November 18



Alan Shepard 1923

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“I think first of all you have to be there for the right reason. You have to be there not for fame and glory and recognition and being a page in a history book, but you have to be there because you believe your talent and ability can be applied effectively.”

*Apply your talent and ability effectively today. 


Tirumalai Krishnamacharya 1888

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Yamaniyamadi Samadhi yukta – the practice of all the eight limbs must be undertaken with mental restraint (vritti nirodha). All the nuances of the practice should be learned from a right guru.

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BONUS: Chloe Sevigny 1974

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“I’ve just started doing yoga three times a week.”

“I feel strong and limber, and my sex life is through the roof.”

*Find the right poses for your needs and practice them today. Go to your nearest yoga studio for help and further training. Do it for your sex life!


Nate Parker 1979

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“I feel like we see that a lot in 2016 ― more often now than I ever could’ve imagined. I ask myself: ‘If Christ was here, how would he react to the misuse and misrepresentation of his name and his actions.'”

“’How might we be more effective in holding ourselves as Christians accountable to his actual word?’ I, for one, believe that partisanship should have nothing to do with the actions of Christ. You’re either Christlike, or you’re not.”


*Watch Nate Parker in The Birth of a Nation (2016). Afterwards, ask yourself if you are Christlike or not.


Johnny Mercer 1909

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Under Johnny’s leadership, Capitol was uncompromisingly dedicated to musical excellence, a policy that reflected Mercer’s approach to all his work.

*Be uncompromisingly dedicated to the excellence of your work, Watch Mercer win an Oscar for ‘Moon River’ in Breakfast at Tiffany’s for motivation.


Owen Wilson 1968 – watch Midnight in Paris

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Some prefer to be nostalgic about a romanticized past rather than accepting the messy present and uncertain future.

*You may have watched Wedding Crashers again yesterday for Rachel McAdams’ birthday – make time for Wilson and McAdams again, in Midnight in Paris today.


David Ortiz 1975 – Big Papi Burger

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Ortiz emotionally recalled details of the night he was shot.

“I almost died, man,”

“I was in a coma. People were criticizing me as if I deserved to be killed.”

6-ounce beef patty with red and green peppers, crispy red onions, Big Papi’s Kitchen brand salsa and chirri sauce

*If you don’t live close enough to a Wahlburgers, try to create your own Big Papi burger. 

SNUB – Len Bias 1963

Review –

  • Apply your talent and ability
  • Yoga
  • Watch The Birth of a Nation
  • Be uncompromisingly dedicated to the excellence of your work
  • Watch Midnight in Paris
  • Eat a Big Papi burger