April 27



Ulysses S. Grant 1822

“I only knew what was in my mind, and I wished to express it clearly”

*Whatever has been weighing on your mind, express it clearly


Martha Hunt 1989

“My personal philosophy is that you just need to switch it up and keep a good healthy balance, don’t overdo any one kind of exercise give your body rest give yourself time to eat and enjoy life! Don’t overdo it is really important.”

“I’ll do a yoga podcast on my iPad from time to time.”

*Find a yoga podcast and do it. But don’t overdo it.


Coretta Scott King 1927

Coretta King was his other half. She did more than anyone else to advance his legacy. If it were not for this woman by his side, his legacy would never have risen to such heroic proportions.

*How are you helping your other half?

How are you adding to your significant other’s legacy?


Eric Schmidt 1955

When asked about business strategy, he had an acronym that he wanted us all to remember – DNROOC which stands for ‘Do Not Run Out Of Cash’

*As you continue to work on your dream business, remember DNROOC.


Jenna Coleman 1986 – watch The Cry

*Watch Coleman almost win an International Emmy in The Cry.


George Gervin 1952 – finger rolls

*Make these finger rolls in honor of The Iceman George Gervin.

BONUS: Casey Kasem 1932 – vegetarian soup

*Use the recipe to make Kasem’s vegetarian soup. You have finger rolls to dip in this top 100 soup.

SNUB – Herm Edwards 1954 and Dan Mullen 1972 

April 26



Jordana Brewster 1980

“Sometimes it’s hard to be disciplined about your meditation, so if I set the timer and I have my headphones in, it’s like telling everyone, ‘No, no, no. This is no-bug-me zone right now.’” 

*Set a timer, get your headphones on, and meditate.

How did meditating make you feel?


Channing Tatum 1980

30-minute circuit – as many sets as possible

Jump Rope (100 skips) []   Push-Ups (25 reps) []   Military Press (25 reps) []   Bench Press (20 reps) []

*Do this Channing Tatum 30-minute circuit and show off those abs!

Is this a workout that you could do on a regular basis?


Kevin James 1965

“I am involved in my faith, it becomes more and more — you know, it becomes a difficult, difficult position. You have a platform, and you don’t want to do anything that doesn’t glorify God in every way.”

*What is one thing that you did to glorify God today?

BONUS: Jet Li 1963

“I believe the world is one big family, and we need to help each other.”

*You can glorify God by helping someone out today.


Melania Trump 1970

Melania has said that she is a full-time mom and that she refuses to spend money on a nanny.

*Don’t spend money on things that you can do for yourself.

What is one thing that you pay for that you could do for yourself?


Carol Burnett 1933 – watch The Carol Burnett Show

*Watch her win a Golden Globe in The Carol Burnett Show.


Giancarlo Esposito 1958 – Los Pollos Hermanos fried chicken from ‘Breaking Bad’

*Make the best fried chicken in all of Albuquerque – Los Pollos Hermanos – just like Gus Fring. Have meth for dessert.


SNUB – Tionne Watkins 1970 – The ‘T’ in TLC