November 7



Madame Curie 1867

Marie Curie Science GIF - Marie Curie Science - Discover & Share GIFs

She immersed herself in French and math and made ends meet cleaning glassware in university labs. Science thrilled her, and she earned a degree in physics in 1893 and another in mathematics.

*Immerse yourself in what thrills you. Even if you must grind to make ends meet.


Amy Purdy 1979

Amy Purdy | Challenged Athletes Foundation

“Working out for me…[is] more to take care of myself and get those endorphins going versus it being a job like it was a few years ago.”

*Get those endorphins going today by running, dancing, and/or snowboarding. Watch Amy Purdy’s TED talk about living beyond limits, for motivation – you have no excuses today.


Billy Graham 1918

Prayer for the day: “Almighty God, how glorious are my thoughts of You, for You are everywhere loving and caring for the minutest details of our lives!”

*On Billy Graham’s website you can get a daily devotional and a prayer for the day. This may be something that you want to put in your daily routine.

What is your prayer for today?


Laura Vitale 1986

Best Chef Laura Vitale GIFs | Gfycat

Vitale’s YouTube channel can get an average of 230,000 views per day from different sources. This generates an estimated $350 per day ($130,000 a year) from the ads that appear on the videos.

*This makes me realize that I need to get a 365DOLF YouTube channel.

What is the name of your YouTube channel?


Herman J. Mankiewicz 1897 – watch Citizen Kane

Herman J. Mankiewicz - IMDb

Mankiewicz, along with Welles, would share the sole Oscar awarded to the film: Best Original Screenplay.

*Watch Mank win an Oscar for writing Citizen Kane.


Samin Nosrat 1979 – Salt – Fat – Acid – Heat

Samin Nosrat GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Salt – Add it in the right amount, at the right time, in the right form, and your food will be delicious. Fatmakes 5 distinct textures possible: Crisp, Creamy, Flaky, Tender, and Light. Acid – acid balances flavor Heatthe primary decision is whether to cook food slowly over gentle heat or quickly over intense heat

Breakfast: Nekisia’s Olive Oil and Sea Salt Granola []

Lunch: Cacio e Pepe – Think of this recipe as the best mac and cheese you’ll ever make in your life! []

Dinner: Slow-Roasted pork tacos from Salt Fat Acid Heat – remember to “bow to the taco” []

Dessert: Apple Tart with Aaron’s Tart Dough from Salt Fat Acid Heat []

*Cook like Nosrat all day. Get her book or watch her Netflix show

BONUS: Taco Charlton 1994 – “Bow to the Taco” – Rather than contorting one’s taco to fit into one’s mouth, Samin, suggests bowing one’s head so the taco remains intact.

Taco Charlton's taco celebration was the most fun moment of the NFL  preseason -

SNUB – Elsa Hosk 1988

☆ j'adore — ( ❝ elsa hosk gif hunt. ❞ ) Under the cut you'll...

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