May 19



Ho Chi Minh 1890

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The 5th lesson from Uncle Ho:

  1. Humility. Honesty. Bravery.

*Practice humility, honesty, and bravery today. Be a Ho.


Kevin Garnett 1976

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Kevin Garnett starts his daily workout with a 3 mile run on the beach in the early morning hours between 5 and 6 AM

*Be like the “Big Ticket” and run 3 miles in the sand at 5:30 this morning.


Malcolm X 1925

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“Well, I’ve done a lot of traveling and, I think over all, travel does broaden one’s soul.”

*Broaden your soul by traveling. Go on or plan a trip today.


Grace Jones 1948

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“Being safe is not creative. Being safe is like garbage in the gutter. To get what you really want, you have to risk not getting anything, and there are no assurances in life.”

*Don’t be afraid to risk everything to get what you really want.


Sam Smith 1992

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*Listen to Sam Smith all day.


Andre the Giant (7’4) 1946 – drink 156 beers

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Andre’s unofficial record is 156 beers in one sitting

As told by Mike Graham and confirmed by Dusty Rhodes. That’s 1,872 ounces, or 14.6 gallons of beer. The average human stomach can typically hold about a liter.

BONUS – Peter Mayhew (7’3) 1944 – Wookie cookies

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Mayhew was chosen to play everyone’s favorite Wookiee primarily because of his tremendous height: He’s 7 feet 3 inches tall.

*Yes, Andre the Giant (7’4) and the man who plays Chewbacca (7’3) share a birthday (2 years apart)

Enjoy these “Wookie Cookies” and see how close you can get to Andre’s 156 beers.

SNUB – Archie Manning 1949

Review –

  • Practice humility, honesty, and bravery
  • Run 3 miles on the beach at 5:30 am
  • Broaden your soul by traveling
  • Take risks
  • Listen to Sam Smith
  • Eat Wookie Cookies and drink 156 beers