December 27

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Jamaal Charles 1986

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Before Charles showed world-class potential as a sprinter at the University of Texas, ran for the most yards in Chiefs franchise history and averaged more yards a carry, 5.5, than any NFL player ever, a learning disability eroded his confidence in all that he did.

In a town battling the typical tolls of poverty, without his father in his life, Charles ultimately took flight because of a nurturing extended family, plus teachers and friends in special education classes. Classes that led him to what he considered a life-changing opportunity to compete in Special Olympics at age 10.

*What used to (or still does) erode your confidence? Who are the people that let you take flight? What was your life=changing opportunity? Or are you still waiting for it to happen? Jamaal Charles gives back to Special Olympics still today. What can you give back to those who helped you most?


Bill Goldberg 1966

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  • Bill Goldberg never trained longer than one hour per session.
  • He drank up to 15 bottles of water per day.
  • Sleep and naps are a very big part of the equation for Goldberg.

*Lift for an hour today. Drink 15 bottles of water and take a nap – don’t wet the bed.


Savannah Guthrie 1971

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For some reason, I never forgot the time he took my sister and me to the movies when we were little. We were just beyond the age where we could have gotten those “under 10” tickets for a few dollars less. I remember asking my dad, “Why don’t you just get the kids’ tickets? The cashier probably won’t know how old we are.” I’ll never forget what he said: “I’m not going to sell my soul for 2 dollars.”

*Don’t sell your soul for any amount of money, especially $2


Cyrus S. Eaton 1883

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Eaton lost most of his fortune in the Great Depression but subsequently made a second one with his activities in the securities industry, banking, and railroads.

Today, the term security refers to just about any negotiable financial instrument, such as a stock, bond, options contract, or shares of a mutual fund. Consider the term “security,” or “securities,” interchangeable with the word “investment,” and the term “securities market” interchangeable with the work “capital markets” or simply “the market.”

Investing in Securities

Debt securities, or bonds, refer to a type of loan in which the investor lends an institution money in return for the payment of at certain intervals. Bonds can be issued by credit institutions, government agencies and public authorities with the initial lending amount agreed to be repaid at a later date. Bonds are a reliable securities investment because they generate a fixed form of income through interest. Equities refer to the amount of ownership you buy in a company and can be purchased in the form of stock and dividends. Derivative contract securities derive their value from direct securities in the form of futures, swaps, options and index options.

*Be like Cyrus S. Eaton and make a fortune in the Securities industry. Actually, just look into it today and see if it’s for you.


John Amos 1939 – watch Roots

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What was interesting to see was the correlation between how the Black community is divided in spiritual beliefs back then and how it still rings true today. Some believe that Christianity was taught to Black people as a tool of control. Today, some look at Christianity in a degenerate way that made Black people meek, submissive, and unwilling to fight. Kizzy was most vocal about the faith with the statement ‘Jesus ain’t done nothing for Black people’. As time passed she and George’s wife Matilda, a Christian, were able to come to a mutual understanding of

the spirit that recognized God.

*Watch as much of the original Roots series as you can today.


Louis Pasteur 1822 – Chicken in Milk

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A few years ago I noticed this rather odd recipe on Jamie Oliver’s site. It called for roasting a chicken in a big pot with a pint of milk, a lot of lemon zest, a cinnamon stick, and unpeeled garlic cloves. Milk, cinnamon, and chicken were three things I wouldn’t ever think to combine; it sounded like a bad recipe Mad-Lib.

From farm to fridge, lots of practices have been put into place to keep our food safe, and since we don’t see widespread foodborne illness in America, we oftentimes take those practices for granted. Additional safeguards like pasteurization complete the picture.

So the next time you raise a glass of ice cold pasteurized milk, give a toast to good ol’ Louis. Thank you, Louis! You da man!

*In honor of Louis Pasteur’s birthday, used Pasteurized milk to make this chicken in milk recipe.

SNUB – Carson Palmer

Review –

  • What can you give back to those who helped you most?
  • Lift for 1 hour
  • Don’t sell your soul over money
  • Invest in securities
  • Watch Roots
  • Make chicken in milk


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