February 16



The Weeknd 1990

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*Stay loyal to whatever eases your mind. Don’t stray from what makes you sleep well at night.


Jerome Bettis 1972

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“I don’t work out as much as I did as a player, but I try to work out at least three days a week, preferably four. My workouts have changed too — now it’s all about cardiovascular training and not so much about weight lifting. I lift a little bit to maintain muscle consistency, but I don’t do heavy weights anymore — I do lighter weights and more repetitions. That was a major shift from my playing days. For my cardio workouts, I try to mix it up. I ride the bike, I do the elliptical machine and I walk the treadmill on the highest incline.”

*Focus on cardio today. Jog 36 minutes in honor of Bettis #36. And then lift some light weights with high reps. then take the bus home.


Mahershala Ali 1974

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I went through a process of digging through different religions and ways of connecting to God. And that ended up being Islam for me

*Go through the process of digging through different religions and connecting to God until you find what is best for you.


Ice-T 1958

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“If I go to Denny’s or IHOP, people are like, ‘You eat at IHOP?’ And I’m like, ‘Is there a Gucci egg somewhere that I’m missing?’ An egg is a goddamn egg; I don’t care if it’s from the Ritz Carlton.”

“People have this bizarre idea that, if you have a couple bucks, you gotta eat abstract food. Like we went on vacation in St. Barths, and everything had truffles on it. I wanted to bury myself next to a tree after a while. I was like, ‘Yo, I feel like I’m turning into a fucking truffle.”

*There are no Gucci eggs. You don’t have to spend a lot of your money on food. Don’t turn into a fucking truffle.

CROSSOVER – Go to Denny’s or IHOP for breakfast and make sure you order an iced tea.


Elizabeth Olsen 1989 – watch Oldboy

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“Oh my God, this is the most perfect film ever made.”

*Watch Olsen star in the remake of what she considers the most perfect film ever made.


Valentino Rossi 1979

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Valentino Rossi diet:
breakfast – remember to go to Denny’s or IHOP for this
2 eggs with fried bacon (30 g)
Sliced ​​bread (50 g)
Macaroni (100 g) with a tablespoon of olive oil, fresh tuna (80 g) and peas (80 g)
Grilled vegetables (200 g) with a tablespoon of olive oil
1 fruit
Mid-afternoon snack
Flatbread with ham (30 g)
A T-bone steak or a filet of beef (300 g) cooked in a pan with olive oil, French fries (40 g)
a fruit

*Eat like one of the most successful motorcycle racers of all time today.

SNUB – John McEnroe 1959 Image result for john mcenroe gif

Review –

  • Stay loyal to whatever eases your mind
  • 36 minute jog
  • Go through the process to find your religion
  • Don’t waste all of your money on food
  • Watch Oldboy
  • Eat like Valentino Rossi (and Ice-T)

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