May 15



Madeline Albright 1937

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“Learn to Interrupt, But Only If You Know What You’re Talking About.”

*Interrupt someone today. See if you like it. I know that I don’t like doing it and I hate when someone does it to me. But I guess it does show control?


Emmitt Smith 1969

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If you’ve got only 20 minutes to work out, what’s your routine?

Emmitt Smith: Ride my TREK bike

*Ride a stationary bike for 20 minutes and move on with your day.


Ray Lewis 1975

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“Your legacy is how you are remembered. It’s your story retold long after you are gone. It’s based on the greatness you have achieved and the people you have inspired. It’s the driving force behind our lives.”

*If you died right now, what would your legacy be? If you don’t like the answer, start fixing it today.


Andy Murray 1987

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What does Andy Murray invest in?

Property, property and more property. 

*Look into investing in property today. 


Jamie Lynn Sigler 1981 – watch The Sopranos

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*Watch Jamie Lynn Sigler as the daughter who grows up on HBO’s The Sopranos and think of donating to Erase MS.


George Brett 1953 – drunken Alaskan king crab legs

Kansas City Royals George Brett Sports Illustrated Cover by Sports  Illustrated

In honor of Brett’s birthday, let him regale you with a legendary tale that involves fresh crab legs, the Bellagio Hotel, and a pair of 48-inch waist pants.

*Watch the above video and then enjoy these drunken Alaskan king crab legs. Just don’t shit your pants like George Brett.

SNUB – Desmond Howard 1970

Review –

  • Interrupt someone
  • Stationary bike
  • Leave a legacy
  • Invest in property
  • Watch The Sopranos
  • Enjoy Alaskan King Crab Legs – responsibly