April 25



Renee Zellweger 1969

“Public policy fascinates me, so I went back to school to study international law,”

“I love it! I love understanding what motivates people. And unlike 18-year-old me in the classroom, I know that not everything hangs in the balance. You’ll be OK even if you don’t get an A.”

*What fascinates you?

Take today to research taking a class on whatever it is.


Tim Duncan 1976

Duncan was a champion swimmer in St. Croix., with an eye on the Olympics. Hurricane Hugo ripped through the island, leaving the island’s main pool useless. That’s when he switched to basketball.

*Play basketball and go swimming today. Or try to find a pool with a basketball hoop attached = hours of fun!

Which was more fun? Swimming        or         basketball?


Ella Fitzgerald 1917

*Listen to Ella Fitzgerald to soothe your soul today.

How did listening to her music make you feel?


Jason Lee 1970

Lee purchased a piece of land and relocated the family to Lil’ D so his kids could experience what he didn’t growing up; namely, homegrown goats, chickens, vegetables and fruit trees.

*Research the perfect place for you to live. Make it a goal and come up with a plan to live there.

So, what’s the plan?


Al Pacino 1940 and Talia Shire 1946 – watch The Godfather 2

*Watch the movie that won 6 Oscars – The Godfather Part 2 to see brother and sister Al Pacino (Michael) and Talia Shire (Connie)


Hank Azaria 1964 – Indian food

Azaria wants to ‘personally apologize’ to every Indian in America for voicing Apu in ‘The Simpsons’

*Order Indian food from your favorite restaurant. Do NOT place the order like Apu.

BONUS: Meadowlark Lemon 1932 – Lemon Meringue Pie for dessert


SNUB – Sara Paxton 1988