing children. Your donation makes you an active partner in our efforts to assist families by providing them with appropriate information and by “just being there” for them. Thank you for your donation and support of ASDC!

*Think of becoming an active partner in the efforts to assist families of deaf and hard of hearing children.


Raven Symone 1985

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“The View” co-host is not content with her $55 million net worth and wants the Facebook co-founder to help make her richer.

*You can either be content with your money or always looking to make more. There’s nothing to be learned here, it comes down to your personality. Both ways of thinking have been suggested throughout the year – which way suits you best?


Michael Clarke Duncan 1957 – watch The Green Mile

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Going vegetarian keeps Michael at a lesser risk of our nation’s biggest killers, including cancerheart diseasediabetes, and strokes.

The Green Mile star, who received an Academy Award nomination for his performance in the 1999 film, suffered a heart attack on July 13 of this year and “never fully recovered,” according to a written statement released by his publicist. He died yesterday at Cedars-Siniai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

*Watch the late Michael Clarke Duncan almost win an Oscar for his role in The Green Mile. No need for a vegetarian snack during the movie.


Bobby Flay 1964 – beer brats

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National Lager Day – December 10

Dec. 10 may not be the only day we enjoy this light, crisp, blonde adult beverage, but it sure is the one day we celebrate National Lager Day.

*On National Lager Day, use your favorite lager in Bobby Flay’s recipe for beer brats. Enjoy eating them while watching The Green Mile.

*Wash them down with a Double Skull Doppelbock

Originally brewed as liquid bread by fasting monks, this doppelbock is rich and filling. Crisp and delicious for the winter months.

163 of the Best Lagers, Blind-Tasted and Ranked

Our judges use the following scale in valuing scores:

95–100 » Extraordinary World-class beers of superlative character and flawless execution

EPIC Brewing Company Double Skull Doppelbock (99)

Malty sweetness is the first impression. Nice complexity as the flavor develops. Toast, toffee, and cocoa complement dark fruit flavors. Moderate hop bitterness lingers alongside the malt, and hop flavor is relatively pronounced. The more I drink it, the more I like it

BONUS – Tacko Fall 1995

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*Feel free to add some tacos to your National Lager Day party. If you’re reading this in 2019, it is a Tacko Tuesday.

SNUB – Emmanuelle Chriqui

Review –

  • Read Emily Dickinson poetry
  • Yoga
  • Assist families of deaf children
  • Be content or look for more money
  • Watch The Green Mile
  • Make lager beer brats and tacos

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