November 25

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John F. Kennedy Jr. 1960 – his dad was killed just 3 days before his 3rd birthday.

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“When John was a student at Brown and wanted to take flying lessons, Jackie extracted a promise from him that he would never pilot his own plane,” Klein wrote. “‘Please don’t do it,’ Jackie told John, according to a friend. ‘Don’t we have enough deaths in the family from plane accidents?’ “

Don’t always talk to fill in awkward silences — Berman had a habit of running his mouth when he was nervous. “Don’t feel like you have to say something, Matt,” Kennedy told him.

“Be mysterious: let people wonder.”

*Be mysterious today. Don’t feel like you have to say something. Cherish awkward silence and let people wonder.


Joe DiMaggio 1914 – yes, JFK’s son and Marilyn Monroe’s husband share a birthday

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Throughout all of Joe’s successes, he remained introspective and modest, yet he was a strong leader, guiding the Yankees to a total of nine world championships. In addition to being a consummate team leader, Joe was known for his gracefulness—his classic swing, wide stance, short stride and powerful wrists. He had perfect positioning on the field and had a way of making the toughest plays look easy.

*Go to the batting cages and work on a classic swing, wide stance, short stride, and powerful wrists. Try to get 56 hits in a row.


Amy Grant 1960

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“A conversation I had with my mother a couple of months before she died helped set the direction for this record,” says Grant, whose mother passed away in April 2011. “Mom had a lifelong curiosity that kept her young at heart even when her mind was failing. One night, when I stopped by to visit her on my way to my bus to drive to a concert, she was surprised to discover that I was a singer ‘Oh you sing?’ she asked. I said, ‘Yes ma’am. I sing,’ She asked, ‘what kind of songs do you sing?’ I was explaining what I sang to her and she asked if she could get on the bus and go with me. She was frail and clearly wearing out and I said, ‘Not this time.’ She said, ‘Well if I can’t go, do me a favor. When you get on stage, sing something that matters.’”

*When you do speak today, say something that matters. Listen to Amy Grant for inspiration.


Andrew Carnegie 1835

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Wealth: $372 billion

Rockefeller gets all the press, but Andrew Carnegie may be the richest American of all time. The Scottish immigrant sold his company, U.S. Steel, to J.P. Morgan for $480 million in 1901. That sum equates to about slightly over 2.1% of U.S. GDP at the time, giving Carnegie economic power equivalent to $372 billion in 2014.!/

Always Be on the Lookout for Opportunities, and When One Arises, Grab It

Carnegie’s boss had to make out some bills, and since he didn’t have a clerk, he asked Andrew to do it. He performed the task well, and his appreciative employer kept finding Carnegie odd jobs to keep him from having to work on the steam engine.

To Carnegie this was just the first step in his pursuit of better prospects, and he took it upon himself to prepare for the next opportunity that might open up:

*Your current job may be just the first step in your pursuit of better prospects. You’ll stay in this job forever, if you are not on the lookout for a better opportunity and grabbing it.


Christina Applegate 1971 – watch Hall Pass

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“I’ve been working since I was 13 completely straight without a break,” she said.

Now the 46-year-old actress and breast cancer survivor is finally taking a moment to herself, staying out the spotlight and focusing on raising her 7-year-old daughter Sadie.

Looking back on her career, she said that the toughest lesson was “learning to say no.”

“I spent a lot of years yes-ing. [I was] such a people pleaser,” she explained.

Jason Sudeikis and Christina Applegate have both worked with Jennifer Aniston.

Sudeikis has worked with Aniston in four movies, one of the most notable being We’re The Millers, while Applegate has played the part of her sister on the show Friends.

*Watch Hall Pass with the one you love – discuss possibilities afterwards.


Joey Chestnut 1983

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Joey “Jaws” Chestnut extended his reign as champion eater at the Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest on Wednesday, downing a record 74 wieners and buns in 10 minutes to take home the coveted Mustard Belt for an 11th time.

*Eat as many Nathan’s hot dogs as you can today.

SNUB – Donovan McNabb

Review –

  • Be mysterious
  • Work on a classic swing at the batting cages
  • Say something that matters
  • Be on the lookout for opportunities
  • Watch Hall Pass
  • Eat as many Nathan’s hot dogs as you can