December 24

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Howard Hughes 1905

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Never stop innovating

Hughes’ mind never seemed to stop whirring, even when he was (frequently) recovering from the injuries caused by his passion for aviation.

In July 1946, Hughes suffered his second near-fatal plane accident. After crash-landing in a residential neighborhood in L.A., he was left with a crushed collar bone and chest, cracked ribs and severe burns, among other injuries.

So, how did he pass the time in recovery? He decided to redesign his bed. Eventually, he created a new version complete with running water, adjustable settings and 30 motors.

Hughes had recovered by then, but his tweaks helped pave the way for the modern hospital bed.

*Keep your mind whirring. Even when you’re down and out, find a way to innovate and improve your situation and maybe even come up with the next great invention. Maybe it’s late in the day on Christmas Eve and you need to buy gifts. Maybe this will inspire you to create a Christmas Eve gift delivery service. Watch The Aviator for inspiration.


Ryan Seacrest 1974

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Not everyone will know him as the heavyset kid from Dunwoody, GA, who kept his shirt on at the community pool to hide his overweight frame, or the kid that snuck cookies and nachos behind his mother’s back. They know him as a slim guy—one who found success through a tireless worth ethic and commitment to seeing results.

I schedule my workouts as if they were meetings, and I make sure they don’t get canceled. I make a deliberate plan to fit in a workout each day of the week within my schedule.

I like circuit workouts and core workouts. I always like to break a sweat from the get-go right up through the hour. We do everything from using large core balls to doing basic pushups and sit-ups to sprints on the stationary bike. I enjoy changing exercises during the hour and throughout the week.

*Schedule your workout for today, and make sure that it doesn’t get cancelled (remember that it is Christmas Eve). Sweat for an hour. Use large core balls, do push ups and sit-ups, and sprints on the stationary bike.


Hezekiah Walker 1962

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The vision God gave to Pastor Walker was founded on the three “P’s:” Prayer, Preaching and Praise.

*What vision is God giving to you on this Christmas Eve? Focus on the 3 P’s today.

Pray – pray for God to give you the vision that he sees in you.

Preach – let someone know what you are up to with these 3 P’s

Praise – praise God for the vision that he sends you.


Kate Spade 1962

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The legacy of Kate Spade’s billion-dollar brand she built from the ground up was remembered Tuesday after the 55-year-old fashion designer was found dead of an apparent suicide in her New York City apartment.

Spade built a formidable business empire — one she started out of her one-bedroom Manhattan apartment with her husband — over the course of two decades. The Kate Spade brand started as a collection of handbags known for their clean lines and understated aesthetic, receiving praise from fashion critics and developing a loyal following as it morphed into a international business valued at $2.4 billion that made her worth an estimated $46.5 million, according to Forbes.

*You too can build a billion dollar Business Empire out of your apartment. But if that’s not enough and you don’t have the balance that you need in life, it doesn’t matter. If nothing seems to be enough. If nothing makes you happy, you’ve got to seek out help right now.

People are most likely to commit suicide around Christmas time. False. Contrary to popular belief, the suicide rate peaks in the springtime, not the wintertime. This is probably because the rebirth that marks springtime accentuates feelings of hopelessness in those already suffering with it. In contrast, around Christmas time most people with suicidal thoughts are offered some degree of protection by the proximity of their relatives and the prospect, at least in the Northern Hemisphere, of ‘things getting better from here’.


Ricky Martin 1971

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1.“Livin’ La Vida Loca” (spent five weeks at No. 1, starting Sept. 25, 1999)

*Listen to Ricky Martin’s Top 10 songs today, with an exciting conclusion of “Livin’ La Vida Loca”


Ava Gardner 1922 – coconut cake

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Ava Gardner turned out to be a much greater beneficiary of Ford’s instruction on Mogambo. Her work as Honey Bear Kelly is marked by an ease, even a playfulness that would seldom if ever surface in her following projects. Its all the more remarkable considering that the production came in the course of her turbulent marriage to Frank Sinatra, who had accompanied her to the shoot. The cast and crew wound up with their own floor show of the couple’s spats and make-ups

*Rumor has it that Ava Gardner loved coconut cake and fried chicken. Stick to this coconut cake as a Christmas Eve sweet treat. Gather the family around to see her almost win an Oscar in Mogambo.

