November 21



Ken Griffey Jr. 1969

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“You lose, you smile, and you come back the next day. You win, you smile, you come back the next day.”

*Remember this quote throughout the day. Revisit it before going to bed tonight.

Did you win or lose today? Smile!


Troy Aikman 1966

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D Magazine: If you’ve got only 20 minutes to work out, what’s your routine? Treadmill or Stair mill []

What’s your typical daily workout routine? An hour of weightlifting and 45 minutes of cardio (either Flywheel or a run on the Katy Trail.) []

What’s your usual breakfast? Oatmeal, banana, egg white pancakes []

*If you only have 20 minutes hit the treadmill or stair master. If you have more time, lift weights for an hour and 45 minutes and run on a local trail. And you’ve got a breakfast idea to start your day.


Stan Musial 1920

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Thousands filed through Cathedral Basilica in St. Louis during Musial’s 6-hour public visitation. Hundreds filled in for the 2-hour funeral Mass. All came to honor an exceptional human being and to pray for the repose of his soul.

This is what “repose of the soul” means in a Catholic context: that the soul has gone to heaven to be with God for all eternity.

*Will you be honored as an exceptional human being and experience the final reward as a faithful follower?

You are living your life so that your soul can go to heaven to be with God for eternity.


Harold Ramis 1944 – watch Stripes

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“Harold was clearly the most successful comedy writer-director of all time,”

“The number of films that he has made that were successful, that were blockbusters, nobody comes close. Even in light of that, he was more successful as a human being.”

*How can you strive to be the best at your profession?

How can you strive to be better as a human being?

BONUS: Justin Tucker 1989

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“I’ll look back when I’m done playing and hopefully, I’ll be able to say I was the best to ever do it. For now, it’s just about making the next kick. As long as we continue to prepare and think that way, we’ll give ourselves a chance to be in that conversation when it’s all said and done.”


Goldie Hawn 1945 – watch Cactus Flower

Goldie Hawn in “Cactus Flower”, 1969.

*Watch Goldie Hawn win an Oscar in Cactus Flower. Watch it with your daughter.


Michael Strahan 1971 – bulgogi beef

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Super Bowl champion, Pro Football Hall of Famer, Emmy winner, broadcast anchor and analyst, author, producer, entrepreneur, and level-10 optimist – Michael Strahan

*Be a level-10 optimist today and enjoy Michael Strahan’s bulgogi beef. Don’t get any stuck in your teeth.

SNUB – Brie and Nikki Bella 1983

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