October 30

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John Adams 1735

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Don’t stop learning.

“The more Adams thought about the future of his country, the more convinced he became that it rested on education.


Inspired by the French Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences, Adams founded the American Academy to promote the ideals that he had previously articulated in the Massachusetts Constitution: to provide education and to “cherish” the interests of the arts, sciences, commerce, trade and natural history.




*Good advice for a country. Good advice for you – don’t stop learning. Watch the John Adams series from HBO or read the book that it’s based on. Take today to write a love letter to your wife.


Marcus Mariota 1993

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HOW: Select a weight with which you can perform Dumbbell Curls for 10 reps. Complete 10 reps and reduce the weight by 5 or 10 pounds. Perform another 10 reps, lower the weight again and perform another set.

WHY: Curls for the girls, bro! Also, this “Run the Rack” finisher provides a nice muscle pump at the end of a training session, and it’s an easy way to add some lean muscle mass.


*Curls for the girls, bro! – complete Marcus Mariota’s dumbbell curls workout and finish with his “Run the Rack” workout. Aloha.


Otis Williams 1941

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My feet have been held to the fire to be able to live through that, see it firsthand, and being moved to tears because we used to walk into restaurants in parts of the south after performing Motown Revue shows there and being told, “We don’t serve n*ggers.” And us being smart, we said to them, “We don’t eat ‘em.”




*Listen to Otis Williams and the Temptations today. It’s good for your soul.


Ivanka Trump 1981

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Prepare for your parents’ future

Another biggie. Depending on your family’s situation, your parents’ retirement and/or care is something you might need to handle along with your other financial responsibilities. Regardless of your personal situation, make sure you are communicating with your parents to understand the realities they face. Are they on track for retirement? Do they have a will and/or beneficiary? Who else in your family (you, your siblings, etc.) has access to their financial accounts and/or information? Ensuring an open dialogue will prevent you from running into blind spots.


Some ideas:

  • Ask family members to commit to helping out on a regular schedule. This could be with caregiving or, if they’re not able to handle the personal care, chores, errands, finances, or insurance claims.
  • Enroll your senior in an adult day program– socialization and care for them, much-needed rest for you
  • Hire in-home caregiving help
  • Find a volunteer senior companion program in your area
  • Use a respite care service
  • Automate as many errands as you can – anything that helps you save time and energy is worthwhile.


*Talk to your parents today about their financial situation. Retirement? A will? Who will have access to their finances? Keep the dialogue open and honest. Try to picture Ivanka having this discussion with her dad.


Henry Winkler 1945 – watch Happy Days

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“So, I’m a nervous guy. How would you direct me to be cool?”

Winkler’s demeanor changes a little. Earnestness washes over him.

“Okay, let me tell you. Honest to God, cool is not outside you. If you’re asking me a real question, I will tell you: being authentic, just being who you are, is cool. It is magnetic. There is nothing, there is no motion, there is no way to be, there’s no hairstyle, there’s no clothing. And because you are who you are, everything looks great. And that’s true.”

Holy shit, I think. I’m getting real-life advice from the Fonz! Eyyyy! 


*Learn from the Fonz by watching Happy Days today.


Grace Slick 1939 – The White Rabbit

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Eating this dish will make you taste rabbit in a whole new way. You will realize, perhaps for the first time that rabbit does not in fact taste like chicken, although it looks like it. Rabbit tastes like rabbit. And this, you will see, is a good thing.


Say hello to Grace Slick. Lover to Morrison. Friend of Joplin. Arrested more times than Lemmy. Took more drugs than Winehouse. Mouth like a trucker


Slick herself has always maintained that White Rabbit was aimed at hypocritical parents and their habit of reading drug-laced stories to children at their most impressionable age.

“In all those children’s stories, you take some kind of chemical and have a great adventure,” she told writer Mark Paytress. “Alice In Wonderland is blatant. Eat me! She gets literally high, too big for the room. Drink me! The caterpillar is sitting on a psychedelic mushroom smoking opium!”

She also argued that the song was about the importance of education: ‘Feed your head,’ the rousing climax to White Rabbit, was intended as a call to liberate brains as much as the senses.


*Enjoy making The White Rabbit while listening to Grace Slick – lead singer of Jefferson Airplane.

Feed your head.

SNUB – Devin Booker

Review –

  • Don’t stop learning
  • Dumbbell curls workout
  • Listen to The Temptations
  • Prepare for your parents’ future
  • Watch Happy Days
  • Make White Rabbit

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