Wash it down with a Ricky Martini while listening to Ricky Martin – a new Christmas Eve tradition.

SNUB – Lemmy

Review –

  • Never stop innovating
  • Sweat for an hour
  • Prayer, preach, praise
  • Build your business empire but have balance
  • Listen to Ricky Martin
  • Make coconut cake

December 23

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Jim Harbaugh 1963

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Go above and beyond, and don’t show off about it.

“Do one more thing. Do your job well and find one more thing to do. Don’t advertise it. Just do it. Everybody you compete with from here on out is going to be doing what they’re asked. They’re going to be doing what’s expected of them. If they don’t, they’ll get weeded out as the competition goes along.”

*Do one more thing today. Do what is expected of you plus one more thing. Go beyond what is expected of you and you will stand out. Make this your strategy going forward in all walks of life.


Holly Madison 1979

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To torch calories and increase her agility as a dancer, Holly did Pilates and yoga. She also adopted a low-carb diet, replacing bagels with protein bars and fruit, and fast food with grilled chicken and avocado.

*Pilates or yoga one last time this year. Have a protein bar and fruit for breakfast and grilled chicken and avocado for lunch.


Joseph Smith 1805

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Understand the principle of repentance

Just as the Lord showed love and forgiveness to the Prophet, there is hope for all to repent and start again. “The Atonement of Jesus Christ is what makes it possible for us to both overcome serious mistakes and to be a better person today in our habits, relationships, and thoughts than we were yesterday. It is a joyous blessing and gift that gives us hope.”

*Repent, ask for forgiveness and start again today. Throughout this year, you have become a better person. Your habits, relationships, and thoughts have gotten better every day of this year.


Madam C.J. Walker 1867

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Of course, many would-be entrepreneurs start off with a dream. The reason we’re still talking about Walker’s is her prescience, and her success in the span of just a dozen years. In pumping her “Wonderful Hair Grower” door-to-door, at churches and club gatherings, then through a mail-order catalog, Walker proved to be a marketing magician, and she sold her customers more than mere hair products. She offered them a lifestyle, a concept of total hygiene and beauty that in her mind would bolster them with pride for advancement.

*You started off with a dream. Now market that dream. Sell it everywhere and anyway that you can. Be a marketing magician because you believe in what your dream is. Don’t just sell your dream to people, sell them a lifestyle. This is my dream for 365DOLF – that it will become a lifestyle for the masses.


Eddie Vedder 1964 – listen to Pearl Jam

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There’s no better man than Eddie Vedder to inspire a rocker movie character.

Bradley Cooper revealed at the Los Angeles premiere of A Star Is Born on Monday that the mannerisms and nuance he brought to his role as Jackson Maine was inspired by Pearl Jam’s lead singer.

*Be a better man and listen to Pearl Jam all day.


Kirby Smart 1975 – Chick-fil-A spicy chicken sandwich, large ice water, and a small fry

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Even Kirby Smart wishes Chick-fil-A was open on Sundays.

Founded in College Park, Georgia in 1946, the family-oriented restaurant is a staple in the Smart house and he knows exactly what’s on the menu when he takes a stroll inside Georgia’s Tate Student Center near Sanford Stadium.

“My go-to (order) is nice and simple — spicy chicken sandwich, large ice water and a small fry,” Smart told 680 The Fan on Friday. “I don’t want the combo. I want the small fry with the large ice water and a spicy chicken sandwich.”

*This day begins and ends with college football coaches. Unless it’s Sunday, go to your nearest Chick-fil-A and order what Coach Smart does for dinner. If it is Sunday, use it as motivation to start your own business called Chick-SunDAY – a food truck that serves chicken sandwiches ONLY on Sunday.

SNUB – Susan Lucci – per usual

Review –

  • Go above and beyond
  • Pilates or yoga
  • Understand the principle of repentance
  • Be a marketing magician
  • Listen to Pearl Jam
  • Chick-fil-A spicy chicken sandwich

December 22

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Frank B. Kellogg 1856

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Once he had made the suggestion, Kellogg devoted his prodigious energies to making it a reality. The Pact was signed on August 27, 1928, and proclaimed on July 24, 1929, with sixty-four signatories.

