May 20



Dolley Madison 1768

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“It is one of my sources of happiness never to desire a knowledge of other people’s business.”

*Your life starts getting better the second you stop worrying about everybody else.


Cher 1946

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That she can hold the plank position for more than five minutes has further cemented her icon status.

*Turn back time and see how long you can hold the plank position while listening to Cher for motivation.


Busta Rhymes 1972

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“I live my life by Islam,”

“At the end of the day, I think that’s pretty much what grounds me in the way that I think most people should be grounded. That’s just enjoying who you are as a human life, as opposed to trying to add all these other additive and preservatives to your perspective on life.”

*Find a religion the helps you enjoy who you are as a human life.


Dietrich Mateschitz 1944

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“People didn’t believe the taste, the logo, the brand name,”

“I’d never before experienced such a disaster.”

He ignored the recommendations, and went on with his project.

*Ignore the recommendations and go with your gut – especially when it’s your dream. Drink a Red Bull for motivation.


James Stewart 1908 – watch The Philadelphia Story

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*Watch Jimmy Stewart win an Oscar in The Philadelphia Story.


Ted Allen 1965

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Every May 20 National Pick Strawberries Day is observed.

*Pick some fresh strawberries and make Ted Allen’s bruschetta with strawberry and tomato salad on National Pick Strawberries Day – don’t get chopped.

SNUB – Timothy Olyphant 1968

Review –

  • Mind your own business
  • Plank
  • Enjoy who you are
  • Go with your gut
  • Watch The Philadelphia Story
  • Make bruschetta with strawberry and tomato salad