October 3



Zlatan Ibrahimovic 1981

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“When you buy me, you are buying a Ferrari. If you drive a Ferrari you put premium fuel in the tank, you drive on to the motorway and you floor the accelerator.

*Use this exact metaphor when your boss (or wife) asks you to do anything today.


Gwen Stefani 1969

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Stefani doesn’t care for yoga or Pilates but prefers traditionally male oriented weightlifting and boxing.

*Listen to some No Doubt and Gwen Stefani while lifting, then do a boxing workout.

BONUS: Lena Headey 1973 – “I’m small but quite tough. When incensed, I can swing a punch.”

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Gore Vidal 1925

In Bed with Gore Vidal: Teeman, Tim: 9781626010413: Amazon.com: Books

Even though Vidal once said, “Every time a friend succeeds, a little bit of me dies”—he did have a soul. He often helped others secretly without drawing attention to himself.

*Help a friend today, without them knowing who did it.


Al Sharpton 1954

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Fortunately for Sharpton who owed taxes, the IRS isn’t too efficient. The IRS flubs 57% of tax collections.

One other big lesson from Al Sharpton owing back taxes. Records. Keeping good records can help you in a tax controversy. Good records can help keep you out of tax trouble in the first place. The IRS cares about record keeping.

*Keep good records and don’t be afraid to question the IRS.

Where do you keep all receipts and records needed for Tax Day?


Alicia Vikander 1988 – watch The Danish Girl

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“I’m a real Swede! In fact, I’m a quarter Finnish. Here I go, exploding stereotypes.”

*Watch Alicia Vikander win an Oscar in The Danish Girl.


Neve Campbell 1972

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Campbell recently told Stephen Colbert that The Rock, with whom she is co-starring in the movie “Skyscraper,” has an interest in other people’s meals.

“He does this weird thing… Every time you go have a meal, you go and see him and he says, ‘What did you have?’ You say, ‘I had a salad.’ ‘What did you have in your salad?’ ‘Feta cheese.’ ‘What else?’ ‘Tomatoes.’ ‘What else?’ ‘Salmon.’ ‘How’d you have the salmon?’” “It’s like the weirdest thing. He’s obsessed with other people’s food. It’s like porn for him.”

*Make a skyscraper salad with feta, tomatoes, and salmon. Make “The Rock” hard with envy.

BONUS: Fred DeLuca 1947 – DeLuca co-founded Subway at 17 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

16 Interesting Facts About Subway | OhFact!

*Have a Subway sub for dinner

SNUB – Clive Owen 1964

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