His most significant accomplishment, however, was the Kellogg–Briand Pact, signed in 1928. Proposed by its other namesake, French foreign minister Aristide Briand, the treaty intended to provide for “the renunciation of war as an instrument of national policy.” He was awarded the 1929 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition

*The intent of the Kellogg-Briand Pact was to make war illegal. Kellogg devoted his energies to making it a reality. Devote your energy today to make something a reality. Something significant, like world peace.


Jordin Sparks 1989

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Her personal trainer put her on a 5 day per week workout regimen that would combine cardio, body weight exercises, and some light machine work to tone her muscles.

*Do this cardio, body weight, and light machine Jordin Sparks workout today. Listen to her music for motivation.


Meghan Trainor 1993

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The singer says All About That Bass is a song about self-acceptance: an upbeat celebration of female curves, it is a defiant retort to the music industry’s obsession with ‘stick figure, silicone Barbie Dolls’.

*Have self-acceptance today. Celebrate who you are. Listen to Meghan Trainor for inspiration.


Lady Bird Johnson 1912

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Caroli also makes a convincing case for Lady Bird as a shrewd businesswoman. She bought her first radio station in 1943 and moved into television in 1951. “Well, it’s your money,” said LBJ, who thought TV a risky investment. His matter-of-fact comment rebuts the notion that he took over her finances after they married; they didn’t even have a joint checking account.

*Even if you’re married to the president, you can go with your gut and take a risk on an investment. Who would have thought that investing in TV would be a money maker?


Ralph Fiennes 1962 – watch The English Patient

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It’s one of the most Seinfeld-ian predicaments one could imagine: disagreeing with a significant other about a movie, only to have the whole relationship deteriorate as a result. That’s exactly what happens in “The English Patient”: Elaine just wanted to go see Sack Lunch, but her date, Blaine, really wants to see The English Patient. Her choice is sold out, so instead they watch Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche in the war drama that went on to win best picture. The only problem? Elaine hated it. Like, really hated it.

List of Ralph Fiennes movies includes top-grossing films like ‘Schindler’s List’, ‘The English Patient’ and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 (2010) while his films like ‘Sunshine’ (1999) remained box-office failures.

*Watch the English Patient and judge for yourself.


Barbara Billingsley 1915 – sweet potato casserole

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The Cleaver clan became the iconic 1950s American nuclear family. As the mother in the show, Barbara was often seen performing her household duties wearing complementary pearls and earrings. The pearls actually were her idea. The actress bore a noticeable surgical scar on her neck and wore a strand of pearls to conceal it from the cameras.

*Watch an episode of Leave it to Beaver as motivation to make Mrs. Cleaver’s sweet potato casserole. Spend the rest of your night enjoying it while watching The English Patient.

SNUB – Diane Sawyer

Review –

  • Devote your energies to make something a reality
  • Jordin Sparks workout
  • Have self-acceptance
  • Take a risk on an investment
  • Watch The English Patient
  • Make sweet potato casserole

December 21

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Emmanuel Macron 1977

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Keep going till you get desired results.

I kept trying, proposing, pushing… If you want to succeed, you cannot leave work half done….

– Emmanuel Macron –

*The year is almost over. Keep trying and pushing – don’t leave any of your work half done.


Jane Fonda 1937

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“The fitness industry has changed mightily. Fast bouncing and a lot of what we did back in the early 80s has gone out of favor. Core training is where it’s at and exercise physiology has made important strides in understanding what different bodies need for different purposes,”

*Do a Jane Fonda 1980s workout. Leg warmers are optional. Watch her win the Oscar in the movie Coming Home for motivation.


Kiefer Sutherland 1966

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“The times that I’ve made terrible mistakes as an actor have been when I’ve tried to do something that I thought someone else would like and it didn’t come from my heart,”

*Only do what comes from your heart today. Watch Kiefer Sutherland win a Golden Globe as the lead in 24 for inspiration.


