April 4



Maya Angelou 1928

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”

*Angelou’s above quote is why you are sticking with 365DOLF. Use this quote today to give you new life and a new purpose to thrive.

What is your mission in life? ___________________________________________________________

How did you use each of these today?

Passion – ___________________________________________________________________________

Compassion – _______________________________________________________________________

Humor – ____________________________________________________________________________

Style – ______________________________________________________________________________


Robert Downey, Jr. 1965

Since 2003, RDJ has trained using the Wing Chun technique made famous by Bruce Lee, a discipline that’s become a part of his daily routine.

*Try the Iron Man workout found at 365dolf.com and investigate a place to practice Wing Chun – maybe it will become part of your daily routine.


Dorothea Dix 1802

After a chance encounter with “lunatics” in the East Cambridge House of Corrections, she devoted her life to ameliorating the conditions under which they were incarcerated.

*Robert Downey Jr, Clive Davis, and Heath Ledger all suffered from either mental illness or drug dependency. Thank you, Dorothea Dix, for being a pioneer and a saint when it comes to this topic.


Clive Davis 1932

Disgraced, broke, and a target of a federal grand-jury investigation, he was so low that friends feared he might commit suicide. Instead, Davis clawed his way back. Within two years, he started Arista. Within months, it was making millions.

*No matter how low you get, you can always claw your way back and start your own business.


Heath Ledger 1979 – watch The Dark Knight

I Am Heath Ledger, a new documentary about the actor supported by his family, dispels one common rumor: The Joker did not bring him down.

*Watch Ledger win an Oscar in his dream role as the Joker, and then watch the documentary about his untimely death. – I am Heath Ledger


Cobie Smulders 1982

Breakfast: “I definitely try to start the day with some greens, whether that’s in a smoothie—I’ll put a bunch of spinach in there, or having a green juice, or an avocado with some eggs.” []

Lunch: On set, her go-to meal is an egg scramble []

Snack: “I’m all about salty snacks. I’m a Doritos and Sun Chips kind of person.” []

*Go out on the town for dinner. Maybe you’ll meet your future child’s mother.

SNUB – Anthony Perkins 1932 – take a long shower and call your mother before bed