December 7



Noam Chomsky 1928

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Pearl Harbor

Noam Chomsky

Excerpted from Chronicles of Dissent, 1992

QUESTION: About the Pearl Harbor attack: you have a kind of non-traditional view of the events leading up to that.

CHOMSKY: About an hour before Pearl Harbor, Japan attacked Malaya. That was a real invasion. The attack on Pearl Harbor was the colony, the military base on a colony of the United States. An act of aggression, but on the scale of atrocities, attacking the military base on the colony is not the highest rank. 

*Start reading Chronicles of Dissent by Noam Chomsky today. Chomsky feels the abuses, cruelty and hypocrisies of power more intensely than anyone.


Larry Bird 1956

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In the loneliness of Boston Garden, Bird shot more than 300 practice shots. “I really don’t count my shots,” Bird said. “I just shoot until I feel good.”

*Get a friend to rebound for you as you take more than 300 shots. Shoot until you feel good.


Aaron Carter 1987

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“Music will ALWAYS be what transcends all of us and myself. The studio has always been my safe haven. But the ultimate goal for me is to be satisfied.”

*Go to your safe haven today for what should be your goal – to be satisfied.


Yasiel Puig 1990

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Puig did not seem too disturbed by the home burglary that took place last week.

“I have too much f–king money in my life,”

“I ain’t worried about that s–t. I have a f–king lot of money.”

*Money is not the key to happiness and that’s why some people feel like they have too much of it. Maybe Yasiel should invest in home security and donate what he saves to charity.


Ellen Burstyn 1932 – watch Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

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*Watch Ellen Burstyn win an Oscar in Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.


Sara Bareilles 1979 -pizza and hamburger

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Do you still struggle with weight?
“I’m comfortable, but I’m careful with what I eat. I’m still the pizza and hamburger girl, but I don’t do it a lot. It’s tough on the road when you pull off at the 97th truck stop of the day and have to choose between Wendy’s and McDonald’s again. It’s challenging.”

*Be a hamburger and pizza person today. Choose between Wendy’s and McDonald’s for that hamburger.

BONUS: Terrell Owens 1973 – perfect popcorn

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“Get your popcorn ready”

*Make this perfect popcorn to celebrate Hall of Famer Terrell Owens’ birthday.

SNUB – Johnny Bench 1947

Review –

  • Start reading Chronicles of Dissent
  • Shoot 300 shots
  • Go to your safe haven
  • Invest in home security
  • Watch Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
  • Pizza, hamburger, and popcorn

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