March 24



Steve McQueen 1930

“The world is as good as you are. You’ve got to learn to like yourself first.”

*Like yourself today and see what happens to your thoughts on the world around you.


Harry Houdini 1874

As a teenager, Houdini was a member of several athletic organizations, competing in bicycle races, foot races, and boxing matches. He would plunge into the fast-moving East River to get his swimming fix and run a ten-mile circuit in Central Park.

*Pick one of Harry Houdini’s early obsessions as a workout today.

Swimming []                 Boxing []                      Bicycling []                  Running []


Chris Bosh 1984

“Life starts happening and personal things become more important, and I had to pour myself into my family and those things,”

“And hey, man, 13 or 14 years in the league, that’s over the average. We beat the odds twice. Championships, gold medals, I got to experience the best of the best, and now it’s just taking that and bottling that up and going to the real world and doing the best of the best somewhere else.”

*Pour yourself into your family today to experience the best of the best.


Tommy Hilfiger 1951 (net worth: 450 million)

“I was bankrupt when I was under 25 years old. I was in my mid-20s with my first business,”

“That was the best learning experience I ever had,” “It was my MBA.”

*Don’t work on going bankrupt today, but don’t be scared to follow your dreams either.

How much is it going to cost to get your dream business going?

How can you come up with this amount?

BONUS: Steve Ballmer 1956 (net worth: 69.8 billion)

The best advice Ballmer said he ever received was from his father, which was simply to pour everything thing you’ve got into whatever you’re going after.

“It’s the notion that if you’re going to do something then do it heart, body and soul, and do it,” he said. “And really care. And have the kind of brain that forces you where you are always thinking about it and worrying about it and caring about it and nurturing it and tending to it and growing it. You either be all in or be all out.”

*Describe how you are putting each of the following into your dream business –

Mind – _____________________________________________________________________________

Body – _____________________________________________________________________________

Soul – ______________________________________________________________________________


Jessica Chastain 1977 – watch Zero Dark Thirty

*Watch Jessica Chastain almost win an Oscar in Zero Dark Thirty 


Peyton Manning 1976

Manning would eat the same pregame meal – grilled chicken, a plain baked potato with a side of broccoli, a bowl of pasta with marinara sauce, and a couple of Gatorades.

*Treat today like a big game and prepare lunch for it as Manning would

SNUB – Alyson Hannigan 1974 – “One time at band camp.”

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