March 23



Brandon Marshall 1984

“When I first heard the term “mental health,” the first thing that came to mind was mental toughness. Masking pain. Hiding it. Keeping it inside. That had been embedded in me since I was a kid. Never show weakness. Suck it up. Play through it. Live through it.”

“Now, I realize that mental health means the total opposite.”

*See your therapist today. It is not weakness – it is showing strength. Maybe your therapy could be tossing around the football and talking with a close friend.


Keri Russell 1976

*Get a fierce body with the self-defense exercises she used to train for The Americans. Watch her as a Russian spy for motivation.


Catherine Keener 1959

“I still love churches and cathedrals. I love the quietude. I used to skip recess and go stare at the Stations of the Cross. So, one day they found me on the altar. Because I wanted to check it out. And I was punished for skipping recess and not for standing on the fucking altar! The girl is bad, boy is good thing really started to piss me off, too. That’s the problem with most organized religions. The patriarchy. I just didn’t buy it.”

*When is the last time you enjoyed the quietude of a church or cathedral?


Michelle Monaghan 1976

“She loves the simple things—her family, a couple of beers, hanging out with friends.”

CROSSOVER: FOOD – Michelle and Peter often entertain in their Hollywood Hills home, whipping up meals using the tomatoes, artichokes, and zucchini that she grows in her little vegetable garden out back.

*Love the simple things in life. Grow your own vegetable garden out back.


Joan Crawford 1908 (maybe 1905 or 1906) – watch Mildred Pierce (1945)

*Watch Joan Crawford win an Oscar in Mildred Pierce.


Ayesha Curry 1989 chicken parm

“Steph was like, ‘I had a really bad game one day and I came home and you made chicken parm and it made me happy,’” 

*Enjoy this chicken parm – it will make you happy, even if you’ve had a bad day.

SNUB – Jason Kidd 1973 (vaccinated) Kyrie Irving 1992 (not)

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