Jeffrey Katzenberg 1950

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“So, if you can exceed the expectations of those people you’re in business with, almost every single time you will win.”


For the Love of Spock


Chicken Run


Shrek 2


*Always look to exceed expectations in all areas of life, but particularly in business.


Ray Romano 1957 – watch Everybody Loves Raymond

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For such a traditional sitcom, Raymond was intent on drilling down into its characters’ psyches and finding out why they were the way they were. It was a comedy, yes, with punchlines and setups and the like, but it had the feel of a really good stage comedy, one where the laughs are there to mask some degree of pain.

*Watch a few episodes of Everybody Love Raymond. Is it just me or was his wife a real bitch?


Samuel L. Jackson 1948

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Samuel L. Jackson intimidating someone while picking up their burger and taking a big juicy bite out of it is undoubtedly one of the best food scenes in cinema history. On top of being an insanely badass scene, that Big Kahuna Burger looks good enough to make anyone hungry for burgers (they’re the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast, after all).

*You’ve got lots of options today while enjoying this Big Kahuna Burger. Including watching 24, Everybody Loves Raymond, a Dreamworks movie or Pulp Fiction one more time before the end of the year.

SNUB – Chris Evert

Review –

  • Keep going till you get desired results
  • Jane Fonda workout
  • Only do what comes from your heart
  • Exceed expectations
  • Watch Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Make a Big Kahuna Burger


December 20

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Dick Wolf 1946

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What’s the secret to Dick Wolf’s success?

We asked several actors backstage to give us their best guesses on Wolf’s formula for success. “If we knew that, we’d all be the most successful television producers of all time,” Sophia Bush joked. “I think Dick really is attuned to what works. He has strong opinions, but is also very collaborative, which so many people, when they get tremendously successful, are not; and then they run their shows into the ground. He really is a pleasure to work for and I’m thrilled that his universe keeps growing and [thrilled] to be a part of it.”

*Be a Dick Wolf today. Be attuned to what works. Have strong opinions, but be collaborative. Be a pleasure to work for and your universe will keep growing and people will be thrilled to be a part of it. Law and Order is on somewhere right now – check it out, for motivation.


David Wright 1982

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“There are so many players out there who are better than me talent-wise. But I think I outwork all of them.”

*Outwork your opponents today with this David Wright workout.


Branch Rickey 1881

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“It was a lingering sin in his mind,’’ said Branch Barrett Rickey, the 72-year-old grandson of baseball’s great innovator. In August 1945, Rickey, the general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, took the first step toward correcting that sin when he agreed to sign Jackie Robinson, a Negro League All-Star, to a minor- league contract. On April 15, 1947, Robinson became the first African-American player in the modern history of baseball.

*What is a lingering sin in your mind? What can you do to take the first step toward correcting that sin? For me, as a teacher, it’s bullying. I normally try to take the path of least resistance, but I refuse to stand by and watch someone get bullied.


Harvey Firestone 1868

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Harvey S. Firestone saying creativity, new ideas and innovation are at the core of what makes a business run and not just financial investment. Harvey S. Firestone said: Thought, not money, is the real business capital
— Harvey S. Firestone

*This makes me happy. I don’t have money but I do have creativity, new ideas, and innovation. I have the real business capital that I need – thought. This also reminds me to have my tires rotated today.


Jonah Hill 1983 – watch Moneyball

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Be Ready for Rejections

Any unconventional idea, no matter how good it is, could face rejections initially. Oakland scouts were first dismissive and then hostile towards Peter Brand’s non-traditional sabermetric approach to scouting players. Early in the season, the Athletics played poorly, leading critics to dismiss the new method as a failure. Additionally, Billy faced continuous resistance from Art Howe, Oakland Athletics manager.

*Ask that special someone to come over and watch Jonah Hill almost win an Oscar in Moneyball with you. Be ready for rejections though.


JoJo 1990 – Jo Jo Potatoes

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JoJo is resilient.

That’s the message that comes through loud and clear when you listen to Mad Love., her debut album with Atlantic Records and her first LP in ten years. She’s empowered. She’s in control. And she’s grown as hell. You can hear it in her Wiz Khalifa-assisted lead single, “Fuck Apologies.” It’s a powerful statement of intent that announces to the world that the singer-songwriter isn’t going to let anyone make her feel small.

