April 19



Ashley Judd 1968

“Now I try to remind myself that if I engage in perfectionism, I am abusing myself.”

*Don’t try to be perfect today. Just be the best that you can.


Maria Sharapova 1987

Maria works out six days a week and relaxes her body through massage and spa at least once a month. She also meditates for five minutes a day to purge stress.

*Play tennis and get your monthly massage to purge stress. You’ve worked hard. You deserve it.


Troy Polamalu 1981

His journey for worship and further understanding of his faith has taken him to Greece, Turkey and beyond. Polamalu missed Tomlin’s first camp because he was abroad in his worship and studies.

*Where has your journey for worship taken you?

Take today to investigate a trip abroad to further your understanding of your faith.


Hayden Christensen 1981

“I guess I felt like I had this great thing in Star Wars that provided all these opportunities and gave me a career, but it all kind of felt a little too handed to me.”

*He traded in the glamour of Hollywood for a simpler lifestyle which saw him turn part-time farmer.


Kate Hudson 1979 – watch Almost Famous

*Watch Kate Hudson almost win an Oscar in Almost Famous.


James Franco 1978 – (he was born 1 day before 4/20) Korean BBQ Lasagna

*Watch The Interview while enjoying this Korean BBQ Lasagna. Save some for tomorrow.


SNUB – Jayne Mansfield 1933

April 18



Conan O’Brien 1963

“Like many people, I thought that achieving that goal would define me as successful. But that is not true. No specific job or career goal defines me, and it should not define you… whether you fear it or not, disappointment will come. The beauty is that through disappointment you can gain clarity, and with clarity comes conviction and true originality.”

*Accept disappointment to gain clarity and with that clarity comes conviction and true originality.


Chloe Bennet 1992

“So I did two months of rigorous stunt training — kickboxing, boxing, krav maga, jiu jutsu”

*Do your research and get to a gym to do kickboxing, krav maga, or jiu jutsu.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 1987

“I think any time that you’re going through a challenging time or there’s a struggle, for me the number one thing to remember is to take that time to centre myself and be present in the moment.”

*Center yourself and be present in this moment. Try meditation.

After you meditate for 10 minutes, answer the following –

Do you feel centered? Did this help you be present in the moment?


Derrick Brooks 1973

“Financial discipline – stocks bonds, savings – all those add up to financial discipline. It’s not up to how much I make, it’s how much I preserve and save.”

*Continue to work on your financial discipline each day. Learn about stocks, bonds, and savings.

What have you learned about –

Stocks – ___________________________________________________________________________

Bonds – ____________________________________________________________________________

Savings – ___________________________________________________________________________

What percentage of your earnings are you saving?


James Woods 1947 – watch Ghosts of Mississippi

*As you watch James Woods almost win an Oscar in Ghosts of Mississippi, think about the work environment of him filming with liberals Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg, and Rob Reiner.


Britt Robertson 1990

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?

A Belgian waffle and bacon in the morning []     chicken and dumplings in the afternoon [] and steak, Brussels sprouts, and macaroni and cheese for dinner [] and apple pie for dessert, of course []

*Eat like the star of Tomorrowland – today.

SNUB – Pigmeat Markham 1904