May 22



Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 1859

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“Education never ends, Watson. It is a series of lessons, with the greatest for the last.”

*Your greatest lesson is yet to come. Keep learning. Start reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.


Novak Djokavic 1987

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Djokavic has gluten and dairy intolerance and  his diet was causing issues on the court

*Avoid gluten and dairy (no milk on Harvey Milk Day) today. Play tennis with a friend – no joke.


Maggie Q 1979

Maggie Q To Star In Fox Comedy Pilot 'Pivoting' – Deadline

“I’m a big prayer person, and this is not a religious thing. I want to wake up with a heart that is good, a heart that is led. I know that whatever I do in my day, there has to be a part of the day that’s in service. If you have that in your mind as your intention, you’ll find it. It’ll manifest in your day and it’ll come and you’ll go, “Oh good. There was something bigger than me in this day.” 

*Wake up and pray for a day that’s in service.


Dustin Moskovitz 1984

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“I never viewed money as being ‘my money.’ I always saw it as ‘The money.’ It’s a resource. If it pools up around me then it needs to be flushed back out into the system.”

*View money as “The money” that needs to be flushed back out into the system.


Harvey Milk 1930 – watch Milk

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*Watch Sean Penn win an Oscar for portraying Harvey Milk.


Naomi Campbell 1970

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“The first thing I do [in the morning] is have hot water with lemon and pro-biotics.”

“I never thought I would [go vegetarian]. It was just something I decided to do. I don’t know how long it’s going to last, but I just feel lighter and easier.”

 “I have probably two or three green juices a day.”

*Eat like super model Naomi Campbell all day.

SNUB – Emma Chamberlain 2001

Review –

  • Keep learning
  • Avoid gluten and dairy
  • Wake up and pray for a day of service
  • View money as “the money”
  • Watch Milk
  • Eat like Naomi Campbell