*Don’t let anyone make you feel small as you listen to JoJo while making these Jo Jo Potatoes. Enjoy them while watching Moneyball.

SNUB – Peter Criss

Review –

  • Be attuned as to what works
  • David Wright workout
  • Correct a lingering sin
  • Thought is the real business capital
  • Watch Moneyball
  • Make Jo Jo potatoes

December 19

Look for the * for today’s advice.



Til Schweiger 1963

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Mr. Schweiger, your drive seems to be inexhaustible. Where do you get all that ambition?

Ambition has too many negative connotations for me. I want to do everything as well as possible. When I tackle something, I take it seriously – I have never liked dabbling in this and that. Unlike my two brothers, for example, I revised painstakingly for my school-leaving examination. I got up at five in the morning, did my workout routine from beginning to end, reviewed, went to school, and then reviewed and reviewed again after that. No parties, no going out. I’m just as determined when it comes to making my films – or actually everything in my life.

*Hopefully you haven’t been dabbling in this and that all year. When you took on this year, hopefully you took improving your mind, body, and soul seriously. If not, a whole new year starts in less than 2 weeks. Go into it with an inexhaustible drive and ambition.


Alexis Sanchez 1988

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Split-stance squat with horizontal press

Start in a lunge position, your back knee an inch from the floor. Fully extend arms forward, while holding a medicine ball. Return to the start position and repeat. The aim is to stabilize and strengthen the lower body while moving the upper body to fend off an opponent.

Reps 8-12 Sets 3-4

*Get up at 5 am and do 4 sets of 12 of this Alexis Sanchez workout and play soccer later today.


Reggie White 1961

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“God didn’t do this for Reggie White. I didn’t ask God to heal me—I couldn’t believe he would do that. But other people prayed for me to be healed, and God answered so that people’s lives would be impacted.”

A Prayer for Healing Sick Family and Friends

Lord Jesus, thank you that you love [name of person who needs healing]. I know that you hate what their illness is doing to them/me. I ask that you would heal this disease, that you would have compassion and bring healing from all sickness.

*Take today to ask God to help heal someone that you are close to.


Criss Angel 1967

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Angel can afford Rolls-Royces and Lamborghinis and Jesuses because Believe, the spectacular he put on at the Luxor Las Vegas in partnership with Cirque du Soleil, together with his other ventures, has been generating about $70 million a year for him, say people familiar with Angel’s finances. That sum comprises millions of dollars from television, including foreign rights; road show versions of his act; magic kits and other merchandise; and sponsorships. More than a mere magician, Angel is a mini conglomerate with a remarkably diversified—and vital—brand.

What is a ‘Conglomerate’

A conglomerate is a corporation that is made up of a number of different, seemingly unrelated businesses. In a conglomerate, one company owns a controlling stake in a number of smaller companies, which conduct business separately. Each of a conglomerate’s subsidiary businesses runs independently of the other business divisions, but the subsidiaries’ management reports to senior management at the parent company.

*Have the vision to turn your startup into a conglomerate with a remarkably diversified and vital brand.


Jake Gyllenhaal 1980 – watch Brokeback Mountain

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CROSSOVER – BODY – Many of his roles don’t actively require such punishing levels of preparation but Gyllenhaal does it anyway – he bulked up for boxing movie Southpaw, with 2,000 sit-ups and six-hour training sessions each day

“I had the privilege to meet President Obama,” he begins, “and he told me: ‘You have a job as an artist to help people through difficult times, to illuminate things through art.’ He said: ‘That’s your job.’

*Watch Jake Gyllenhaal do his job and almost win an Oscar in Brokeback Mountain. Afterwards, try to do 2,000 sit-ups.


Alyssa Milano 1972 – eggplant lasagna

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Milano has served as an ambassador for UNICEF, something she said “brought a whole other side of fulfillment into my heart, into my being” and made her realize “how important it is to diversify who you are as a human and all the things that make you happy.”

