November 8



Margaret Mitchell 1900

Margaret Mitchell | American novelist | Britannica

It was boredom that caused 25-year-old Margaret Mitchell to write Gone With the Wind.

*You watched the movie just a few days ago, now read the book.

What can boredom lead you to?


Giancarlo Stanton 1989

Giancarlo Stanton GIFs | Tenor

Stanton performs 100 push-ups and 100 pull-ups each day

*100 push-ups and 100 pull-ups – no matter how long it takes. Get to a batting cage and hit bombs.

100 push-ups []                        100 pull-ups []                         batting cage []


Minnie Riperton 1947

Minnie riperton GIFs - Get the best gif on GIFER

Musicians paid tribute to soul legend Minnie Riperton. Especially Riperton’s mid-’70s hit, “Loving You.”

*Listen to Minnie Riperton today with someone you love. It’s good for the soul.


Bonnie Raitt 1949

Bonnie raitt GIFs - Get the best gif on GIFER

Pitchfork: You found your biggest success in your forties – was it strange hitting the top at a comparatively late age?

BR: “But that’s not how I measure success. How I measure success is getting to make another record and being able to the come back to the same town and play again cause you sold out the last time. To me, I was successful all the way up to Nick of Time. I had a moderate, steady following, and for about four years there, I had a much bigger following. My career is based on the slow build of an audience based on putting on a good show live and putting out a record every couple of years. I was already doing really well in terms of my goals, to keep my fans coming back.”

*Remember that YOU measure your own success.

What are your business or financial goals?


Milton Bradley 1836 – play The Game of Life

The Meaning of Life | The New Yorker

This game attempts to mirror life events many people go through from going to college, raising a family, buying a home, working, and retiring.

The intent of the game is to have the most assets at the end of the game, assets are earned primarily by working and earning tokens with dollars amount on them.

*Get together with friends and family to play The Game of Life board game today. You’ll be surprised at the life lessons that happen. See if it mirrors your life so far.


Gordon Ramsay 1966 – cappuccino of white beans

Gordon Ramsay Angry GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

“When you saw those two Kitchen Nightmares condensed into one – last year when they had those 298 ‘fucks’ – I wasn’t proud of that. There has come a time when, at the age of 43, I’m getting a bit tired of the foul-mouthed bully chef.”

National Cappuccino Day – November 8​

“This soup is one of my signature dishes. A thick white bean puree is transformed into a light and frothy “cappuccino”, then garnished with exquisite truffle shavings.

*Enjoy this play on cappuccino as a white bean soup compliments of Gordon Ramsey. When you do make it, don’t mess up or he will fuck you up. Enjoy.

*Make these coffee and chocolate cups for dessert. Do not fuck this up.

SNUB – Lauren Alaina 1994

Lauren Alaina GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

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