*Eat as much of Alyssa Milano’s eggplant lasagna as you’d like – remember that you are playing soccer, doing squats, and knocking out 2,000 sit-ups today.

SNUB – Warren Sapp

Review –

  • Have an inexhaustible drive and ambition
  • Alexis Sanchez workout
  • Ask God to help heal someone
  • Turn your startup into a conglomerate
  • Watch Brokeback Mountain
  • Make eggplant lasagna

December 18

Look for the * for today’s advice.



Joseph Stalin 1878

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As a planned centralised economy, the Soviet regime ran everything according to the pyatiletka (the five-year plan). Stalin even wanted to make the film industry work on the same lines. Often they were as much a complete fantasy as their claimed fulfilment or more likely ‘over-fulfilment’.

*As we approach the end of the year, take today to write down your “pyatiletka” – your 5-year plan. Hopefully it includes 365DOLF as part of your life for the next 5 years. Every year a new 365DOLF will be released, or you can follow the same plan every year.


Ty Cobb 1886

Image result for ty cobb

When Ty went to try out for a team, his father told him, “Don’t come home a failure.”

*When you go to the gym today, don’t come home a failure. Do your favorite workout that you’ve learned this year – one that you know will bring you success.


Ray Liotta 1954

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As a parent, you just want to set your kids up for life because, even if you have all the faith in the world, there will always be challenges. You just want them to have the ability to deal with what comes. As they say, when you pray
you never ask for anything directly you just ask God for the ability to make decisions. You hope
that your kids will make the right decisions and you thank God for the ability to make those decisions. Not: “Gimme. I want.”


Father, I need wisdom that only your Spirit can give me. Help me to not lean solely on my own opinions, thoughts, or dreams — or what my society, culture, and circle have to say. I need godly — not earthly — wisdom, Lord. Please supply me in knowledge and truth as I battle these tough decisions and uncertainty. Father, open my eyes to the barriers holding me back from spiritual progress and help me to walk confidently as I discern the next steps I need to take in my life.

*When you pray today, ask God for the ability to make decisions. Pray that your kids will make the right decisions. And thank God for the ability to make decisions.


Steven Spielberg 1946

Image result for steven spielberg

You Don’t Need a College Degree To Do What You Want To Do

“You shouldn’t dream your film, you should make it!” – Steven Spielberg

Although his three films, Jaws (1975), E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), and Jurassic Park (1993), broke box office records, each becoming the highest-grossing film made at the time, earning billions and billions of dollars worldwide, Mr. Spielberg, when he was younger, was perceived as untalented and was thrice denied entry into UCLA film school.

The 12-time Oscar nominee (3 wins), was eventually admitted at California State University, but he dropped out in 1968 to do, guess what? – Make films.

*It doesn’t matter what you’ve been told, or what people perceive you as. Do what you want to do.  Don’t dream your business – make it!


Christina Aguilera 1980

Image result for christina aguilera

Aguilera’s vocal abilities have long been compared to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, and her chameleonic style and image contrasted with that of Madonna and Cher.

*Listen to 6-time Grammy winner Xtina’s music all day. Or you could take online singing lessons from her.


Brad Pitt 1963 – Better Than Brad Pitt Cake

Image result for brad pitt cake

Have you ever noticed how often Brad Pitt eats on-screen? The man is literally chowing down in every single movie, prompting entire Reddit threads and articles outlining his meals.

In that same vein, a cookbook now celebrates the gorgeous glutton, reimagining every dish he’s stuffed his beautiful face with.

Cheekily named “Fat Brad,” the cookbook, published by Melbourne-based Long Prawn, is full of recipes developed by real chefs, from a Bellagio Shrimp Cocktail (“Ocean’s Eleven”) to a seafood bisque (“Fight Club”).

*Listen to Christina Aguilera while making the Better Than Brad Pitt Cake. Order the Fat Brad book to make more elaborate Brad Pitt food on his birthday next year.

SNUB – Katie Holmes

Review –

  • Establish your 5-year plan
  • Go to the gym – don’t come home a failure
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment
  • Don’t dream it – do it
  • Listen to Christina Aguilera
  • Make the Better Than Brad Pitt Cake